14 Year old Drew Ryniewicz sings BABY X FACTOR USA

A 14 year old Drew Ryniewicz whos also Justin Bieber huge FAN managed to blow the “The X Factor (US)” judges away with her rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. Drew Ryniewicz changed the arrangement making it slower.

Check out the video:

Nicole Scherzinger who was first to comment said that she is a big fan of Bieber, but she prefers her version to his. To this Simon Cowell agreed and echoed, “So do I”. Paula Abdul said her version was commendable, original, daring and bold. “I like you a lot, very unique,” she said.

Do you prefer Justin’s version or hers?

  1. This is girl freakin amazing
    If only I could sing like her… i might actually be able to meet Justin Bieber ^-^
    But honestly, hers is wayy better
    It just has so much more meaning to me then Justin Bieber’s with his “young love” thing goin on.
    But anywayyy she has my vote

  2. This was the best performance of the X Factor so far this year. I like her version of ‘Baby’. Not saying its better than Biebers (maybe), but we have heard his plenty already, and this was a very nice new version for a change. She may not be the best singer, but she was good and did that audition performance wonderfully! And for 14, I definitely think we should keep an eye on her for future greatness. She seems so real and genuine, gotta love her personality too. She’s cute. Also in that clip, her mom was so fun to watch. LOL :)

  3. I L>O>V>E Justin Bieber and i love his songs including “Baby” but i really liked this version! Justin is amazing and he makes amazing music that always has us Beliebers smiling!! :D This girl is veryn talented and very pretty! Her version was a more soul-filled version!! This is just my opinion!! Dont judge! hehe :D :D :D

  4. She is great, just watch she’s the next justin beiber (girl style) it will be fun to see where she goes, i guess i need to get the guts to do what she did with my voice!

  5. I definitely agree with Nicole Scherzinger, I definitely prefer this version over Justin’s!! Not like Justin’s isn’t good or anything, but this one is way better. In my opinion!! This girl is amazing!!!! And so unique and just greatt!! Love this performance! :)

  6. Justin Bieber is amazing his version is so much better and I think shes good but Justin is to good soz to all you fans out there who like drew !!
    GO JUSTIN!!!

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