Dude, Can I Take few Pictures with your Girlfriend?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez left shopping-mall in Los Angeles, last Friday afternoon. The couple holding tight to each other as they finish up lunch and a bit of shopping (September 16). Justin was wearing a Dolce&Gabbana leather jacket, while Selena wore Tory Burch Fuchsia Pink Patent Eddie Ballet Flat. SO CUTE!! /Photo via:JustJaredJR

As they left, a guy fan approached for pics with Selena! Look at Justin’s face, he didn’t seem too happy with it! :) 

What do you think?
Can you tell what was on Justin’s mind? :D

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • GreekBelieber


    • GreekBelieber

      Well I don’t think he enjoed it but he has to admit that selena is beautiful and famous just like he is, so he has to learn how to live with her fans just like she knws how to deal with his!!!
      JELENA 4ever!!!!!!!!!!
      P.S.: Beliebers is hard but we have to admit it: justin is dating selena and if that makes him happy then… we shouldn’t be making her feel bad or be jealous. I mean justin is TOTALLY hot and beautiful and nice and sooo many other good things. So, seriously, how can we even dream that he won’t be dating? In fact if justin is happy, Beliebers are happy!

      • lovethebeiber

        words of wisdom! i TOTALLY agree some of us beleibers hate on sel for dating justin and that has to stop! he loves her! get over it

      • beilieber:)

        omg yhur soo rite im soo happy for themm if justin happy im happy lol<3

      • blieber1994

        yeah! justin is happy we should be happy sel is a great person also! so we should treat her the same i love them both an im happy there happy! BLIEBERS ROCK!

      • bieberloverxD

        TOTALLY right i love them both in fact i loved them from the start i think that all beleiber should be happi because he is happi and they shouldnt be hating on him btw i think justin wasnt that mad i just think he was surprised he is amazin, sweet, nice and hot an if he likes selena all belieber should except thatxD LLOVE U JUSTIN BIEBERxD

      • bieber’s kunali

        I totally agree to u greek belieber , justin happy = beliebers happy

      • Natalie

        ikr disliking on their relationship wont make them break up any faster. as long as justin is happy…im happy.

      • SF Giants Girl

        if Justin is happy then i am happy for him. Thats it.

      • Sandra

        He may not be happy but i think he should get used to it,is not the first time and definitely won’t be the last.

      • paige

        i agree i was jealous but i got over it 8 months ago and plus they r a cute couple i love them together

      • Issyluvs jb

        Soo right we beliebers have to be happy for Justin

      • RenataG

        AGREE :)

      • Zurina


      • Future Vanessa Bieber

        ur sooooo right

      • lynaza

        Well it look he was thing ” dude are series” and he said yah sure in a shock way.

      • GreekBeliebertoo

        ela rr elladara!!!!bieber2greece

      • lynaza

        it look like he was thking dude are you series but he said sure ok in a shoking way.

      • Sara Correa

        i TOTALLY agree . I mean it’s not like justin would date US , right ? so why do we hate on selena for dating him ….. he LOVES he and if we are true beliebers , we should support them ! Unless you have a reason to hate Jelena (besides “i want him for myself) , then don’t be saying anythinggg !

      • ShawtyRauhl

        Yeah..! And, Its a #BieberFact: Justin hates it when people just hate on his friends, family, girlfriend, or anyone from his Team..
        So Dont you all love everything of him?? True Beliebers, right?
        Love him, and everything related to him.

      • bieber girl

        thank you cause that is what i was thinking from the beginging

      • Who loves justin… i do

        I think justin is thinking that he doesnt really like the fact that they were together then he interupted them

      • Jelena4eva

        I agree if you say you’re a belieber than you should be happy he’s happy and if you hate Selena you’re just jealous she famous, rich and she’s dating Justin and you’re not

      • bieberfever311994

        Ikrr nd its not like he dating a bad person its selena she seems like a good person…. wen I was younger she was my idol

      • Rachely

        Right Believers I Think They Are The Cutest Couple Ever And Justins Happy So Am I

      • Faith in Jesus Christ

        His face does not look happy!!! But if the fan goes to far with selena wouldn’t she tell Justin. If the fan did he’s dead because Justin will have to have a little(talk) with him wouldn’t he???

      • yashwanth

        JUSTIN smile I smile :)

      • Marion :)

        @Greekbelieber I totally agree with u JUSTIN and selena are a perfect mach and if the beliebers hate Selena Gomez that means that any body JUSTIN BIEBER dates there going to hate thay only hate selena Gomez because she is dating JUSTIN BIEBER thay would not hate her if she was not dating JUSTIN love ya BIEBER . :) :) xxxxxxxx

      • valerie

        @lovethebeieber are you kidding me you spelled BIEBER wrong… and you call yourself a fan.

        and @beilieber its BELIEBER hun.

      • ashlyn

        i think they are a great couple (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) xoxo
        and if we are his real fans we shouldnt hate.
        i love u

      • BrittneyBieber

        yes Like I think he was kinda upset but he has to remember both of them are stars so just like if a girl fan of Justin’s wanted a picture selena shouldn’t get mad and like this situation Justin shouldn’t get mad because a boy fan wanted a picture!

    • CourtneeRae

      Fu*k off!

      • RubiiRose

        someone’s not being a happy lil’ belieber now……

      • Natalie

        Y are u guys getting angry he loves us, his supporters an his no:1 fans but his,passionately in love wth seleNa

      • #1 belieber

        i think thats what she thinks he was thinking

    • someday17

      this pic is soo funny :) i lol every time i look at it. Justins looks sooo confused its soo cute

    • Leevi

      i love it how justin gets jealous ahha protective bf right there!!! LOL :P

    • Tonilyn

      i think his angry… :)

    • Masha

      Justin,plz,come to Moskow.Lov ya:*

    • ashley


      • #1 belieber

        but what if u 2 were famous

      • Justin bieber’s wife

        But I’m pretty sure your bf isn’t famous.

    • hater of jb lover of sleana

      who give a shit

      • lynaza

        yah your jo of them i think it is cute

      • chasity


      • belieber4eva


    • Tatiana

      U stay away from her u loser

    • Tatiana

      Look at Justin he lookS sad u stay away from her I maybe be a girl but I got some bad moves

    • iluvujb

      lol i remember when that happened it was so akward


      your dumb if you keep saying first it stupid and dumb just like you


      hahahahaha LOOK AT HIS FACE OMG WHEEH i cant stop laughing lol

    • linda castillo

      jealous and mad also awkward


      he doesn’t look happy!!!! ( someone better worn him )

    • jbhearter

      your greek and a beliber too! Were like twins!

  • The Real Bieber

    You guys are suppose to be my fans yet you bring me down how the f*ck does that make sense you are whores please leave me alone

    • ♥Shawty♥

      Poser. ;/

      • Isabella

        wow no1 belives that ur the real jb get a life u stupid poser!

    • Bieber’sGirl

      Stupid poser, Justin would never say that!!!!!!! D;

      • Hope A. Found

        actualy, Justin would say that:/ even a pop star that is a teen swears.

    • lovethebeiber

      what justin would never say that

      • wishiwasabieber

        so true such a scam


        i think hes like – lets get this ovr wiff

    • belieber for ever

      justin rocks

      • Hamda Khoory

        i love u justin <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 im your biggest fan ever plzzzzzzz come to Dubai<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

      • Carly Fox

        i agree he does rock and he is hot and cute and he rules

    • The Other Real Bieber

      That kid was a nice dude! lol

      • paige

        hi Justin luv ya and Selena together u guys rock

    • BrookieCookie

      Poser:/ Justin would never say that

      • Ronald Weasley


    • Ashley Drew

      WTF?!!! Justin bieber would never ever say that
      so leave them both alone you moron

    • Nikki Boo xoxo

      Jb would never say that 2 us! Ur a fukin poser wit no life! So stfù

    • javi

      please some one find this poser and beat the shit out of him please and use a baseball bat.

    • Selena Gomez

      This is not the real Justin. Don’t fall for it guys.

      • Sydney Bieber

        I doubt your real either ……. k bai

      • Rameen

        lol Sydney Bieber

      • i love Justin :)

        says the fake selena gomez. totally not hypocritical at all.

      • Tatiana

        U r not the real Selena

      • carly fox

        yeah i agree he does look angry and the fan of selena he just needs to f*** up and just needs to go away cause i dont even give a shit about the fan so thats is why i agree.

      • Iluvjustin

        So believe you but you’re not really Selena gomez sorry

      • lynaza

        yah its not we all

    • Elizabeth

      Hey ummm yeah you might wanna change your name thing from “The Real Bieber” to “I’m a stupid poser” because 1) Justin wouldn’t cuss out his fans and 2) he ESPECIALLY WOULDN’T call us whores!!! You may think that all we do is obsess over Justin and then freak out whenever someone on here says that they are the “real” Justin. We are not stupid you know! and we aren’t that gullible!

    • Natalie

      hahah poser…you cant get any faker.

    • GreekBelieber

      How dare you pretend you’re Justin??? Justin is unique and loves us!! He would NEVER (yes, now we can say never!) say such things to us. We love him and he loves us!

      • bieber’s kunali

        i agree!!

    • bieber’s kunali

      duh ?!, r v beliebers that stupid that we wont know hu is real justin n hu is not!!?~

      • shanaya loves jb

        yeaa justin will never say tht to us he loves us and we love him also i was jelious but not no more because i really figured out tht there a nice couple and their happy together . if justins happy then i am to

    • Tatiana

      U r not the ral Justin

    • Sara Correa

      omgg just leave .Nobody needs you here , you’re obviously* not Justin . Like he always says , he loves his fans and we’re not saying anything that would bring him down anywayy !

    • Justin bieber’s wife

      You are not the real justin bieber he would never say that to his fans. Get of this site!

      • maher mani


      • maher mani

        h r u
        your fanin maher mani iss all nice your photo

    • Isabella bieber

      Your not the real Justin bieber he would never say that to his fans!

  • ♥Shawty♥


  • blieber4ever

    Justin: what….u stuped…get ure hands of my gf….well bye bye loser sel is mine!!!…

    • Nirvana

      haha yeah thats prob what he was thinking

      • iloveyou

        aww he is jealous ;D

    • Janice

      Lol yeah probably that was he was thinking..

  • allie

    they both are famous so they know how are there lives..ofcourse justin would be jealous…think of selena she wud b jealous everyday as so mny galz are behind justin…!! <3 :)

  • daniel

    wow justin bieber was not happy at all jb feel like kicking the dudes ass…………………………hahahahah.lol…%3″<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"

    • shanaya loves jb

      i dnt really think he’s happy he’s not happy at all :) love u justin bieber sooo much

  • True Jelena Fan

    I think he might have got a little jealous but.. i think he is gonna realized that shes has fans just like he does (:

  • proud belieber

    I think he was like … ” i can hug her better with my sual kiss on her cheek “:)

    • proud belieber

      I think he was like … ” i can hug her better with my usual kiss on her cheek “:)

  • iBieberRedBull

    Lol, i think he was perfectly fine with it. I mean if you think about it it’s just asking for a photo and how can he not expect someone would do that if they’re famous etc etc. I just think that Paparazzi must of caught him looking like that at the wrong time.

    @Fake Justin Bieber..Please get a life. How can we be whore’s if we’re just commenting on what we think of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez #JelenaForever. You should be happy the person that made this website is sharing this to all you’re other beliebers because they love talking about you. But then again you’re not real.

  • TheJasminBieber

    Uhm. I think he like gets it cause she has fans 2.
    But to be honest. I don’t like selala. And NOT cause she is dating justin
    Which ofc all you Jelenators/Selenators think. I don’t like her cause she has a fake voice
    She uses ALLOT. Of autotune. She’s not really that pretty. And I think that
    She is just using Justin for fame.

    NOH8 just saying what I think/feel.

    And not trying to be mean to all Selenators.

    • Nini

      That’s wat I always said bu this little kids don’t understand of real artis she can’t sing u guys and just cuz she was in one show it doesn’t make her that great. NO OFFEND u guys!!!

    • Iluvjustin


    • Alexis

      i sooo agree!!! its the darnn truth (:

      • Alexis

        @nini agreed..miley was in a show that actually involved singing live, in concert, anywhere….and selena never sang and then she pops out talkin bout yea i can sing…but only with autotuning…and she only sings for theme songs….and its soo obvious that she has autotuned her voice

  • tim flowers

    I am glad that Justin took the pictures wit the guy and for the guy. This just shows everyone that Justin isn’t like alot of people say “a snob”when it comes t his fans. This was a great thing that he did ! I knew that he was great !

  • Karishma

    I love Justin an i fell sorry for him. he was upset!! Awwwii poor baby!! Its okay! I love you ! :) Mwah!!!

  • Belieber

    Of course Selena is loving the attention.

    • Selena Gomez

      I don’t seek attention.

      • Tatiana

        Not the real selena

    • Karishma

      Yea she is!!! I fell soo sorry for poor baby Justin :( Awww babe doh wry i love you mwah!!!

    • Sydney Bieber

      lmao ! Wheew :’) I died of laughter .. No joke . I dont wanna be mean , but I agree . :)

  • Selena Gomez

    The man was a hater. I didn’t want to take a picture with him but I didn’t want to let a fan down. Justin’s reaction was priceless. haha :) Love y’all.

    • Tatiana

      Not the real Selena Justin and Selena do not go on this site

    • Hope A. Found

      sel u rock

    • Justin bieber’s wife

      Your confusing me you say that he was a hater but then you say you don’t want to let a fan down. Was he a hater or a fan?

  • lauren


    • Selena Gomez

      You had to be there! His face was priceless. :) haha I think Justin’s the jealous type. lol Don’t tell him I said that! :D

      • jb belieber for ever

        hi is this realy you selena i love you
        you rock selena :)

    • Polia Mal


      • Iluvjustin


  • purplebieber

    I think justin was not that happy about that but justin is a good dude so he just took a picture with the guy and selena i think she was suprized about that ……justin and selena i luv u guys LOL

  • Sam

    …i don’t think he cares lol it’s just a picture with a fan. girls take pictures with justin all the time, i don’t see selena getting upset about that either

  • Marybel

    Ookay this is funny! Justin looks mad and Selena looks like oh me! A fan that isn’t Justin’s! Justin looks like her why not me! He is mad think en i beat you in a second if you don’t leave! But i am happy for them if they both want to be together they have to get use to that sometimes it will be Justin and sometimes Selena! I don’t see Selena getting upset Justin fans either! Well that’s it! Love you Justin!



  • I  Greyson Chance!

    His face PRICELESSSSS!

  • bieber’s kunali

    Justin would be like ‘ WTF , this guy wants a pic with MY girlfrend in frony of ME n he expects ME to click it’ hahahahaha justin luks confused yet cute in the first pic

  • JBlovaa4evaa

    Sumbodyy Gott JeLousee ^.^

  • destiny bieber

    i think when the guy told if he could take some pictures with selena gomez i think justin jealous cause he only wants him to hug her kiss her and stuff and he dont like guys smiling with her or huging her or staring at her cause if they do justin will be jealous and pissed! im just saying!

  • kathy bieber

    Hi belibers i hate it when people change their screen name and pretend they r celebs i hate that shit! changing subject anybody beliebers like ryan higa or kevin jumba if u do ill follow u on #twitter

  • demarie

    Everything he does as usual gets over exaggerated. He looks confused as to how to use the camera. Simple as that.

  • Elizabeth

    LOL. His face! HOLY CHIZZZ. Thats too funny >.< ahhh. AND, what's up with his hat "ghetto" who does he think he is…… I mean like, I get that that's his "swag" and he does and wears what he wants but like…… He's not ghetto……what the flip….. YESS IMA BELIBERR.

  • Teddybear1194

    Justin bieber wasn’t mad he was probably confused that he wanted a picture with Selena and not him maybe I dot know but not mad

  • hi

    he was mad

  • Ashlynn bieber

    He is famous so he is used to all the attention and anyone he dates will get the same attention so i think he was fine with it. I personally dont like selena never have never will. But as long as justins happy im happy

  • Natalie

    ahaha justin looks jealous. even when taking the picture.