Justin Bieber Forgot to Thank FANS at the 2011 VMAs Awards

Justin Bieber won the awards, but he forgot to thank fans during acceptance speech! He then tweeted to thank FANS. See his tweet above!

See the video of his acceptance speech here!

What do you think about Justin forgetting fans during the speech? leave comments!

  1. Casanova Belieber
  2. Casanova Belieber
  3. bieberbabe
  4. shajhdfbsjhagfkhdkhgsa
  5. Ebony Bieber
  6. Natalie
  7. blieber
  8. indian belieber
  9. christina
    • Chris Davis
  10. reallyyyyyy
    • Chris Davis
      • Reallyyyyyyy
  11. Emily
  12. Belieber For Life
    • Chris Davis
  13. proud belieber
  14. The Belieber
  15. Belieber!(:
  16. foreverbeiber99
  17. kirsten
    • foreverbeiber99
      • Kayden2Bieber
      • Ur mama
      • Chris Davis

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