Justin Bieber Parades & Flashmobs in 11 Countries: Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Chile, Malaysia and more.

Countries included in the video: Italy, Chile, Sweden, Portugal, Philippines, Malaysia, Denmark, Brazil, Holland, Switzerland and Norway.

This video is made for Justin Bieber to see and to visit countries he has never been to.

Many thanks to all beliebers that have done these awesome flashmobs, parades and gatherings to show their love for Justin. Only a few countries are in the video, there are of course more. Unfortunately we could not include all countries we’ve found, due to poor quality and video.

Never stop belieb-ing and never say never! Do anything and everything to get Justin’s attention! Find out what’s possible if you Never give up. Spread the word and make Justin watch this! He will Someday visit every country worldwide.

Thanks to Twitter: @NvrSayNvrJB & @Chrianna4L

Where are you from? Has Justin made a visit to your country yet?

  1. Vesselina
  2. fleur
  3. Sara
  4. katrine
  5. Mony
    • engy
      • yoyobieber
  6. Venus
  7. Venus
  8. winashamshul
    • Venus
  9. ainaamy
  10. Belieber4life
  11. kidrauhl
  12. maddie
  13. janet
  14. indian belieber
  15. Natasha i'am a belieber
  16. Paris
  17. faithfulbelieber
  18. proud belieber
  19. chelse loves JB
  20. We Wanna Bieber
  21. Mahdokht
  22. shivani bieber ( Belieber))
  23. esmee
  24. Selma
  25. MS.bieber
  26. MS.bieber
  27. belieber4eva
  28. emily
  29. Fathin. :)
    • Victoria Fauscett

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