Drake wants to hear Justin Bieber SWEARING and CURSING in “Trust Issues”

Drake told MTV News: “I wish he [Justin] would’ve left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would’ve been so G, if he would’ve done all the swearing. I was excited when I heard he remixed it, because there was like a gang of swearing in that song. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re about to hear the transformation of Bieber.”

Despite its sweet and serene melody, the lyrics of “Trust Issues” are quite filthy at times.

Listen & read: Justin Bieber Drake Trust Issues lyrics.

Drake original version: “You know what I’m sippin’/ I teach you how to mix it/ But you’re the only one, ’cause I don’t trust these bitches.”

On his version, Justin doesn’t condone drinking nor does he refer to the song’s subjects as bitches. Instead, Justin changes the line and sings.

Justin Bieber clean version: “You just need to listen/ Teach you how to fix it/ ‘Cause you’re the only one, because I don’t trust these women.”

However, Justin did keep Drake’s dirty original RAP VERSE on his version of the song.

All in all, Drake was pretty excited about the remake.  ”He’s like a talented kid … from Canada, so to hear him even remix that song is crazy,” he said. “That’s incredible.”

You can see drake’s interview here:

Beliebers, Would you have liked to hear Bieber leave the profanity and swearing in his “Trust Issues,”? Let us know in the comments!


    • Gosh !!! guys stop saying you miss the old justin, cuz there is no old justin he is still JB, and that will never change. You can’t blame him for growing up. He will date girls and go throug break ups, and yes will also say bad word or give you the finger in puplic, but guys come on he is 17 he will cange in some ways, and you can’t tell me that you are excatl the some person you been 2 yeras ago, cuse you can’t be everybody will cange when they get older in some kind of ways, you will get more manture and wiser thas normel, and naturel. He is no 13 anymore he is 17 ( allmost 18) you need live with the fact that he will change like evry humen bing will chang when they older, and don’t be stupid and say miss the old JB cuse he never was gone he is just growing up, oh and more thing pepole whos stpo bing a fan of him just because he has gf or is growing they been rea blieberds. #BIELBERFOREVER

      • ikr u cant make him stay the old 15 or 14 justin u know. he is still justin. he changes not because of selena or anything like that he is changing because he is GROWING UP!!! He is 17 now. He is growing up . And people who hate on him because he is dating selena well u cant really do anything about it and if u were a true belieber u would accept that they are dating and love jelena. because its gonna stay for a while.


      • That’s So True ! He Was Never Gone And Will Never Leve His Fans . He Just Growing Up And That’s All . He Is Gonna Change In Some Ways He Is Growing Up ! ……….(Love U Jb) !

    • How ?? Cursing isnt a big deal nd hes gnaa hav taa some time he cant stay innocent all his life :L xxxxxxx eider way im behind 100%

      • He dosent have to lower himself to be a foul mouth no talent Hoodl ike Lil Wayne. that isnt what the music is about! being a real Jerk . is that what people think. you have to be dirty mouthed to be good. I——Dont think so, you want to see Justins fans run , let him start useing foul talk and he will find out Quick, I really hope he dont go that route, he is much better than that, people that use that crap in there music are just useing shock treatment because they dont have any real talent. why else would they need that !! to get your ear!!! Don-H

    • HES worth $ 100 million dollors plus. he could go home today never sing again and have more money he could ever spend!! I have blood in canada my grandparents came from there , but it took america to make him famous, lets be honest!!

    • i know and i’m so disapointed….. i will be a belieber for ever no matter what …i’ll support him throught anything and i mean anything…..
      WAKE UP BELIBERS …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I dont find that justin swearing is totally wrong… he IS a 17 year old kid and Im not encouraging him to swear but im totally fine with it anyway…(: Either way I love him(:

  3. I really don’t wanna hear him swear in his music, That’s not what music’s about. But i’m glad that Justin stood up for himself and said no to Drake, Either way his music’s amazing<33

    • You’re an Idiot. Music is about expression.. Words express that. Swearing is not bad. You’ve been taught that by your parents and your brain thinks it’s bad.

      If Justin is going to do a cover. Then he should stick to the lyrics and how they were made.

      But I guess if he did swear he would lose his younger fans..

      • just because alot of people say it all the time doesnt mean that its right and that justin should do it. it IS bad.

    • Exactly! @iBieberRedBull, @KFC, No, You’re an idiot. Swearing IS bad. Just because people say it a lot, doesn’t make it right. Justin should just be himself.

  4. I dont want to encourage him to swear too, but I share Drake’s opinion. It would have been good if he let it all out. He better let it out now, than keep it in for too long, then when he turns 21 and is legally aloud to do it it will be a lot worse. If you get what Im saying. Dont act like he is some sort of a God and is so perfect. Hes a 17 year old boy. Dont act like you dont know that all the normal 17 year old boys dont swear, cos you know very well they do!! ;)

  5. Ya, I’m glad Justin is trying to keep up his image! My like, 3 year old cousin is in love with him! Lol, and plus I don’t even wanna hear that filthy words especially from him! please stay pure Justin!

  6. I’m proud that he stuck to who he is and didn’t cuss in it. That’s not the Justin we know. Artists can go far without cussing too much in their songs. Example? I have the perfect example: Michael Jackson. He’s a smart kid, keeping up his reputation and not encouraging swearing and alchohol… etc/

    • Youre very lost!! Justin did not stood up for himself!! His team stood up for the media image he has and for the younger fans! Ha, if it was up to a 17 year old boy (like Justin) I dont think he wouldve had anything against swearing in the song! It is not Justins decision and Justin is a product of his managers get THAT through your heads. Dont act like you know him, you know what you see. And that is far drom what he is Im sure. Im not saying I know him but I know the music buisness!! ;)

    • that is so true also!! But I think they didnt let him simply becuase he has younger fans. Maybe when he gets 18 or 21 it wont be a problem anymore. Cos right now he is 17 and people would have the right to jump on him because it would be sort of “illegal”. And he has a media image to keep. But I am with you I wanna hear him swear!!

  7. I don’t want JB to cuss in the song. :’(
    I mean, he’s grown up, but he shouldn’t disappoint his fans. Good thing he made a clean version! But I kinda wanna hear the dirty version….

  8. I don’t think swearing is right. I’m GLAD Justin changed the lyrics, I don’t want to hear him swearing. I understand he is 17 now and any normal 17 year old would swear, but maybe thats why i like him
    He’s not normal
    And besides, I think it was the responsible thing to do to change the lyrics. Many would have been upset at the swears because they look up to him as a role model, and this just proves he is a great one
    So thank you Justin :) This also shows ur still kidrauhl <3 Awlays in my heart, once a belieber always a belieber

    • ik it would just be weird to hear him cuss. its good he changed the lyrics from the swearing one. :) how nice of him. he is such a good role model :D aahh!!!


  9. Thank you Justin for not cursing! Every once in a while is ok, but every line? Really Drake? Anyways, even if Justin still cussed I wouldn’t be mad!:)

  10. BIEBERRR swear already god som 10 year olds cuss on a regular basis and how r u guys if u think tht ther still “bad” words ther not bad ther just not nice calm down and he sounds sooo sexyyy in tht song ;)

  11. Im glad justin stood up for himself, cause justin dont curse in his music but drake ur a bad inflence on justin stop turning our justin into something he aint!! U tryin to make him loose all of us fyi he has 3 yr old fans!!!!!

  12. Its ironic that the majority of you claim to be “Beliebers for Life,” but then u guys are adamant in saying he’s going to lose fans if he has sex, uses profanity, has a beer, etc. What a judgmental crowd!!! Although our demographic is easy to sell to, we’re certainly not easy to appease, are we, ladies? I cant even imagine the anxiety he must feel becuz he wants to mature but his fanbase (which his livelihood is based on) would prefer him in a perpetual state of adolescence. Hes only human. Remember, he gets diarrhea sometimes too. Ask urself: if he s*** himself on stage during a live performance of “Trust Issues,” would u still be a Belieber? if the answer is “no” GTFO!!

    • OH MY GOSH FINALLY someone with the same opinion as me!! Its liek you took my words out of my mouth before I even said them!!! The bad thing is that he isnt going to do all of those normal things (like sex, cussing, having a beer etc) because the bigger part of his fans want him to stay kidrauhl forever. That #StillKidrauhl thing is stupid because people understand it as “please always act like a goody-two shoes 12 year old boy” when he is changing and growing up. Managment is a hard work to do I think they are making Justins transition from a small kid to a grown up slowly and easily. Because anyways he kept Drakes verse which HAS the swearing in it. He is still 17 and if he swore in the song organizations and parents and people would have the right to jump on him because it is sort of still “illegal” or something.. Anywhooo… I just wanted to give you a *HIGH FIVE* on your opinion and say that Im sharing it!! :D

  13. NO JUST NO why does he need to swear just to be “G” that’s stupid … Im so glad Justin has some scene and didn’t swear or i would hate the song just like i DONT like Drake !!

  14. im sorry but it really pisses me of when u guys say..oh i miss the old justin..honestly, hes gunna be 18 soon and hes gunna grow up hes not gunna always be wht we want him to be. he loves us but hes gunna change like all of us do, if ur a true belieber ud understand that..

    • thas excatly what I said he will grow up and he will changre in some kind of ways but he will always be justin bieber no matter what he loves his bielbers with all his heart, and that will never change, :)

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