Justin Bieber Wearing Hot PINK Sneakers pics

Justin Bieber spotted wearing HOT pink shoes this week! 

Justin Bieber looks very happy as he strolled down the Walk of Fame in his hot pink high-top sneakers. (Photo Credit:Celebuzz)

Does JB look good in hot Pink shoes? lets vote!

  • Bieber fan 1700

    First yay and wow

    • caitlynnicole5544

      wow scooter ure getting hairy adn have a little weight

      • Justin bieber luvr

        U r looking awesome jb nt grly n pink color suits on u

      • jb#1fan

        WOW he is lol

    • caitlynnicole5544

      wow jb said bitch on twitt well its a users name but oh well

    • Kayden2Bieber

      wow how does he still look so hot even though he is wearing hideous shoes and also i love all his shoes that ive seen him in but these purple YES pink come on

  • Bieber fan 1700

    It didn’t matter if it’s Girly it’s his choice if he wants to wear hot pink it’s his choice and purple could be a girl color he like purple and it didn’t matter if he likes pink

    • natnat


  • Belieber

    I Love How He Looks In Any Color(: Lmao I Though That Was Derek……………. Follow Me On Twitter @123Gigglesz Beliebers>.<

    • JustinBiebersWIFE

      i love justin sooo much he looks good in any color folllow me on twitter sunshinefab or Somer Banks

  • georgiaabieber

    DEREK* looks sexy, in pink supras!;)<3

    • Alicia


      • BieberBieberOHHH

        it takes a real man to wear pink (:

  • iBieberWife

    No,It’s not girly…Plus he’s got the guts to wear PINK…Hawt

  • alicia

    he looks good! =D

    • pipidmissbieber

      i’m agree with u shawty :p

      • Alicia


    • jb luvr

      he doesn’t even look girly in hot pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Daryna Gonzalez

        He looks really cute!

  • pipidmissbieber

    i like it.. He’s still handsome.. And everyday i love him so much :*

  • 1#justin bieber fan mrs bieber kaitlyn bieber

    its ok if he wants 2 wear somthing pink then he can because there is no boys or girls colours any way he is sooooooooooooooooo hot some day i will be mrs bieber marrie me justin plz
    love ur biggest fan kaitlyn

    • Alicia

      dream on

      • :)


    • Ur mama

      Keep dreamin kaitlyn. 

  • irishgirl xoxoxo

    U look great justin .ps im lovin the shoes <3 <3

    • jhurinne

      me too

      • grace


  • Emily Bieber

    Ok moat guys look girly wearing Hot Pink but Justin can pull it off :) Cuz he has swag and is HOTTNESS!!! Love you Justin<3

    • Alicia

      i totally agree with u

      • jhurinne

        weah not sure that you jan

  • Alicia


    • jhurinne

      Justin Bieber’s really cute

  • jhurinne

    ang cute ni justine bieber

  • Kaia

    Oh My Bieber, he looks so sexy, I love a guy in pink.
    And I can see his BlackBerry Torch, cute.
    Does it have a pink or purple cover lol!
    Love you Justin Bieber

    • paulina

      same i love when a guy wears pink :) x

  • mohanad bieber

    i have one of these sneakers .people says its too girly but i dont care…..

    • Proud belieber

      Nooooo never mind they’re sooo cool and cute … I bet gurls like em a lot trust me I’m one of em ;)

  • 1#justin bieber fan mrs bieber kaitlyn bieber

    i love u justin
    plz marrie me

  • proud belieber

    tooooooo much hot and the shoes are complitely amazing :)

  • JustinDrewFlu

    DEREK!♥ i’m sorry, i love Justin, but those shoes don’t match his shirt. like he doesn’t match AT ALL. if he matched the shoes would be fine but this outfit is a big NO.

    • Alicia

      ur right they dont match

  • hanaoney

    I think they look quite good on him, so does any colour. he’s also very brave, wearing hot pink shoes despite the constant comments saying he’s gay. this is like a big “in your face” to those people. loooove him ;)

  • sinqLe fLow

    super duper hansome
    justin bieber

    i like her so mchh..

  • JUSTIn

    he is as awesome like always!!!!

  • Minnie Mouse |>o

    Aren’t those red???

    • paulina

      hahha no :) there pink love x

  • babybiebsluuver

    check out scooter in the background of the first pic

  • ?????


  • 4everbelieber

    he is super sexy in anything <3lol

  • khan zoha ali


  • khan zoha ali

    He looks hot in hot pink shoes.

  • khan zoha ali

    He looks too hot in hot pink shoes.though a bit sexy too.

  • sonia

    lol it doesnt matter,it looks good on him :) and the sneakers are 4 boys 2

  • Ur mama

    He is soooooooo hot in any color!!! Even if it’s  he is still hot!!! But the shoes don’t match but don’t matter hes still super sexy!!! Lov u Justin <3333333333

  • Valorie

    I love those shoes on u. They look very sharp.