Dirty Bieber Secrets REMOVED by Tumblr

Dirty Bieber Secrets was removed due to the fact that Justin is 17 and the posts about him was too graphic and were considered a Child P0rn0gr4phy, therefore illegal. Looks like the site won’t be able to return unless they make it again when Justin turns 18. Let’s hope not!

Thanks to everyone who have reported DBS to tumblr administrator.

  1. Bieber's Babe
  2. supaJB LOVER!!!!
  3. makayla
  4. Fort
  5. mimi
  6. julia
  7. Natalie
  8. Natalie
  9. kaytlyn
  10. Jbxxx
  11. ~kennedi~
  12. Jayyy
  13. harlot
  14. JoJo
    • belieber4eva
  15. Latika
  16. 4everbelieber
  17. belieber4eva
  18. Un ano sin lluvia
    • Ur mama
    • miran cl
  19. Azaria
    • miran cl
  20. proud belieber

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