Justin Bieber FAIL Water Skiing and Jacuzzing

From the NEVER SAY NEVER Director FAN CUT.
Justin Bieber water skiing and jacuzzing.

Check out the video.

  • Mrs. Bieber

    1st To Comment. (: Justin Is Pretty Good At Water Skiing , Cause I Couldn’t Do It…(:

    • caitlynnicole5544

      lol lol lol lol haha i was laughing no offenise wht no im just jking tht was so bad though lol haha


      2nd o yea its fine he fell but it was a fail heheheh

  • Mandi

    2nd! whoa… FAILED? uh oh…

  • Haneen loves Justin

    He’s good I would have fell trying to get on it lol I love yhu justin

    • Kayden2Bieber

      wow i would love to water ski with him i would whoop his butt.

      • teni tupac

        and tat is a butt worth whooping! lol

      • Kayden2Bieber

        @teni tupac
        Thats hilarious lol

  • olivia luvs justin

    how old is this video but he did better than i could

    • Tatianna

      did anyone else hear someone go “WASSSUPPPP” at :20? lolol

  • 4everbelieber

    he did better than i did as soon as the boat moved i fell so props for justin lol<3

  • belieber4life

    i could not possibly do that id probably fall in the first 10 sec

  • blieber

    so cuteeeee

  • Ebony Bieber

    i wouldnt last a second lol

  • proud belieber

    Lol lol lol lol lol look at rygood and scooter so hilarious :D ….. But not failed he could of last a couple I would fall just when I stand !!!!!!!! Hot Justin

  • Daryna Gonzalez

    Haha he looks cute N im actually pretty good at water skiing

  • kelly

    uh… hes wakeboarding… i no that cuz i wakeboard… i sooooooooo much fun!!! luv u justin!!!

  • belieberalltheway

    omg thats sooooooooo cute love u justin

  • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

    That’s hot but at lest he’s ok he’s lucky that he’s alive
    So. That’s why I Love you bizzle
    Love sexy Samantha oxoxo