Dude, Can I Take few Pictures with your Girlfriend?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez left shopping-mall in Los Angeles, last Friday afternoon. The couple holding tight to each other as they finish up lunch and a bit of shopping (September 16). Justin was wearing a Dolce&Gabbana leather jacket, while Selena wore Tory Burch Fuchsia Pink Patent Eddie Ballet Flat. SO CUTE!! /Photo via:JustJaredJR

As they left, a guy fan approached for pics with Selena! Look at Justin’s face, he didn’t seem too happy with it! :) 

What do you think?
Can you tell what was on Justin’s mind? :D

  1. You guys are suppose to be my fans yet you bring me down how the f*ck does that make sense you are whores please leave me alone

  2. 4th…………..!!!!!!!!!!
    they both are famous so they know how are there lives..ofcourse justin would be jealous…think of selena she wud b jealous everyday as so mny galz are behind justin…!! <3 :)

  3. wow justin bieber was not happy at all jb feel like kicking the dudes ass…………………………hahahahah.lol…%3″<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"…%3"<3"

  4. Lol, i think he was perfectly fine with it. I mean if you think about it it’s just asking for a photo and how can he not expect someone would do that if they’re famous etc etc. I just think that Paparazzi must of caught him looking like that at the wrong time.

    @Fake Justin Bieber..Please get a life. How can we be whore’s if we’re just commenting on what we think of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez #JelenaForever. You should be happy the person that made this website is sharing this to all you’re other beliebers because they love talking about you. But then again you’re not real.

  5. Uhm. I think he like gets it cause she has fans 2.
    But to be honest. I don’t like selala. And NOT cause she is dating justin
    Which ofc all you Jelenators/Selenators think. I don’t like her cause she has a fake voice
    She uses ALLOT. Of autotune. She’s not really that pretty. And I think that
    She is just using Justin for fame.

    NOH8 just saying what I think/feel.

    And not trying to be mean to all Selenators.

    • That’s wat I always said bu this little kids don’t understand of real artis she can’t sing u guys and just cuz she was in one show it doesn’t make her that great. NO OFFEND u guys!!!


      • @nini agreed..miley was in a show that actually involved singing live, in concert, anywhere….and selena never sang and then she pops out talkin bout yea i can sing…but only with autotuning…and she only sings for theme songs….and its soo obvious that she has autotuned her voice

  6. I am glad that Justin took the pictures wit the guy and for the guy. This just shows everyone that Justin isn’t like alot of people say “a snob”when it comes t his fans. This was a great thing that he did ! I knew that he was great !

  7. The man was a hater. I didn’t want to take a picture with him but I didn’t want to let a fan down. Justin’s reaction was priceless. haha :) Love y’all.

  8. I think justin was not that happy about that but justin is a good dude so he just took a picture with the guy and selena i think she was suprized about that ……justin and selena i luv u guys LOL

  9. …i don’t think he cares lol it’s just a picture with a fan. girls take pictures with justin all the time, i don’t see selena getting upset about that either

  10. Ookay this is funny! Justin looks mad and Selena looks like oh me! A fan that isn’t Justin’s! Justin looks like her why not me! He is mad think en i beat you in a second if you don’t leave! But i am happy for them if they both want to be together they have to get use to that sometimes it will be Justin and sometimes Selena! I don’t see Selena getting upset Justin fans either! Well that’s it! Love you Justin!

  11. Justin would be like ‘ WTF , this guy wants a pic with MY girlfrend in frony of ME n he expects ME to click it’ hahahahaha justin luks confused yet cute in the first pic

  12. i think when the guy told if he could take some pictures with selena gomez i think justin jealous cause he only wants him to hug her kiss her and stuff and he dont like guys smiling with her or huging her or staring at her cause if they do justin will be jealous and pissed! im just saying!

  13. Hi belibers i hate it when people change their screen name and pretend they r celebs i hate that shit! changing subject anybody beliebers like ryan higa or kevin jumba if u do ill follow u on #twitter

  14. LOL. His face! HOLY CHIZZZ. Thats too funny >.< ahhh. AND, what's up with his hat "ghetto" who does he think he is…… I mean like, I get that that's his "swag" and he does and wears what he wants but like…… He's not ghetto……what the flip….. YESS IMA BELIBERR.

  15. He is famous so he is used to all the attention and anyone he dates will get the same attention so i think he was fine with it. I personally dont like selena never have never will. But as long as justins happy im happy

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