Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber – Ladies Love Me Lyrics (Rap)

Justin’s Rap:

baby i’m yo docta,
i could be yo rocker,
swaggin’ i’m not braggin’
but i swear that i could rock ya’

baby i’m not crazy,
i got swag like Patrick Schwayze
y’know them haters never phase me
that’s not how my momma raised me

i am incredible, this is inedible
killin this track was inevitable
i am hetero, baby you better know Jb is generally just JB look at me
no, i said look at me, swaggin with the crooked teeth

body slammed the beats from D Beat, call me
call me bookin t.

i said woah der, woah der baby you just need to stop. (okay)
i’m busy out performing and i’m going to the top.
I got so much to lose, so i’m steady gettin gwap.
but them haters go down and we just get to watch.

amazing, i’m blazing. look over here, said that i’m amazing.
nobody’s facing, what i’m facing. set a pace, so i can race without pacing.
lace my shoes off, start racing. you can taste it, without facting,
i mean fasting, start blasting. call up warren hill do-op that thing

swagger jacking, is not what i do. jb is the man, yeah he’s a true.
he’s a beast when he steps up in the booth. I just landed, i did too.
ima gentleman, yes ima gentleman, ima on my element, but i’m still elegant.

i’m full of adrenaline, you know what that means Louie V hightops with the skinny jeans.

  1. nkbieber
  2. Gabriella Reyes Bieber Wife
  3. Makaila Maddox
  5. Priscilla
  6. MaryBieber
  7. JB so swagg
  8. shrey@_1
  9. chloe
  10. Tessie(The future Mrs.Bieber(;)
  11. Hi,every1!xx
  12. Steph.loves.Bieber
  13. Eranne
  14. leigh
  15. Mrs bieber 4eva
  16. sexylexi
  17. kyla
  18. CeCe_Bby
  19. Mj
  20. Latavia Bieber
  21. Sarah JBieliebss
  22. lilly bieber
  23. i luv justin

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