Justin Bieber Avoids Valet Parking to Save $2 Dollars!

Justin Bieber may made a $53 million last year, so you’d think he’d be down to spend a few extra dollars on more convenient parking, but that wasn’t the case when he went to lunch with his friends in Hollywood Aug. 9, 2011.

A source tells HollywoodLife.com Justin and his friends saved money by parking in a lot across the street from the restaurant!

“Justin was with a few of his friends, including Julian Swirsky, who’s the guy Justin is trying to get to hook up with the young Jenner sister, They didn’t valet, which is $7. Instead, they paid $5 to park across the street and then walked into Katsuya.”

Inside Katsuya restaurant – which is one of the swankiest sushi restaurants in Los Angeles — Justin and his friends took over their section and were “loud” and “having fun” just like “normal teenagers.

We love how normal Justin is, despite being one of the biggest celeb in the world! He even skips valet parking! (Source: Hollywoodlife)

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