Download Justin Bieber – How to Love.mp3 (new song audio for Free )

Some of you have requested download link for Justin Bieber audio – How to Love (lil wayne cover). Here u go! Click here to download. Enjoy and ur welcome! :)

  • iloveejb(;

    first.. and ty guys for the song(:

    • Fuxia B.

      really no one cares if your first or not its not some kind of competition

      • angel

        i no right

      • Fuxia B.

        its just really annoying when girls are like “yippie I’m first”

      • BieberBieberOHHH

        well agreed.

      • hannah2901

        @Fuxia B. So….she can put that she’s first if she wants.

    • Believe.utsha

      J.B is soo awesome!

  • angel

    i love tthis song and even more now that theres a version of justin

  • Yasmin

    #justinpleasecometothephilippines <3

    • Biggest Jb fan

      he already came there once!

  • Sumit

    Justin u r my god.

    • Ecishi

      Oh really…..jb made u…………Jb is your god……………He’s not god….he’s just a goodlucking teen pop singer and god is kind ……God made u and also justin bieber.U Don’t belive god?????????????????????

      • mero

        u r right
        God lasts 4 ever but JB will die sooner or later and sumit will be without a God .She can take Grey Gryson as a god

      • beba

        i am with you with that

    • beba

      justin not god
      the god now every think
      justin not god

  • Jess

    Justin could turn the worst song ever into the best. Keep up the great work Justin! Oh and btw those who say justin sings way to high… stop listening to 2008 songs and listen to 2011 songs…

    • Miky

      Jess! Miss Monkey shut up!!! u don’t know what u say…

      • aziz jan


  • Paulettes

    I<3 yhur music JB!

  • Rindiki

    Justin you are the best.No matter what happen I’ll always be your fan..Please know that I like you so much and I wanna meet you with all my heart.I’ll be praying for you anytime..Love you

  • Allsmilez126

    Fuxia B. she just sounds like a hater..look at it this way if your second then your the first one to lose..but anyways i LOVE IT!!!

  • Richa

    Really awesome song..:)

  • Bharat katuva


  • mzcarterxox

    are you kidding me!!! justin bieber sucks at the remix he should just stick to his p**** singing

    • pixie

      are you a belieber ????
      if not ..get lost dude …
      if yes then learn to show some respect and enjoy his music plus stop complaining …. nobody wants to hear u here !

  • rose

    i am 15 years old girl which is your biggest fan and which love you very much

  • Nabila

    Ya..i agree with ecshi.. Justin is nt god he is an only popstar..whom we all like..pls dnt compare god wth anyone.

  • Saurabh Bhaskar {SB}

    JB I am your greatest fan in the world.I may be your India’s greatest follower

    • Bubbly

      No way there wil b no other biggest fan of jb rather in india or any other country than me….love u my swt hrt my jb frm ur bgst fan neha

  • Didi Aris Wijaya


  • beba

    your music is very fantastic
    and i want you to come to Oman next Dubai
    and in
    MTV EMA’S 2011
    you look sweet
    just that

  • Biggest Jb fan

    i love u so muchhhhh jb….
    pls pls pls come to india atleast once!!!
    im dying for yaa!!

  • george

    i love justin… i now wan day ill be like him….. am a hip hop dancer…

  • sachin sandaruwan

    I LOVE JUSTIN………………………………………….

  • praveen suuthar

    i love jb song plz one chance i song with u

  • beba

    we want you to come Oman it is next dubi

  • jasmin

    justin bieber you best sweet i like you sweet

  • jasmin

    you are best jb sweet i love you jb

  • jasmin

    justin bieber you best sweet i like you sweet you are best jb

  • jasmin

    i like your songs justin bieber

  • jasmin

    i am geratest fan of you you are the best i love you you are so so so so sweet <3

  • jasmin

    jb i give you my no please call me no 9911280455 jb love you

  • Piyush


  • zohaib

    shut up,bloody rascal shame on u,if u r in front of then i kill u God is one no one human is God bcoz God produce the human.

  • Mifta Libby Askangela

    I <3 u so much justin!!