Justin Bieber Pimping his Car, Cadillac CTS Coupe, Red to Black!

Justin Bieber puts his Cadillac CTS coupe in the hands of West Coast Customs.

Justin Bieber has put his Cadillac CTS Coupe in the trusting care of West Coast Customs. The Cadillac in question will receive an all-black custom paint job.

The Caddy started off with red paint before WCC added their finishing all-black paint and crystal-blue LED headlights.

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We’ve also included the rendering by West Coast Customs showing what the finished car should look like.

Pic above (Before), Pic below (After).

What do you think beliebers?

  • Jenny

    1st!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daryna Gonzalez


  • diana


    • Elizabeth

      hahaha my thoughts exactly

      • Kayden2

        Hot Stuff wanna take me for a ride

      • Ur mama

        Ikr thats wat i thought!!! That is one sick car i would lov to take it out for spin!! Or ride in it wit jb

  • Crystal


  • Daryna Gonzalez

    My uncle has one of those cars

  • peaceglri99

    justin is going to looook so cute in that car dam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  • Mrs. Bieber

    (: c(:


    Hey beliebers if you have a twitter can you please follow me @bieberbeastmode ill follow everyone back :)

    • mickey bieber a belieber 4 eva

      hey i will i am @mickeyfanna

  • jbsuperfan

    cool!!! <3

  • faithfulbelieber

    WOW! awesome but hes been wasting a lot of money for stupid


      HEY I THINK U HAVE DIFFERENT LIKES AND DISLIKE AND U DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT REASON TO CALL ANYBODY stupid OKAY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • faithfulbelieber

    WOW! awesome but hes been wasting a lot of money for stupid things but thts my opinion

  • proud belieber

    Now this is a hot car…. The Boys who hate him will b dying when they see it …. Yeah man !!!!!!

    • Johail

      It’s his money, he could do watever he wants with it.

      • proud belieber

        Ik…. That’s what in my HEAD …. So ,,,

  • belieber#1

    Sick car! You’ll have to take me for a ride!!

  • Brittney

    I luv his new car. I want it so much! :) The black is way better than the red. He will look SEXY in his new colored car lol. ♥ Je t’aime JB!

  • I  Greyson Chance!

    When in the heck did he get that

  • Jimish Howards

    First of all, before I say what I think, I need to eliminate those who wish to controvert by arguing “If you “hate” him”, why do you look him up. My answer is, first of all, I don’t hate him and Im just trying to get people, predominately females between the ages of 10-17, to realise that their wasting their precious time and money instead of focusing on whats important. Im here commenting on the internet with my limited time for that exact reason. I study physiology and economics at a-level and I have come to my own conclusion about these imbecilic plebeians who people pathetically refer as “Celebrities”. Don’t get me wrong, I am no excessive critic of media-enhanced entertainers or sportsmen, neither am I a person targeting Justin Bieber wishing to deface his reputation. Now that I have explained my actions, I think its time to get to the point. Quite simply, people such as Justin Bieber are unintelligent fools taking advantage of young persons, in this case young girls. Corporate entities such as Disney (I do realise Justin Bieber is not employed by Disney) use these “perfect trademarks” to excessive profit. These “perfect trademarks” when in question, use “charitable” means to regain their respect. Should they really wish to help the unfortunate I’m sure they would go personally to somewhere such as Somalia and help people there for several months if not longer. Those who still which to attack my opinions and conclusive views, are quite welcome, although I will be appaled by those who wish to excessively use inappropriate language and give poor regard to their proper explanation of their views. I am also appalled to those who use the same means to attack media stars, such as trying to attack his social image like proposing he is a homosexual. I hope my case has perhaps changed some of your views on people such as Justin Bieber and that for those who have have obsessive traits for people like Justin Bieber, you start a fresh new, better view of life. Thank you for taking time to read my case.

    Jimish Howards Stephen

  • Janet Borromeo

    Justin’s new car looks pretty cool.

  • Olivia belieber

    OMB justins car is sooo cool the new colour looks awesome i think that all bieber haterz will become bieber luverz because of his new car

  • gabi

    i like both black and red looks good! go justin! <3 you!

  • Giovanni

    I thought JUSTIN was given a SUV by Scooter, Drake or…USHER,so hE would not get into a killer ACCIDENT

  • Belieber 4 Ever

    The Black Is Tight ……. i wana ride with you Justin

  • Natalie

    Wow nice new car :O

  • belieberalltheway

    sweet ride biebs!!!

  • indian belieber

    omb i wanna ride with u

  • Lawless

    love iet <3

  • Mrs.Bieber345

    32nd but cool car hottie!

  • ZR1Driviera

    It’s too bad a gaywad like Justin Bieber gets a CTS-V coupe. And to the writer of this article, the car deserves a little more description. This is not just a CTS coupe, it’s a CTS-V coupe. I know that’s a lot for your tiny brain to handle, but this isn’t a run-of-the-mill Cadillac.

  • desireelopez

    hi car is soooooo awasome

  • ~ COCO PUFF ~

    wow! i love the car! its sweet! =) Justin is awesome!

  • suzette298

    Look he is spending his money on stupid shit just so he can fit in the hip-hop world. Fit in with Chris Brown and Sean Kingston. Yes, it is his money but anyone who is sick of seeing all these stars going bankrupt because they spend their money on stupid shit. He wanted INDEPENDCE from his mom and she is giving it to him and he goes and buys dumb things. He is always spending spending spending. He needs to save save save and put his money to good use. I just don’t want to here in 2 or 3 years Justin Bieber files for bankruptcy because he bought dumb stuff. It’s just showing your care.