Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift Write Song Together! Awesome!

Justin Bieber and Taylor swift have written a song together in the studio, according to Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer Kuk Harrell, who has worked Rihanna and Katy Perry in the past.

Kuk wrote on twitter: “Wow!! Got to see @justinbieber & @taylorswift13 write a song together last night!! SMASH!!!! SMASH!!! SMASH!!! Let’s do it again Yall!!! (sic)”

He then tweeted Taylor and Justin to praise their work.

Kuk wrote: “@taylorswift13 You and Justin Killed that writing last night!!! SMASH!!!!!!!”

Justin and Taylor’s collaboration comes shortly after he made a surprise appearance on stage with Swifty to perform his song ‘Baby’ with her as part of her ‘Speak Now’ tour gig at the Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Tuesday (23.08.11).

Following the concert, Taylor tweeted: “You think you’ve heard LOUD screaming in your life. Then @justinbieber comes out and does a surprise song during your show. Woah. Unreal. (sic)”

Expect to see them together in the music video too! Awesome!

Beliebers, are you excited with Justin and Taylor duet in the next album?

34 thoughts on “Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift Write Song Together! Awesome!

    1. monica

      there always rumors they break up but until i c justin or selena kiss another person in public i will believe it then

  1. I Miss You Buster Posey28

    Omg They are my 2 fave singers!! Id love if they did something together!!!
    Luv ya Taylor and Justin:)

  2. JDBiebsSwaag

    I can’t wait! I knew this was gonna happen. Taylor & Demi are my #1 idols when it comes to female singers, so her working with Justin is just amazing!


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