Justin Bieber PENIS pic

Remember Justin and Selena Nak3d statue made of metal/bronze? Now the artist is making another controversial sculpture who he believes it’s representing Justin’s P3nis. Eww!

From CACAnet.com

Images of Justin Bieber’s penis (sculpture) created by controversial New York artist Daniel Edwards, are being released by Cory Allen Contemporary Art this week, in NYC.

“Allegory of a Teen Sex Symbol (Justin Bieber)” shows a symbolic representation, in a manner inspired by renaissance painter Giuseppe Acrimboldo’s portraits created from assemblages of fruit, and groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster’s famous series of plaster casts of 60s rock stars.

“Daniel is commenting on how young celebrities [Justin] grow up too fast in the media – how they are often sexualized too soon,” said the artist’s representative Cory Allen.

“It would be naive and hypocritical for anyone to be offended by this simple sculpture, yet be apathetic towards the plethora of images to which they subject themselves on a daily basis,” said Daniel Edwards, “I stand by the work.”

About the artist, Daniel Edwards is a professor of sculpture at the New York Academy of Art, whose past works include “Monument to Pro-Life,” which featured Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Hillary Clinton, Selena-Justin and many more.

More info about the artist visit facebook.com/officialdanieledwards

  • Rangheena

    I don’t think Justin’s a sex-symbol o_e He’s sexy but that’s a COMPLETELY different thing .
    OHMYGOD , this is horrible of them to do!

    • chareenn

      yeaah i agree with u :D hes sexy ;)

      • Hannah

        Yea me 2 nd jb is hot nd sexy

    • Kayden2Bieber

      that is kinda weird and unnecisary if jb should not be sexualised to early why create this picture

    • Mrs.Bieber

      so true

    • justin bieber

      thank you im not but i am sexy ladys love me

      • serena

        are you sure ladie’s love you? and are you sure your sexy?

      • emely

        tru dat. lovin your bod. disturbed by this sculpture. btw u did the right thing makin selena your lady. props to u. those chicks sendin her bad messages need to f-ck off. they aint got a shot

      • thomas

        OMG I love Justin Bieber

      • keah

        Yeah I definitely agree u r REALLY!!! Sexy and REALLY!!! Hot I love u Justin Bieber I always will your cute and fit to! Love u lots!!!!!!

      • miss biber fever lol

        omg yes u are i love u sooooooooo much even though ive never met u before but i might soon lol love ya soo much ill always be ur beliber

      • Did ya slap a ho

        . This is your number one belieber speaking. Anyway why don’t (not trying to start anything) you go somewhere close to where your fans from the gold coast (California) can see you. I know you go in la but why don’t you go to San Diego for once. Me and my best friend would go crazy if we just saw an inch of you in person. We know a lot about you. Bring your girlfriend too (Selena) its ok if you can’t bring her I just need to see your face. You could call me a spoiled brat as long as you say just kidding, but no, your too sweet to do that. But I am spoiled. We have a lot in common. And this note is to everyone: I believe in Jesus and if you are gonna make fun of me then go ahead. But if you are a believer stand up and say what’s right. Sorry if it’s long and that the Jesus thing was so random.

      • Gymnast girl

        This is did ya slap a ho, my new name is gymnast girl, never call me by my old name anymore. And whoever did this must’ve had their brains washed with soap and water and then bleached! Justin- ugh what was I gonna say idk but I g2g to gymnastics

      • icghj

        hi big fan

  • indian belieber

    ewww its disgusting !!!! n yea 2nd

  • Adriana

    Some fans take it to the ass -,- she just saying lmao funny

  • Natalia


  • Ella

    Beliebers! We need help! We wanna trend BeliebersLoveJustin NOW!

  • ciara

    wtf thats not cool its mean

  • Ur mama

    That’s sick!!! This guy is sick, perverted, nd serious mental issues needs to b in a mental hospital!!! Seriously u a nasty fàg!! Justin is not a sex symbol!! He’s just a regular teen like any other!!! U r nasty nd that is not cool sculpting dìcks, nak3d celebs, etc! Wats next selenas vut jay jay or lady gagas dìck? Ewww this is 1 of the most nastiest things I ever read! 

    • ~kennedi~

      lol i agree!!

      • Daryna Gonzalez

        Lol agree 2!!

  • 1#justin bieber fan mrs bieber kaitlyn bieber

    its really mean
    love u justin

  • reyna

    that just looks like sylvester and tweety’s head

  • Ebony Bieber

    OMG that is so mean and gross

  • Maria

    Biebaaa’ is sexyy c; <3 Lmao.

  • kirsten

    oh heck. that guys weird xD

    • mrs bieber

      I love Justin Bieber he is NOT!!! Wired for GOD SAKES!!! And he’s not grouse he is a young teen that I absolutely adore!!!

  • Guest

    The message is….okay (i guess)
    The sculpture…………um….yea…NOT SO MUCH! I am scarred for life! D:

  • 1#justin bieber fan mrs bieber kaitlyn bieber

    i love u justin

  • delilah bieber

    omb thats creepy

  • 4everbelieber

    omb this sculpture is unnecessary and weird!!!!

  • jessica

    Ewww disgusting

  • khansa

    ha..ha..its so cute like u

  • @ngi3

    eeeewwwwww!!!!! WTF!!!!

  • maria

    i really love u justin

  • I  Greyson Chance!

    Why do u NEED to make this!?

  • rosie.

    lol some people on here are so immature. thats actually hilarious.

    • Polia Mal

      haha it made my day lmao LOONEY TUNES!!

  • Nadine

    LOL this dude is into with naked teens lol!!!

    • belieber4eva

      LOL he sure is and its getting creppy lol O.o

  • belieber4eva

    well i mean its art but its getting creppy its like he is obsessed with sculpting naked celebs o.O lol but if he did one of me i would laugh and be offended lol but i mean its art he is probably making lots of money from it but i still find it a little offensive but im fine with it

  • JDBiebsSwaag

    I can’t believe this. he’s creepy & obsessed with nudity :L

  • ~kennedi~

    is all this dude does is nude sculptures he cnt do anything else and does he even care how justin feels about this and doubt justin’s **** is sylvester the cat, and tweetie bird. #weird

    • ~kennedi~

      AND……BTW justin isnt a sex symbol and example of a sex symbol would b………taylor lautner or brad pitt ….justin is sexy but a sex symbol is a completely different thing.

  • Polia Mal




  • charming&truthbetold shequiza

    are u craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????????????????/

  • Justinsgirl4eva

    ok justin doesnt need all of this so why make a sculture like that it is distgusting