ALL Justin Bieber Music VIDEOS Removed and Deleted from YOUTUBE?

Bad news beliebers, all Justin Bieber’s videos on www.youtube.com/justinbieberVEVO are REMOVED completely, well.. only 1 video remain. :(

How did the video got removed?

According to TMZ, a YouTube user who goes by the name iLCreation (bieber hater) submitted a copyright claim on each of Bieber’s videos … including the “Baby” video which has over 600+ MILLION views.

YouTube has a yank first, ask questions later policy when a copyright claim is made — so they simply pulled the videos off the site … until the dispute is resolved.

iLCreation also went after a few Lady Gaga videos — but only a few of her videos are missing in action.

Bieber’s VEVO channel (a dedicated site for music videos) has been completely wiped out for the time being … but a rep for VEVO tells TMZ:

Someone is making false copyright claims against the Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga channels and YouTube has blocked access to the videos as a result. We are working with YouTube to resolve ASAP.

A call to Justin Bieber’s camp was not immediately returned.

Let’s hope youtube fix this thing quick! :(


  • Ashton Bieber


    • Bieber Luver

      it is only the videos by justinbiebervevo and some of them are back!

    • Bieber’s Doll

      noooooooooooo it cant be happened…..how can they delete that????
      NO plz NO

  • iloveyoujustin


    • Mykenzie campbell

      I love you justin bieber hope you have a good Summer and I am going to holiday world!!!!!!

  • emmabieber


    35million beliebers against iLcreations…never mess with the beliebers

    • proud belieber

      It’s 40+ million … And yeah lets get ready to the war :@

      • Ur mama

        Yea dis is war bitch!! Preapare to die fu**in haters always messing wit us nd justin!! Die die die die die!!! 

  • carly bieber ;)

    NO EFFING WAY,what an effing w****r,omfg,im so MAD RIGHT NOW :@

  • Mrs.Bieber 4 eva and always

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why the bieber videos why :0

    • I Miss You Buster Posey28

      Y do this to Bieber?!?! WHYYYyyyYY?!?!

  • proud belieber

    What the **** now u just made the mistake of u’r life…. Beliebers , world war three is about to start… This bullsh*t is something big and u can’t stand the result!!!! Believes shooooooot let’s show what we mean by ” don’t mess with the beliebers ”
    I’m sooo freaking mad u **********************

    • Mrs.Bieber 4 eva and always

      Bieber fans world war three will end in victory

      • Chris Davis

        Dude, we can beat up a bunch of little girls. If you want to go then lets do this.

  • Serena Bieber

    NO NO NO NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THT IS NOT FAIRR!!!!!!!! HATERS HAVE TAKEN WAYYYY TOOOOO FARR THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!! U CNT DO THT!!!!! I MEAN, U DELTED BABY??!?!?!?!?!?!? DNT MESS WITH BELIEBERS!!!! haters r jst soo jealous of justin THEY CNT DO THT ITS NOT FAIR!!! IM SOOOO MAD RIGHT NOWW!!!!!

  • smKd

    Justin Bieber’s entire videos deleted :O


    NOW, i can enjoy youtube :D

    • Serena Bieber

      well ur wish didnt last forever bc the vids r back up :)

    • CharlinexoxoJB

      shut up if don’t like him why are u on this site don’t mess wit the #bielebers

      • Destiny

        I know y r you on this website if your a hater

  • indian belieber

    i agree with u guys, dis would be d last thing i wish to happen, im feeling bad alot right now, btw how can we help???

  • indian belieber

    smkd if u hate jb den y r u here on his fansite ?u moron

    • Chris Davis

      To **** with you guys.

  • Serena Bieber

    alright yes!!! finally the videos are BACK!! :D YAYYY BELIEBERS!!! im sooo relieved :D

  • indian belieber

    did ya’ll see d update ; i guess they r restoring d videos . yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CuPcAkE$

    This is so freaking mean of that person who did that, i dont really think that the person who did this dosent have a heart and is jealous of Bieber. Justin is an amazing person and he always will be, haters u can just stop reading this cause if u hate Justin so much then why read it? and just make it bad for others with hate comments? I think that haters, can be haters but they will never ever change the thing that Justin has. He is so talented and he dosent really deserve to be treated like shit! He deserves much better i mean, have u seen all that smiles he puts on peoples faces? i dont think that its worth to put him down, cause it would never help. Im a Belieber and i dont care about haters they can think what they think but they will never make all those people happy and exited about justins songs and the person with a BIG, big heart <3 I will believe in him untill always and support him. Thats what he deserves :) Now u haters just stop hating, first its STUPID, THE MORE U HATE ON HIM THE MORE YOU MAKE OTHER PEOPLE HEARTS EMPTY! so just stop it please, dont hate on him so much…because he is our heroe and im sure that youve got one that u really like and care about so just THINK a bit before u write.

    • Chris Davis

      Fan sites attract haters. Haters give you guys something to talk about so you should be thanking us.

  • CharlinexoxoJB

    WTF :I

  • belieberalltheway

    what an idiot for doin that
    ugh stupid haterz

  • Courtney Styles

    I just went on Youtube and no videos have been removed

  • John

    Tweeter this guy@iLcreation he is the guy that is Hating on Bieber and got his music videos banned from Youtube

  • proud belieber

    Here’s what .. Let’s make a website especially for Justin music videos … Beliebers for bieber… Cuz anyway we don’t need YouTube or any other web that allows haters to even think bout doing something like that…. Beliebers let’s go

    • Chris Davis

      Dude haters will find you and they will infiltrate the site and do the exact same god damn thing or shut it down.

  • kirsten

    soo glad they’re back! youtube need to ask questions first!

    • proud belieber

      Ik yaaaaaaaay … Now this needs a special celenraition let’s make him support videos and just go give him more views and likes :) #beliebersgohard

  • John

    @iLcreation he is the guy that is Hating on Justin Bieber and got his music videos banned from YouTube

    • proud belieber

      No matter who is that loser.. We brought him domn and done… I wonder how hard was justin LOLing when he heared that ( if he did actually)

      • Chris Davis

        I wonder if all the dislikes are still on the baby video. If they are gone then he should lose all of his views too.

  • haha!

    it lets me watch the videos

  • Kaia

    1. Never Say Never
    2. You mess with Justin Bieber, You mess wit the BELIEBERS…

    • blieber

      u r right we will figt for u justin lol :)

      • Chris Davis

        Yeah and we won the like/dislike war. We are creaming you there. Actually we have almost double the amount of dislikes.

  • belieber4eva

    im glad they are back i just came home from school and to know that justins videos were taken off is a nightmare so glad they are back

  • Natalie

    OMB before i read the update i was panicking !!! But im glad the beliebers won (: pshhh haters cant do anything !!!

    • Chris Davis

      We give him fame and don’t you forget it.

  • Olivia belieber

    thats soooooooooooo not fair screw all the haterz because JB haterz always fail and beliebers always win .i luv JB sooooo much <3333

  • CharlinexoxoJB

    1. Yeah !!! the videos are back on. :D
    2. you mess with justin… you mess with bielebers. :I

    And believe me no one want to mess with the bielbers. :)

  • Bieber Luver

    this is the beggining of world war 3!!!!

  • Sydney

    its a lie i am on youtube listening to baby

  • Briana Bieber

    No Matter What, Justin Bieber Always Matters. We Have Him With Us With Or Without Youtube.com!

  • KJ

    Um…when I went to look Baby was still there