Drake wants to hear Justin Bieber SWEARING and CURSING in “Trust Issues”

Drake told MTV News: “I wish he [Justin] would’ve left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would’ve been so G, if he would’ve done all the swearing. I was excited when I heard he remixed it, because there was like a gang of swearing in that song. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re about to hear the transformation of Bieber.”

Despite its sweet and serene melody, the lyrics of “Trust Issues” are quite filthy at times.

Listen & read: Justin Bieber Drake Trust Issues lyrics.

Drake original version: “You know what I’m sippin’/ I teach you how to mix it/ But you’re the only one, ’cause I don’t trust these bitches.”

On his version, Justin doesn’t condone drinking nor does he refer to the song’s subjects as bitches. Instead, Justin changes the line and sings.

Justin Bieber clean version: “You just need to listen/ Teach you how to fix it/ ‘Cause you’re the only one, because I don’t trust these women.”

However, Justin did keep Drake’s dirty original RAP VERSE on his version of the song.

All in all, Drake was pretty excited about the remake.  “He’s like a talented kid … from Canada, so to hear him even remix that song is crazy,” he said. “That’s incredible.”

You can see drake’s interview here:

Beliebers, Would you have liked to hear Bieber leave the profanity and swearing in his “Trust Issues,”? Let us know in the comments!

  • I Miss You Buster Posey28

    NO SWEARING!! I love the song but every song can be cleaned:)
    Luv ya Justin:)

  • chelsea loves JB

    He proberly will stay with what he made up because he does not want to reak hhis image and his younger fans will be dissapointed especialy their parents so I don’t think he should. sorry Drake just my opinion. LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!

  • I Miss You Buster Posey28

    Why are there monster creatures next to all our comments?!

  • nicole

    honestly hes almost 18 when i saw the lyrics i was kinda hoping justin was gonna say the cuss words i mean he tweets cuz words and if you listen closely to videos he has made he says cuss words so i think he should not all fans are 10 and younger

  • nicole

    and if some of you are going to stop being fans just because he cusses then you were never really a fan, its the real word ok people cuz on a daily basis is not that bad you can hear little kids cussing out in public and think are they even old enough to be saying that? its a part of life

  • Nvrshoutnvrlover

    Everyone curses sometimes and this is no diffrent. It’s not like any of you haven’t swore before. In my opinion, when he swears in songs, he’s just trying to catch older fans. I’m not saying I miss the old Justin, but we have to admit that he is growing up fairly fast. Like, just today I heard he was getting grills? You know, those things Lil Wayne wears on his teeth? Stuff like that is bothering me. I respect his desicion, it’s his life but I wish he didn’t make some of the desicions he has made.

  • sophie

    no i dont want justin to swear in any of his songs. i love justin being the romantic swee innocent kid and to hear him swear and talk dirty in his songs would take that imagen away from him. it would be bad publicity! GO JUSTIN FOR NOT SWEARING OR USING DIRTY LANGUAGE IN IT! PROUD!

  • SweetHeart2431

    i think he should only in this song,but idiots dont know that he does curse but not infront of cameras or like around certian ppl

  • Minnie Mouse Swag

    First of all, Drake is looking really hot in that pic. Second I don’t think Justin should have swearing. Remeber there are like 4 yr olds that listen to my music. My 3 yr old cousin loves him!

  • proud belieber

    urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg :@

  • Natalie

    Ha of course he wouldnt swear :P alot of kids below the age of 12 like him and they listen to almost every song he makes so why would he want them to hear cuss words?? He doesnt have to swear like drake just to be “G” ?? i like his music without cuss words otherwise if he cusses it just wouldnt be the same type of justin that i know. its good he changed the lyrics.


    Uhh, I wouldnt care if he swore in his new Songs, I mean hes growing up and thats what happens. Buttttt He does have like 3 year old fans, They and their Parents wouldnt want to hear that!

  • Michelle

    Im fine with all the swearing bc I think its pretty hot. But one thing I don’t like is talking dirty and sexually to girls. Bc first of all he’s 17 and also he used to speak so politely to girls like in: one less lonely girl, never let you go, stuck in the moment, up, and so much more. And I really liked that. So hopefully his kindness to girls will never change

  • biebergirl

    umm… well if he did i still would luv him n all and always will!! but if i had choice id say not really, but u know i still would not mind:)



    • Natalie

      Drake is for an older audience. He needs to understand that justin isnt only for older audiences like him.

    • Just Belieb God

      Agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! I’m only a year younger than him, and the #1 reason I like him is his faith (#2 voice, #3 looks) But he did a rap today that kinda negated his “non swearing” thing. Still love him, but in all honesty, disappointed :(

  • Melissaaaa

    No way! The reason people like him is because he is different and can make good music without swearing. putting swear words would make the song lose its true meaning. I know he would definatly lose a lot of his fans. little kids listen to him and he is a role model for so many. please don’t swear and just be like every other pop singer. be yourself.

  • materialgirl

    Justin you do not need to use profanity, you have to many young people listening to and buying your music. Be different from the rest!

  • Cayla :)

    U Cant Cuss ! Be Different Then The Rest ! U Have Way To Many People And Kids That Lisen To You Justin ! Do U Reilly Wants Kids That 5 Lisen To U Cuss ? U Shouldn’t Cuss ! At Lest Not In Songs . Love U Jb

  • bieber-lover

    why would you want to her a 17 year old swear

  • bielieber4lyfe

    swearing..? like really justin is already being threathened for losing fans and now this are they trying to mess up his carrer..???

    • Someone?

      We all know that he Will get new ones… Just Wait when he starts swearing;)

  • Martrice Bieber

    I’m glad Justin didn’t swear. He is very courageous for not cussing and keeping his ground. I’m proud of him for remaking the song without the cuss words. I love Drake, but he is just stupid to say that. He should be encouraging Justin to not curse.

  • Someone?

    Like srsly? U wanna make Justin à baby again or what? His almost 18 and you guys are saying don’t swear? He has Said in an intewiew, i can’t remeber which one but he Said I swear like a normal teenager… So let him do it Songs 2! No big deal! You’re making this swear thing to huge… Like almost all the stars swears when they record à song. I think Justin SHOULD swear in this song cuz it’s a part of the song and if he doesn’t swear the song is just CRAP! you ain’t bieliebers if you say don’t do it because you Will loose us. But you know what? If he looses you he Will get other fans. And that would be Rhode who are saying his a girl… He Will loose fans but at the same time make some new ! LET HIM SWEAR IN A SONG!!!!!!! i would love him WAAY more if he swears. Do you guys swear sometimes? Wait i don’t have to ask you cuz I know u do ! And right now I know you’re finna think that i’m right. HE IS NOT A BABY ANYMORE !! HE Is GROWING UP! SOMETHING YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY !

  • jamara

    lets be real we all know justin swears most 17 year olds do i would not care if he cussed because its not that bad but he dose have like 10 year old fans so yea

  • Fan_of_justinbieber

    I think justin should not swear when kids that are younger than me like 4-collage kids.

    He should make two version one for the oloder kids and one for the younger kids

  • Ose Ojieabu

    Dont tink its d rite ting 4 anyone 2 swear,so why shuld JB swear????

  • Adrian

    all i wanna say is im glad justin switched up his lyrics…Profanity is a form of self disrespect…meaning u got no respect for yourself and or others.Thanx justin for being you and being real!!! UR AMAZING =] GODBLESS.

  • sarah

    NO! justin please, you have little girls
    listening to this!

  • person

    Swearing is a sign of bad character.

  • tamybieber

    it is fine just like that justin is a good boy

  • Kayden2Bieber

    Drake needs help, why do u want to hear a young guy swear volunteirily, how is it G?

  • Nvrshoutnvrlover

    Agreed ^^

  • Natalie

    yea but alot of younger kids listen to his music.

  • proud belieber

    i know and i’m so disapointed….. i will be a belieber for ever no matter what …i’ll support him throught anything and i mean anything…..
    WAKE UP BELIBERS …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    ikr u cant make him stay the old 15 or 14 justin u know. he is still justin. he changes not because of selena or anything like that he is changing because he is GROWING UP!!! He is 17 now. He is growing up . And people who hate on him because he is dating selena well u cant really do anything about it and if u were a true belieber u would accept that they are dating and love jelena. because its gonna stay for a while.


  • Cayla :)

    That’s So True ! He Was Never Gone And Will Never Leve His Fans . He Just Growing Up And That’s All . He Is Gonna Change In Some Ways He Is Growing Up ! ……….(Love U Jb) !

  • Natalie

    well he cant cuss when they are 4-10 year olds listening to his music.

  • Natalie

    just because alot of people say it all the time doesnt mean that its right and that justin should do it. it IS bad.

  • Natalie

    hahaa i couldnt help but laugh at this.

  • Natalie

    ik it would just be weird to hear him cuss. its good he changed the lyrics from the swearing one. :) how nice of him. he is such a good role model :D aahh!!!


  • Jasmine(:

    Youre very lost!! Justin did not stood up for himself!! His team stood up for the media image he has and for the younger fans! Ha, if it was up to a 17 year old boy (like Justin) I dont think he wouldve had anything against swearing in the song! It is not Justins decision and Justin is a product of his managers get THAT through your heads. Dont act like you know him, you know what you see. And that is far drom what he is Im sure. Im not saying I know him but I know the music buisness!! ;)

  • Jasmine(:

    that is so true also!! But I think they didnt let him simply becuase he has younger fans. Maybe when he gets 18 or 21 it wont be a problem anymore. Cos right now he is 17 and people would have the right to jump on him because it would be sort of “illegal”. And he has a media image to keep. But I am with you I wanna hear him swear!!

  • Jasmine(:

    OH MY GOSH FINALLY someone with the same opinion as me!! Its liek you took my words out of my mouth before I even said them!!! The bad thing is that he isnt going to do all of those normal things (like sex, cussing, having a beer etc) because the bigger part of his fans want him to stay kidrauhl forever. That #StillKidrauhl thing is stupid because people understand it as “please always act like a goody-two shoes 12 year old boy” when he is changing and growing up. Managment is a hard work to do I think they are making Justins transition from a small kid to a grown up slowly and easily. Because anyways he kept Drakes verse which HAS the swearing in it. He is still 17 and if he swore in the song organizations and parents and people would have the right to jump on him because it is sort of still “illegal” or something.. Anywhooo… I just wanted to give you a *HIGH FIVE* on your opinion and say that Im sharing it!! :D

  • Danielle

    Legally allowed? Are you serious? Swearing is not against the law at any age, moron.

  • bieber beauty

    yeah i agree no wearing justin not in ur songs but to hear u swearing wnt surprise me much but jst dnt