Justin Bieber Hit the Red Carpet 2011 MTV VMAs Video Music Awards

Justin Bieber arrived at the 2011 MTV VMAs Awards on Sunday (August 28) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles. If you notice what he’s holding in his right hand, it’s a yellow snake!!

Do you like his outfit? what do you think about his red jeans?

      • Yea i am TOTALLY lovin the outfit AND the shoes… don”t know about the glasses and the snake though!!
        o well, maybe he’s trying to start a new trend…called carrying a snake in you hand???? idk;p

  1. Omb i would be so scared to hold a snake omb your so hot justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so proud of you justin

  2. Who was the stylist? Love Justin , but if you dont want the gay comment s . You are not doing him any favors!! Horrible hair, glasses and pants!!

  3. I’m a BIG Fan and a proud Canuk!…Not the best look for you though. Remember the basics of what your fans love about you. You keep things simple & real. “Wear who you are, not what L.A. is wearing. Your fans love you…just the way you are!

  4. Love what he is wearing, especially the red pants (i got some just like em)
    but whats up with the shoes??? come on Justin… go bak to the AWESOME high tops!!!

  5. he looks so hot he can wear anything and still look hot and johnson was a nice touch #swag!
    (btw i had to write my comment again cuz i spelled my name wrong!)

  6. the glasses, the jeans and the shoes are nice. but just not together in one outfit.
    and i just don’t know about that snake.

  7. justin bieber i wont some tickets to your to see you prefrom on stage i relly love your music and i also like your hair and i like your face it is so cut to look at when i see you on t.v i will be happpy and i will be chiring i see you on stage i will be so happy and i will be putting up a poster up of you and i will be so happy i will be thinking of you alot and i will be putting up a lot of poster of you watch i all ready have of you in my room i have your page

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