Justin Bieber Avoids Valet Parking to Save $2 Dollars!

Justin Bieber may made a $53 million last year, so you’d think he’d be down to spend a few extra dollars on more convenient parking, but that wasn’t the case when he went to lunch with his friends in Hollywood Aug. 9, 2011.

A source tells HollywoodLife.com Justin and his friends saved money by parking in a lot across the street from the restaurant!

“Justin was with a few of his friends, including Julian Swirsky, who’s the guy Justin is trying to get to hook up with the young Jenner sister, They didn’t valet, which is $7. Instead, they paid $5 to park across the street and then walked into Katsuya.”

Inside Katsuya restaurant – which is one of the swankiest sushi restaurants in Los Angeles — Justin and his friends took over their section and were “loud” and “having fun” just like “normal teenagers.

We love how normal Justin is, despite being one of the biggest celeb in the world! He even skips valet parking! (Source: Hollywoodlife)

  • love Bib

    it’s his idea !!!
    guys he is rising so fast :D , do you know how much is his height now ?! ( exactly )
    i rememberd that day he said about the selena shoes :D :)) and something like that cause of the diffrent height :D , now he is rising and i wanna now how much is he now ?! is he tall ?!

    • natnat

      i wouldve did that

    • Dena Bieber

      why do u want to know how tall he is soo much!??

      • Minnie Mouse


      • eeyza

        i want to know it too….

  • LiNiZeTh

    FIRST!!!! :D

    • bieberfever55p659237652

      YOUR NOT THE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zarii

    Yay 3rd :D smart thinking justin :D

  • delilah bieber


  • Woot

    saved 2$ but go to Katsuya?? much of a normal teenager.

  • I  Greyson Chance!

    THIS IS NEWS!!!!!!?????? He is just saving money I would too it’s a very smart thing to do!

  • LuizaLoveJb

    Smart ;)

  • Chloe

    I think his on his way to greatness

  • KJ

    He probably just didn’t trust them with his car….

  • Cathyann

    I don’t blame him… He prob just didn’t wan Anyone to drive his car!

  • CanadianBeieber:)

    xD smart bieber! good boy :P

  • maraam indian bieber 2


  • i love Justin :)

    i think it seems rude that they were being loud. i hate when people are annoying and loud in restaurants.

  • faithfulbelieber

    So what he is famous but still a person he spends a lot of money on other things

  • belieber4eva

    i would have done the same lol

  • carli bieber


  • Natalie

    Hahhaha awww saving money (: proud of him!

  • Chelsea loves JB

    Smart thinking Justin!

  • 4everbelieber

    lol that was very smart justin = )

  • proud belieber

    Y ppl have to count how many he spends and how many he saves??? Leave the boy alone he can do what ever he wants … I mean he has brain , mother and manager!!!! No need for reports and news :@ DUHHH

  • ~kennedi~

    sounds like regular boy behavior cuz a girl wouldnt do tht.

  • Henry

    I’m gonna call BS on this one… He obviously didn’t do it to save money. Let’s think here for a second:
    If somebody were to steal Justin Bieber’s car, the selling price would be astronomical. Not only would you be buying a beautiful car, but it was owned and driven by Justin. That’s an easy way to make a fortune.
    Now what is the best way to get somebody to steal your car? To put them in the driver’s seat and give them your keys. And, hate to break it to you, but that’s how a valet parking system works. And how can we prevent this? Park the car yourself.
    And I don’t care what this “source” says, it’s good PR to say he does it to save money. You said it best yourself, it makes him seem relatable and “normal,” which Justin definitely is not.

    • Minnie Mouse

      I agree:) Amen!

  • Daisy Bieber

    smart idea jb, and by the way luv the shades :* <3 :)

  • Splicer

    We do not like her body, we would like him to. Justin’s body for sex is good access to the body is impossible. But Justin’s voice gives us peace. Justin will need to draw in fans and supporters a month ago to invite her for sex. Shats to have all the sex that one time with Justin.

    • SarahYB

      wtf does that have to do with anything?! you are supposed to write a comment about wats up there ^^

      • Minnie Mouse

        Um…….I’m confused?

  • Daryna Gonzalez

    Looking nice Justin:)

  • Mich

    Ok I’m not hating on biebs but u know he is starting to get old when’s his next album coming out??? Plus Bieber well to me I know he’s being a teen but I think he’s a bad influence.don’t hate I expressing my opinion;(

  • Minnie Mouse

    He just didn’t want anyone to be in his car. So I don’t really get the point. But that’s just me…

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    i love how hes just a regular teenage boy (hottie) lol……..

  • Uberbelieber India

    That’s the spirit dude! He mentioned in an interview that he is a very simple n normal town boy. And we love him coz we like his simplicity.LOVE U JUSTIN<3 JUST BE WHAT U ARE