Justin Bieber playing Basketball at Selena Gomez Concert, New Jersey August 20, 2011


Justin Bieber playing basketball at the Selena Gomez Concert August 20 2011 PNC, NJ.

Check out the video!

A guy dragging his girlfriend, but she insist to stay and stalk Justin Bieber while he’s playing basketball at Selena’s concert, August 20 in NJ.

“I’m not going anywhere, I wanna see him. I don’t give a $hit.” She told her bf. lol .

No wonder guys hate Justin so much. :(

Justin has the black hat with the red and the black shorts with the white strips. The girl singing in the background is Christina Grimmie, she’s opening Selena’s concert.

  1. Geeze, that camera had some awesome zoom. lol
    I wanna play basketball with Justin but I’m a short white girl lol

  2. I love basketball it’s awsome I wish I could play it but it’s 11.00 in the night so maybe tomorrow. Love u justin!!!

  3. uhhm i will be so MAD at bieber u missed Kim k’s wedding to play freakin BASKETBALL!!! i think selena told him not to go………..just think……selena DIDN”T GET INVITED but justin did, but still he didn’t go…………selena is playin him…………..BIG TIME!

    dont hate me its my oppinion

    • i kida think it is but maybe he did wanted to go to kim weding but who worrent want to go to her wedding but it was his decion

  4. justin i no not u but wish u the best of life i love ur musics and now music if u send me ur contact i could help u luv u

  5. lol wow i thought it was only the girl filming and her boyfriend looking at justin in one area until she zoomed out and there were thousands of more people lol wonder if they noticed justin too

  6. i dont understand why he missed kims wedding. if they are as good of friends as they say than he shouldnt have missed it. just sayin

  7. don’t know why girls go senile for him that much. I’m a fan of the biebz but nat obsessed wit’im… And u got feelings for him that’ll make u look stupid, a human with blood running through his veins…shit! Cmon give him a break…selenas his world.

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