Selena Gomez Topless Showing her Breast, Will Justin Bieber be Ok with that?

Selena Gomez spotted relaxing topless at the poolside on July 29. She was so comfortable tanning that she flipped on her stomach and loosened the stings on her bikini top!
(Photo /

This really is more of Selena than we’ve ever seen!
We wonder what will Justin say about this picture that is all over the internet?

Note: We are not Selena haters, it’s just unfortunate for her being photographed by Paparazzi when she’s topless.

    • well ita her my friend does that but dont next time shes need 2 be more careful instead of lying on the tummy lie front tak eoff strip and the hold while turning backward much better idea huh?

      • HELLO?!?? SOME OF YOU BELIEBERS ARE STUPID SHE DOSNT WANT TO GET A UGLY TAN SO SHE DOSNT TAKE IT OF SHE JUST WANTS TO GET A FULL TAN and i dont like selena but she not beeing mean a slut or nasty she dosnt want to get half tan DUHHH

      • ikr! thats sorta sick :S anyway, she looks rlly topless from the back, and ewww seriously? if u know ppl r watchin then dont do it, stupid.


    • Are you guys serious? She isn’t nude, she just untied the strap so she doesnt get a weird tan. We all do it but is it cause she is a celeberity that she can’t and is called a SLUT!!
      People have to understand yes they ar ea celeberity and get noticed more but they are HUMAN just like us and have a normal brain just like everyone else. they can do whatever they want

      • you don’t get it :p people say that the pictures of him and selena in bed together isn’t them but it is so don’t you BELIEBE that BELIEBER . plus justin is still young and he could totally date someone else.

      • i dont like Selena that much but ill say this she wants to get a tan alot of girls do this i can understand if she was naked and lying on her frount but shes not okaay youh Selena haterz need to stop and who could want tan lines on there backs like rlly but rlly how can she be a slut?

      • ikr !!!!!! serisouly all u haters just leave her alone ! she didnt do anything to u ! u guys r just jealous she just a normal girl trying to get a tan people c’mon u cant call her a slut for that !!!!!

    • Right i tghink as much as its sad to watch Justin with another girl. Let him be happy. Its so gay when his fans pay out his girlfriend wow. You saw her boob…WOW..big deal…If you saw Justin Bieber shirtless you wouldnt call him a man whore would you no….So give Selena a break…shes just getting a tan

    • Which part dont u understand the only thing she doesnt want is tan lines on her bak N I think that was a very smart thing 2 do!!!!

      • u guys serisouly stop trashing her !!!!!!!! ur just jealous of her cuz she got the guy u guys wanted !!!! theres no reason to call her trashy!!! shes talented, funny, and a good actress and she has a full life ahead of her she didnt do anything to u

      • thank you caitlynnicole5544 and bee. some people are just retarded and don’t know that. and exactly it looks bad with a sleeveless shirt. and she didnt mean to show her boobs, thats just how the camera got it at that moment.

      • ya the paparazzi just take like the worst pic out of the ones they get and make fun of people gosh and im sure justin wont be mad he is just that nice of a guy <3 luv u justin

    • wow. She’s just tanning, everybody does it, maybe you’ve never heard of it. Maybe she was just trying not to get Tanning lines. Gosh.

      • i dont think she should have done that i mean i understand that she is tanning but when kids see that some people wont understand that and she should now that paparazzi can take any story into a disaster and kids look at this stuff and she isnt being a great role modle bye taking her shirt off basically she could have just went to the tanning bed and did it there or got a spray tan and if i was justin bieber i wouldnt want men staring at her boobs im just saying that she could be more carfull bu what shirt would she wear that shows her back like that just saying!

      • as u can see, by ur name jelena supporter, of course u want it to be like that , but sometimes, ppl shouldnt be that dumb, to know that there’s papz around.
        and @Mileyandhannah ur right, thats totally true, what will her kid fans think ,that she was startin at her boobs lol, true dat, and anyway ew lolz :P

  1. who cares?? shes just tanning!! its not like justin is gonna say “im so disappointed in my girlfriend for doing what half the women in america do when they are tanning!” come on people, really?

    • omg i so freaking agree!!!!!!!! i mean really its not that bad its just how the camera got it. she didnt even mean to. if justin gets mad about that, its dumb. i love him, but he shouldnt get mad

      • yeah the camera just got an action shot of her fixing it or something!! its not like she was trying to flash everybody

  2. look i know poeple are going to say that iam just jealous of selena or whatever but really i didnt like her before she even knew justin was alive. i mean she sounds nice and stuff but its just something about her i just really dont like.

  3. SHe’s JUST TANNING! What’s the big deal! Everyone does it…Why would Justin be mad…Cuz she takes off her bikini top to get a good tan? I mean…really?

  4. HELLO?!! its pretty obvious she didn’t want tan lines on her back THAT’S IT
    its not like she was showing off with her boobs or anything…

    • yes we get that she wanted to get,a tan but next time she does, she might not want do it in freakin public, unless she forgot shes the selena gomez, paps are gonna try to search for her everywhere, and the worst pics they get of her, the more they get paid, thats life for her, shes not everyone anymore, shes famous. so get over it .

    • its like u wanna see that pic xD???? rlly??? anyway, she ahs younger fans, man, that im pretty sure dont know what tanning is o.o

  5. “Ohh she’s just tanning” am sure that when another artist do this kind of stuff,they start blaming on them.But maybe it’s true and she’s “tanning”,but she has to remember that she have paparazzis fallowing her,and she’s an “example” for kids…BTW Im not a fan,and not a hater.Just giving my opinion like every one else does.

  6. omg i hate the fact that miley cyrus gets judged for wearing short shorts when half of america basically wheres maxi pads out in public but selena gomez can take her shirt off and have her boobs hanging out but miley cyrus cant dress like a normal teenager and the outfits selena gomez wears on stage like those dresses show more than miley has ever shown and that pisses me off that miley cyrus gets judged for dressing like every girl her age but selena gomez can wear anything and it looks great on her she should know that there are cameras every where, i think she wanted to show america it just like justin bieber wanted to show his pickle so i guess there perfect for each other there both stars that are perves and basically man and woman whores hahaha just saying that it makes me mad that she can do that and miley cant even wear shorts or leatards like beyonce or tyra banks or anyone else does!

  7. really do they have 2 put that in a JUSTINBIEBERZONE this is not her website stupid paparrazi! If u want jb 2 found out about this go find him n show it 2 him gosh that pissed me of!!! go ahead Sel get more tanner then u r bitch dont hate on me this is my opinion bitches!

    • TRUE DAT @alicia, but they r just puttin it in, cuz they r wonderin wat biebz reaction would be, i’d be mad >:( shes bein a horrible role model, and i know that half of american girls do that, but shes famous, and younger kids look up to her, and now they just saw a pic of her with her bobs hangin out, and you can almost see em all, includin her underwear is pulled down alittle, and plus, thats gross shes starin at them too :/ what’s biebz reaction gonna be?????? and she dresses and acts different now <=(

  8. she must be showing her boobs to her boyfriendb who no one nows about and ewwwwwwww pull up ur pants we can c ur ass

    • She also doesnt want tans line on her lower back!!Theirs nuthin wrong about it!Yea it will be embarressin if they noticed that which I guess they did well Idk N I guess she didnt mean to put her bikini bra a bit down!She didnt have a clue that papz were goin 2 be their she wouldve put her head down in the first place b4 taken her bikini bra down cuz she perfectly knows that the prezz r always followin her!!

  9. Guys theirs nuthin wrong about it the only thing she doesnt want 2 get its tan lines.Imagine her wit a strapless dress N the first thing u see is her bak all sunburned wit a lil part where her stings were isnt.I think that was a smart thing 2 do N Ik she pulled her undies a bit down 2.(Sorry 4 my bad english)

  10. Have you guys noticed that her tag on the bikini was up to cover her butt crack. She was technically not topless–topless is showing off the breast totally. Even if the paparazzis were there, they won’t be able to see much. She was really careful not to show anything more than what was supposed to be shown. She wasn’t flashing as well because she tried to cover up her breast by pressing it down. It was just like wearing a push-up bra. I don’t think it was such a big deal.

  11. I think It’s unfortunate that she just got court buy the paps. It happens. She was just tanning none wants a line when they are wearing a sleveless top!!!!


    • yeah but its not like her fans copy every single thing she does!!! i get that shes supposed to be a role model, but shes NINETEEN. just because younger fans look up to her doesnt mean she has to stop doing half the things other ninteen year olds do!! its unfair to punish her for doing something so insignificant like this just because her fan base includes younger kids. plus i honestly dont think they would care, if they even noticed.

  13. ok to people hu are saying thats she has younger fans and shit: JUST BECAUSE SHE HAS YOUNGER FANS DOESN’T MEAN SHE SHOULDN’T LIVE HER FREAKING LIFE. to those of you hu are saying shes a slut because of this: SHE WAS TANNING, NO BIG DEAL. IM SURE EVEN YOUR MOTHER DID THIS AT SUM POINT IN TIME OR ANOTHER.

  14. Who cares. I lovee justin bieber and selena gomez. and thats what alot of girls do to get a tan. she wasnt ALL THE WAY TOPLESS. he still had her top in front of her. and she was only trying to get a tan. also, justin isnt gonna say EWW or nothing. he probably wont say anything. but if he did, he would say, WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH DOING THAT. SHE IS JUST GETTING A TAN..and i would sooo agree with justin ♥

  15. Calm the hell down! She took Off her bikini straps to prevent from getting a tanline! She’s not a slut or famewhore! She’s a gorgeous talented nice girl who makes Justin happy so stop judging her for every little thing she does! It’s not like she’s out there dancing on poles or grinding on her backup dancers or shit like that so calm yourself!

  16. omg “will justin bieber be okay with that?” dude she’s just tanning normal girls do this all the time its no biggie

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