Justin Bieber Shirt ”Fuck you! Fuck her too”

Justin Bieber is in LA, and was photographed at the Sunset Plaza August 3 wearing a t-shirt saying, “F**k you and f**k her too!”

What was JB thinking?

Thank goodness “F**k you and f**k her too!” are just lyrics from one of the most popular songs in the country right now by Cee Lo Green, otherwise beliebers might get upset!

Do you want that shirt? ;)

See also: “Fu-cK Justin Bieber” shirt for haters.

  1. its just a shirt with lyrics of a song…
    hes 17 now…
    you expect him to not curse or wear shirts like this?
    everyone needs to chill

    • Look Justin BIeber IS 17 he can’t stay a little 12 year old for ever he has always swore and stuff yuu can’t expect him nott th swear he’s a teenager he’s gunnah be 18 next year plus he IS a human he will wear shirts he doesn’t have to do things just to make ALL of his fans happy tbh I’m GLAD Justin wore this shirt it shows he’s a human and a NORMAL teenager doesn’t it ? Luv you Justin (:

  2. That’s me and one of my very close friends fav songs. We sing it in the bathroom the classroom sports events. It’s just a shirt. And who cares if he cusses my best friend has been cussing since she was in 3rd grade. He also cussed in his book so I don’t see what the big deal is

  3. I think that shirt is soo cool!!! His hair is growing back yeeeyyy I still loved him when it was shorter but just happy that is growing back! :) <3

  4. woah belibers chilax it’s just a shirt and he wanted to wear that shirt so he went for it oh and lol at justins comment he’s sooo cute love you justin bieber!!!!!!

  5. Beliebers, please calm down. He’s seventeen (17). He’s growing up. Justin has a Beautiful Girlfriend, a loving Mom and Dad (Pattie and Jeremy). Yeah, yeah, I know, his shirt has cuss words on it, but we need to chill. Yes, he is supposed to be acting like a Christian, but like I said before, he’s all Grownup. His life is his responsibility. He dated Selena when he was either 16 or 17, right? Well, he dated someone older, and now he’s taking after her. Please chill the bill. Love you Justin Bieber forever and always.

  6. Well..I guess it’s not that bad. It is only song lyrics. So calm down, guys! He’s got a smile on his face, so it’s not like he’s turning emo or anything….

  7. all i can say is comeback to MANILA PHILIPPINES next year Justin, Admins and moderators tell him to come back in my country PHILIPPINES!

  8. I AREE WITH Belieber its just a t shirt with lyrics on it. he won t ruin his goodboy image bcoz of a t shirt.SOOO beliebers just chill out . he is a teenager n he is young too.

  9. haha justin, but oh my gosh, blue is ur SEXIEST color, u need to wear it alot more, plus my favorite color is blue, so u have such great taste in color, god bless :) :P

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