Justin Bieber Arrival at Teen Choice Awards 2011 Red Carpet

Justin Bieber lets his bowtie hang loose on the red carpet at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (August 7) at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California.
Photo: Getty/JustJared

Do you like his outfit?

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  • Adriana

    He Looks Cuite(: I Like Pink^.<
    Saw him kissing selena they are thougether

    • KJ

      I’m glad they’re still together. I want them to last forever :)


        me tooo i love jb hes sooooo cute

    • flick bieber jks

      but then y didn’t they go there 2gether ??

      • Natalie_Loves_Justin

        They did go together ?!

      • flick bieber jks

        no but like walk the carpet 2gether

      • flick bieber jks

        no but like walk the carpet 2gether they walked alone

    • belieber#1

      omg…..where i live bowties r sooo in rite now!! i want dat bowtie…… like look @ it,it is soooo cutiee like him!!!!! i love u justin!!!!! keep on rocking d looks!!!!!!

  • KJ

    He look handsome as always <3

    • Bieberluvvvvvvvvv

      Always His cutest!

      • Chloe

        Do u ever hate watt he wears je would have looked fine without the bow tie and the earrings

    • proud belieber

      Ikr…he has like the best taste in the whooooole world..<3
      Omg I luv him isn't he perfect !!!!!

      • Chelsea loves JB

        He looks awsome he has such good taste in fashion. Looking good Justin.

    • Emma

      yeah…but I dont like his outfit. I think its weird

  • Rachael Bieber

    2nd :) der na 2gether cus its all over da news cus she h8s his friendsss chris brown,lil wayne,sean kingston??

    • Natalie_Loves_Justin

      What news i dont see anything !

      • natnat

        he looks cute

  • The only true Belieber here

    6th comment.<3

    • justinbieber

      Im so happy

      • flick bieber jks

        wat is wiv peeps nn pretending 2 b Justin!!!!!!!!!!????? like
        get a freaking life!!

      • emmy15jb

        i am happy for you love you justin xxxx :) >3

  • deyanira


    • camillee

      me too!!

  • oliph

    inilah justin bieber,,,selalu mempesona…..

  • camillee

    congratzzz justinnnnnn best male artist…… loveee……
    justin and selenaaa they aree sooo cuteee andd sweet!!!

  • bailee_bee

    OMB!!!!! he looks amazing

  • jelena forever:)

    i’m soooo happy they didn’t brake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were sitting in the audience together and justin had his arm around her!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!! :):):) i’m so happy!!!

  • Emkay

    Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And They Didn’t Break up!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  • Emkay

    HIs WOrds made me Cry ;”)

  • Ur mama

    He’s hot

    • TheLizBelieber

      U know it!!! lol!!
      I like this outfit WAAAYYY better than thw one he wore to the BET awards.
      I am LOVIN the bowtie:P

  • justinbieber fever

    he looks like a girl there

    • flick bieber jks

      now y da puck would you say that IF this is a
      freaking bieber FANSITE not Hatesite!! god!

  • Kiaira

    At the awards they showed Justin and Selena way to much..like seriously they showed them like every five minutes….guess we know that they didn’t break up now….happy as ever…psh yippee *i say sooo enthusiastically* I hope they last forever and ever and ever!!!!!! Jelly much? of course I am so happy for them oh yeah…wow I sound pathetic…it’s sad that the love of my life will never be mine EVER!!! While I just wait around for someone who doesn’t even know I exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vivianne

    looking hot biebss, as always !!!!<33

  • Aleris

    so its true they really broke up. Thank you god

    • Emily Bieber

      No they r still together!!

  • Carli Bieber



    He was makin out with selena backstage.thatz y his tie is like that.lol.jk

  • Morgan Bieber

    Lol i love his lil’ bowtie!!! Good Job Jb

  • Daryna Gonzalez

    2 be honest he kinda looks like a girl wit a mustach haha but he still looks so cute wit the outfit Im so proud u won best male artist!!!

    • Minnie Mouse

      I agree. Not his best pic…

  • Jordan Bieber

    of course i love his outfit;) its different and stands out:) i love how his bow hangs<3 he is cute in whatever he wears:D

  • My Nguyen

    nice outfit all mature and so hot!

  • faithfulbelieber

    wow i love him so much he is such a hottie lol wish i was there

  • Yasmine matar

    Yea I love your outfit Justin u always look so hot and sexy ! I love u JB !

  • Taryn =)

    He’s just got such good style!! It’s very formal but still so casual =)
    It’s very him =D Showing that he’s not changing into some posh & picky celebrity. Which is good =)
    =D xxxxx

  • Lexi

    which award did he not win?!

  • JustinLover


  • emily

    love the outfit but will it kill you to smile

    • blieber

      he has a little smile….looks cute like that

  • bieber lover

    im sooooo happy for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and STOP HATING ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if justins happy im happy…………….u smile i smile!!

  • natalie

    justin Bieber is sooo cool and the outfit is cool also