Miley Cyrus to WIN Celebrity Bowling 2011 over Justin Bieber

Beliebers, Justin was going to win the 2011 Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame, but now, all of a sudden, he’s got some pretty stiff competition—and is no longer in the lead. Miley Cyrus, who was behind by 17 percent just last week, has made a huge turnaround and is now ahead of Justin and everyone else.

There are ten nominees in total. The other eight are Lady Gaga, Jeff Bridges, Bill Murray, Jimmy Fallon, Nick and Joe Jonas, Lil Wayne, Michael Jordan and Kim Kardashian. “Each of the celebrity candidates are bowling fans, enthusiasts or have helped to publicly support the sport of bowling.”

Can Justin catch up?

To vote JB, visit

  1. i forgot all about it ok ill vote again and i hope he wins but I’m more interested in the teen choice awards :D remember its tonite

  2. I will vote for them both…cuz I’m a belieber and a smiler at the same time !!!!!so whoever that wins I’ll b cool with it :)

  3. Man!!!!!!
    I hope dat justin gets higher den her cuz im not a big fan of miley!!!!!!
    Team justin!
    We got this u guys…all we need to do is jus vote 4 him =D
    Who’s wit me?!?!?!

  4. i just now voted and i voted for you justin. still i have never seen how you bowl befor but i still voted :) its from the kindness of my heart justin

  5. hi proud belieber thanx for remembering me. i was quite unwell but i missed u too n btw i also want jb to win . n one more thing im not a brown belieber lol coz im fair lol

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