Justin Bieber ft. Drake – Trust Issues Lyrics Video (New Song)

Justin Bieber constantly creating music for beliebers’ listening enjoyment, and today he just offered up a brand new remix on Sunday afternoon (August 28).

Justin announced his new song on Drake’s hit song “Trust Issues” via Twitter: “i remixed drakes trust issues”.

Listen the song above, and check out the lyrics below!
And tell us what you think?

Justin Bieber and Drake – Trust Issues Lyrics!

[Hook - Justin Bieber]
All I care about is money and the city that I’m from
I’mma sing until I feel it,i’mma go until it’s done
And I don’t mean to say wassup and my excuse is that I’m young
And I’m only getting older, somebody shoulda told you

I’m on one, you know, I’m on one
I said I’m on one, you know, I’m on one
Two white cups and I got that drink could be purple could
Be pink depending on how you mix that ish money that
We got,never get that ish,cause im on one,you know im one one
From http://www.justinbieberzone.com

You know what I like
Oh yeah, oh yeah (x2)

[Justin Bieber]
You just need to listen, teach you how to fix it
Cause you’re he only one cause I don’t trust these women
I don’t trust these women, they might catch me slipping
So, you’re the only one, I don’t trust these women

They might catch me slipping and put in something different
So you’re the only one cause I don’t trust these women
I don’t trust these women, they might catch me slipping
So you’re the only one

Oh wohh Trust issues 3x

[DRAKE - Verse]
Drizzy Drake, check me out
Coming live from the mothafucking North Side
Kick game, run game, run it real good
But never ever have my bitches sitting courtside
Same nigga that you knew way back when
You acting like it’s somebody you don’t know
Tell me, how the fuck we supposed to stay friends
When you got a bunch of feelings that you don’t show?
I could tell, I could tell, I could tell
Certain people don’t like me no more
New shit don’t excite me no more
Guess that they don’t really make em like me no more
You can look me in my eyes and see I ain’t myself
Cause if y’all what I created then I hate myself
But still, let them girls in and tell them all
Leave their cell phones on the table where we see them
I’m all day with it man, A.M to the P.M
Niggas hating, I just wish that they would say it when they see him
From http://www.justinbieberzone.com

[Justin Bieber]
That’s that ish that drives me crazy
And that’s all I’ve been getting lately
And it’s probably why I’m scared to put the time in
Women want to fuck like they’re me and I’m them
Looking for some things and I think that I can find them in you
Trust issues

  1. oh yeah…so unexpected!!! and..it’s not only he that sounds weird, but it’s also the lyrics! Very…weird and…meaningfull. I’m freaked out O_o

  2. this is not his style at all. he sounds like a rapper trying to sing. i hope his album is NOTHING like this. drakes original version sucked so thats probably why this one was not that good. justin was trying to sing it like drake and drake can not hit any musical note. BTW i am a justin fan.


  3. Guys what’s the matter with u here ????? We know his voice is gonna change and get deeper ,,, what makes it more hot it’s not weird at all it’s just HAWWWT XD
    Btw my friend was soooo jealous when he heard it haters didn’t expect him to get that hot!!!I gotta show it to all the haters around me … They’re gonna die

    • @proud belieber – I agree with you.
      @all – Justin’s voice doesn’t soundsweird so please calm down and enjoy the new song.

  4. O wow justin!!! I love u bunches but don’t do this to us!!!! Keep ur songs clean and say what u really feel not what the world wants u to say!!!! So many people knew it would come to this!! Prove them wrong!!! Keep GOD first!!!!! Sing from the heart and somthing that would make Jesus proud to call u a servant if GOD!!! Jesus lovesss u soooo much and plz never forget that he has a great plan for u let him let u serve others through u!!!!love u much!!!!

    • Justin didnt write it the song was written by drake nd justin didnt say the b word or f word ok drake did in the original version. Justin wants to be a role model so he knows not to cuse in his music cuz some little girls look up to him nd he knows not to curse in his music.

    • STFU

      SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

      Kthanks bye

      • Damn!¡!¡ how did u make these stuff up here?? so hilarious …… Lmao I actually luv em !!!! Lol XD

      • Hey GabbyLuvsCanada were u talkin to me?! Ps stop saying rude things to ppl cuz it makes u the bitch here kk.

  5. Justin didnt write it the song was written by drake nd justin didnt say the b word or f word ok drake did in the original version nd jb isnt in it. Justin wants to be a role model so he knows not to cuse in his music cuz some little girls look up to him nd he knows not to curse in his music. So the orginal suked nd the song is by drake not justin cuz justin knows cursing in his music is not him.

  6. I love it. You guys need to understand that hes 17 and hes going through puberty.. If u guys really support justin then stop talkin ur smack and be a real beliebers

  7. Even if Justin didn’t say the bad words, he’s still a part of the song. What happened to the good image. My daughter is offically NOT a fan starting NOW!!

  8. hes changing way to much he used to be a nice christian kid that enjoyed singing and other things now he drives around in fancy cars and hes most likely had sex with selena and hes gonna start or try drinking :,(

    • yeah.. he’s changingg a lot !! if his new songs for his new album are like that .. im sure hes going to lost a lot of his fans .. we loved him cz he was a real christian cz he knew how other normal ppl live but hes becoming … i dnt know how … but if hell continue like that a ofc im not gonna be a belieber.. i said im gonna be a belieber forever but not if he ll become like that !!

  9. i dont want justin to change i <3 him just the way he is if he starts changing like a lot lot then im not gonna be a belieber idc wut u guys say

    • Guys we r beliebers and to beliebe Is to support Justin and luv him through everything … Lemme ask u something, u have guy friends right??? Didn’t u notice some changes sence 6th grade until now ??!!! I did I’m in 11th grade and some ppl r not those in 8th grade…. Seriously >____> u gotta get over it …DUHHH
      and oh um not trying to compare Justin to my friend he is waaaaaaay too different and I luv him in some diffrent special way !!!!! A real belieber luv <3

  10. he sounds so grown up but i think he is getting a bit carried away with all this rapping,
    cant he just keep on singing with a LITTLE bit less rapping!

  11. Little fans could hear this song and coz its by JB they are gonna learn all the words, not knowing there are swear words. But then again, its not justins song so.. IDK, maybe its just because hes at that age now…..

  12. as much as i like justin bieber and his songs… i was actually really disapointed by this song.this is not the kinda music he should be making (i dont want to seem judgemental but i like his old songs about love and being happy not this depressing song thats there is no beat to it) i just wish justin was a little kid again and i hope him being famous does not go to his head :(

  13. i agree wid u guys, i wish jb was a kid again, i look up to him with a lot of respect n i don’t want him to spoil his gd image.

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