UPDATE: Justin Bieber’s Street Racing caused him the Accident!

Former House of Pain rapper Everlast (real name Erik Schrody) tweeted the following evidence on JB Wednesday’s car accident (Aug. 31):

“I just raced @justinbieber down Ventura in his Ferrari I won but a fedex truck got in his way.” Everlast tweeted.

That’s right, Justin Bieber was street racing with Everlast. If this is true, we’re 60% kinda disappointed that Justin is being so reckless, however we are happy that nobody got hurt.

Oh well.. boys will be boys.

What do you think beliebers?

  1. I really think he’s changing. Like he’s trying to grow up too fast without thinking of the consequences. He doesn’t seem the same anymore.

    • YES I agree.He does not seem to be the Justin I once thought he was.To me he s doing stupid things>Like the snake>I wonder if his friend would sleep with a snke in the bed.I tell you hes on his way back to the street of Straford>He neds to go BACK TO WORK

    • WORD! i totally agree to that! i know that he’s growing up and people can change but sometimes, he’s just not not thinking at all about the consequences, for example spending millions and millions on selena, he should have spent half the money on her and half on savings…

  2. i knw justin is a good guy!and he cant do that!if thats true!maybe he really wants to grow up faster!but still boys will be boys right?i hope that BELIEBERS still the beliebers right?that were still here for justin!..

  3. ok well he is a teenage boy and he is acting like one BECUASE HE HIS!!! HE ISNT FREAKN CHANGING HE IS GROWING UP!!!!!!!!and the street racing big deal no one cares!!!!

    • So you say street racing isnt a big deal? Are you nuts? did you not realize that there was an accident? Someone could have died and you say it wasnt a big deal….wow…

      • at least nobody got hurt. thats the good part. he IS growing up. im not saying that makes what he did any better but i am saying he isnt gonna stay the same old young justin that we know. he is what 17 now? let him act 17. not 14 or 15.

  4. i think i know what justin is doing he is trying 2 be older than he is 2 show selena that he is not a kid any more and 2 make her love him more and not treat him like a kid and if u notice that he is acting like a crazy teenager 2 impress her he doesnt realize how danger is this but he will soon notice that he has ignored his family a lil bit and his beliebers are far away from him like he isnt connected 2 them like he was before and he will see that all of us beliebers love him so much and want him 2 be safe cuz we dont want 2 lose him but and thats why i still love him cuz he will realize all of that so soon trust me —– maybe i was wrong but that just what i think he is doing and thats not something bad cuz any other teenager would do that if he was dating someone older —– i just want 2 say that ive been with a boy younger than me and its not cool cuz i feel like his mother and he was acting just like justin ——– i love you justin so much and i hope we will be together someday

    • i 2 fink ur right…he can’t help showing the girl he love’s confidence, i mean shes probably surprised he went through all that if he really did it for her xx and yes i hope ill b wif him 2 but theres less chance ill meet him :/

    • Omg Tara Thank You You Are Like Soo Right Like Thats Exactly What I Wanted To Say And If You Think About It Its True ! Like Really I Hate Selena Gomez Like I Cant Look At Her Or Like I Start To Like Cry Cause Like Justin Needs To Find Someone Else Because Like Bad Rumors Are Going Around With Them Too And They Might Be Real Like Justin Reslly Doesnt Do Anything With His Mom AnyMore Its Always Selena :/

    • Actually, look it up thtz not the true story he was trying to drive out of a parking lot and another car was going and he crashed into it by accident

  5. Tara you may be right but its not at all the time to think all this rubbish, if you really love you should be glad to know that he’s alright and you gotta stop all this nonsense of yours right now. well, Justin I very happy to hear you’re alright, and I looooooooooooooove you very much and keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “cuz i’m a true belieber, im glad that he’s alright and yaknow, boyz will be boyz” THAT’S BULLSHIT. I am sorry but street racing is just reckless and i hate it. just becasue he’s a boy doesn’t mean it’s ok for him to race, many boys in my school don’t race and not many people that i know race. He’s beginning to look like those jocks in my school that race car and pick on other people and stuck up. i still like him and i’m glad he’s ok but i’m not gonna consider myself a belieber anymore, i will just be a normal fan from now on. he’s becoming more and more ignorant and cocky, and i’m not talking about this incident only. he changed.

    • i’m disappointing in beliebes now, he’s RACED car and got in an accident and all you can think of is how good looking he is, you always overlook things like that, and that’s what ruining him, and that’s why you’re not his family, you’re just fans. what would his mom say to him? “i’m so glad you’re ok”??? hell no she would ground him for months or at least that’s what my mom would do. that’s what family do, thay point out the wrong things, they don’t encourage him to do those things. adn that’s what we all should be doing, im sorry i said alot, but that’s becasue i care.

      • im not saying he is ok so thats does it any better that he did it. im saying he is ok for doing something like that and hopefully he doesnt do it again. yes he is good looking. we cant help but think of that. at least some of us. (including me)

    • yes he changed . people dont stay the same. thats one thing ur gonna have to accept. if u were a true belieber u wouldnt think of that. not everyone stays the same way u want them to stay. people GROW. no he is not becoming ignorant and cocky he is growing up. he isnt a child anymore. get used to it.

  7. I’m just going to say, he is NOT reckless…he’s just racing for fun I’m guessing, no one can judge him for having fun…no need to be disappointed and I’m so glad he’s okay xx

  8. Illegal Street racing is not ok. It’s a crime and “professional” street races are allways somehow connected to the mafia. Poeple get killed doing it, drivers and bystanders. So stop defending him street racing. He needs a good slap to the back of the head for this. Maby next time he won’t be so lucky and kill someone or worse himself. What are you all gonna say then?? Hmmmm

  9. in a way it shows he is not growing up to fast, he is just being a kid. no need to be upset we all make mistakes he still learning, he is just kid.if you were true beliebers would be glad he is ok, everyone makes mistakes but justin mistakes turn into news. think about how you would feel if every single mistake you made, the whole world would know.
    i support justin always!

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