Justin Bieber Handwriting vs. Miley Cyrus Handwriting. Which is Uglier?

Pic left is Miley Cyrus’s handwriting.
Pic right is Justin Bieber’s handwriting.
Who has uglier handwriting?

  • Kamesha

    I REALLY LO V E BOTH!!!!!!!! :)

    • natnat

      i like both

      • Elvedina Pajazetovic

        I REALLY LOVE BOTH! Non of them have bad ones.

  • LuizaLoveJb

    Yea there both nice but i would prefer justin`s <3 Good ~Look Justin

    • Leevi

      i write like justin!! LOL

      • Chelsea loves JB

        Me too! Lol

      • Daryna Gonzalez

        Ik Me 3!!

      • Laura

        i hate them both. their hand writing looks terrible : S
        ima smiler, but not a belieber -but i don’t jb

    • baby bieber

      meh to :D always get scoldings from teacher for my handwriting which is same like justin bieber <3

  • blieber

    i really love justin but he rites like a 3 year old…sorry jb… :)

    • Belieber4evaz

      xD ikr but its sorta funny, and not to offend him, its just hilariously cute xD

    • i love Justin :)

      exactly. i dont get why people say that they like his better just because they like HIM better. sorry but it just looks bad… but thats okay not everyone writes perfectly

      • Bieberfever

        True, his is uglier, but its cute. My sister is a lefty too ! :P sooooo meant to be

    • Jelena Supporter :)

      he writes fine! Didnt u know he’s a lefty? maybe thats why!

      • really?

        i know people that are leftys that have perfect hand writing. it has nothing to do with that.

  • kirsten

    they’re both ok but miley’s kinda knocked points off coz of how she wrote crazy i couldnt read what it said to begin with

  • CAYE

    haha i say mileys cause i love justins :D SHE DESERVES TO BE PUNISHED :D jk

  • Minnie Mouse

    Both are. But that’s pretty good for a boy!

  • sammie

    ugg i hate miley

  • morgan

    Yeah justin can write sloppy… But if he actually tried….. He would win. But now, I say miley.

    #still love you justin

  • Shannez

    I love Justin’s! ;)

    • Sophia

      Psssh , liar..

  • Beliebers

    Both is good ;)

  • Mrs Bieber

    man i love justin but i have to say he writes like someone just learning how to write and btw i actually quite like mileys!!!xx

  • Minnie Mouse

    ATTENTION EVERYONE! I think u guise would like to know that their is a game called Bieber Kisser on girls go games.com!

  • I Luv JB

    Sadly, I think that Miley Cyrus’s handwriting is better. I luv Justin Bieber, but his handwriting is worse than Miley Cyrus’

  • maraam indian bieber 2

    both are nice.

  • Jade

    They were writing fast thats why its sloppy

  • aliceimabelieber

    that’s really good for a boy&&he wasn’t in school for like a few years!and i think their both really nice! and i love the way miley writes her name.

  • biebers forever

    i like both of them. they both are little better than mine because im 11 in the 6th grade. lol

  • ilovebieberforever

    i love Justin but he writes ugly but then again most guys don’t write pretty. But i do like Miley’s handwriting.

  • proud belieber

    LOL….i like it how justin and miley have alot in common ….cuz they both r my idols <3 <3

  • Lexi

    ..weird..i’ve seen justin write his name before (like a video) and it looked different, i knew one of them was his handwriting, but i dont know :)
    i love justin..but he writes bad…miley’s hand writing is nicer :P even though i dont really like miley….at all.. :D

  • mickey bieber a belieber 4 eva

    justins is only messy because he is left handed i am acually trying to become left handed to be like justin !!! but i still like his better

  • alyssa

    ohhhh yeahhh. justin bieber is a lefty. so am i!! ♥ i love writing with the same hand as a celeb that i absolutely loveee ♥

  • Nanni Bieber

    Justin is left handed, and left handed ppl aren’t good in write handing and justin is a boy; So it’s alright for a lefthanded boy.
    P.S- I am lefthanded too :) love u jb <3

  • faithfulbelieber

    i kinda think justin but why does it matter

  • shivani bieber ( Belieber))

    like duhhh JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!! MILEY i cant understand a thing …love u jb

  • Kaylee

    i really like both but sadly i have to say that i like mileys a little bit more even though i write exactly like justin

  • Emily Bieber

    They both are bad. Love you Justin<3

  • ChandlerBrookeBieber

    Not hatin’!! At all!!!!!! But sorry Justin yours is not as good but u cursive is AWESOME!!!

  • JadeJenkins

    I write like Justin

    • JadeJenkins

      when i write fast

  • mileyandhannah

    i love miley cyrus handwriting justin bieber writes like a 2 year old just got back from school