ALL Justin Bieber Music VIDEOS Removed and Deleted from YOUTUBE?

Bad news beliebers, all Justin Bieber’s videos on are REMOVED completely, well.. only 1 video remain. :(

How did the video got removed?

According to TMZ, a YouTube user who goes by the name iLCreation (bieber hater) submitted a copyright claim on each of Bieber’s videos … including the “Baby” video which has over 600+ MILLION views.

YouTube has a yank first, ask questions later policy when a copyright claim is made — so they simply pulled the videos off the site … until the dispute is resolved.

iLCreation also went after a few Lady Gaga videos — but only a few of her videos are missing in action.

Bieber’s VEVO channel (a dedicated site for music videos) has been completely wiped out for the time being … but a rep for VEVO tells TMZ:

Someone is making false copyright claims against the Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga channels and YouTube has blocked access to the videos as a result. We are working with YouTube to resolve ASAP.

A call to Justin Bieber’s camp was not immediately returned.

Let’s hope youtube fix this thing quick! :(


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