Justin Bieber Handwriting vs. Miley Cyrus Handwriting. Which is Uglier?

Pic left is Miley Cyrus’s handwriting.
Pic right is Justin Bieber’s handwriting.
Who has uglier handwriting?

  1. man i love justin but i have to say he writes like someone just learning how to write and btw i actually quite like mileys!!!xx

  2. Sadly, I think that Miley Cyrus’s handwriting is better. I luv Justin Bieber, but his handwriting is worse than Miley Cyrus’

  3. that’s really good for a boy&&he wasn’t in school for like a few years!and i think their both really nice! and i love the way miley writes her name.

  4. i love Justin but he writes ugly but then again most guys don’t write pretty. But i do like Miley’s handwriting.

  5. LOL….i like it how justin and miley have alot in common ….cuz they both r my idols <3 <3

  6. ..weird..i’ve seen justin write his name before (like a video) and it looked different, i knew one of them was his handwriting, but i dont know :)
    i love justin..but he writes bad…miley’s hand writing is nicer :P even though i dont really like miley….at all.. :D

  7. justins is only messy because he is left handed i am acually trying to become left handed to be like justin !!! but i still like his better

  8. ohhhh yeahhh. justin bieber is a lefty. so am i!! ♥ i love writing with the same hand as a celeb that i absolutely loveee ♥

  9. Justin is left handed, and left handed ppl aren’t good in write handing and justin is a boy; So it’s alright for a lefthanded boy.
    P.S- I am lefthanded too :) love u jb <3

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