Funny Video: Justin Bieber with Penguin (Penguieber)

Alfredo Flores went to visit Happy Feet and discovered a whole new species of Penguin: Penguieber.

LOL :)

  • ♥Beliebers♥


    • ♥Beliebers♥

      Can’t. Stop. Watching.

      • ♥Shawty♥

        Hey this is also my account, I’m actually ♥Beliebers♥. Love this video lol.

      • Dani

        i just watched it yesterdy from biebermix on youtube lol

      • Didde

        no. it´s so cute and really funny :D hahahah

    • phoebe022

      “ hey im a believers too , and i actua;;y love him so much !!

    • mrsbieber

      hahahah i love you beiber<33

  • mikayla

    2nd love him

    • ♥Shawty♥

      ikr lol

    • Natalie

      same here lol

  • lizzy

    hahaha u funny justin! :) i love u this much <3 :) i wanna watch it again

  • belieber4eva

    LOL i can’t stop laughing i keep replaying it lol

    • Beliebers Rule The World ♥

      LOL, Me Too ! ♥

  • Beliebers Rule The World ♥

    OMFG !!!! I CANT STOP WATCHING IT !! ITS HILARIOUS ! ♥♥ Next Time I Go To The Aquarium I Wanna See That Bieber Penguin !!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  • CharlinexoxoJB

    mommy, mommy, mommy, I want Bieber for christmas please, please, please. lol he is soo cute and funny ! :) ;)

  • salma

    lol thats funny :)

  • Nikki Boo xoxo

    I rofl after i see this!! Cant stop watching! The penguins r sooooo cute ! Justin ur funny nd hella sexy!
    Ps: My username used to be Ur mama

  • GabbyLuvsCanada

    Wow Justin…
    This was funny.
    He is at the Georgia Aquarium….
    Good luck getting there.

  • Billy

    ILY <3

  • BieberFever=Infiniti

    LOL SOOOOO CUTE Selena is really lucky to have a penguieber!

  • Shannon

    LOVE IT:)

  • blieber4ever


  • theChildrauhl

    Justin bieber is so funny when he’s with his crew ONLY

  • charlotte lewis

    hahah omb justin ur funny lad look lovely xxxx :)

  • Izzy

    awwww that was so cute:)

  • lerato adores drewy

    i can’t stop watching….the voice kind of sounds like Chaz to me or am I going crazy…

  • Ashlynn bieber

    I was there tht day!!!

  • carli bieber

    Haha!! So Funny I Could Not Imagine See Justin Bieber At The Zoo!! If I Walked Pass The Penguins And Saw Justin Bieber in there With Them I Would Go Mentaly Crazy! :D Love You Justin xxx

  • belieber forever

    i love him he is so funny

  • desireelopez

    hahahaha penguieber

  • I  Greyson Chance!

    Lol to my surprise it wasn’t a real one lol I thought they just named one but they didn’t lol gotta watch it again!

  • Natalie


    and ive been to one of those places before where u stick ur head through this container thing and see the animals. pretty cool :D

  • anahita

    justin i can’t sto watching i love you so much=((

  • anahita

    i can’t stop watching i love you so much that you coudn’t imagine=((

  • anahita

    it was so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • anahita

    lol that’s funyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,

  • Vee Kay

    And yet he still remains so hot to us <3

  • Angel

    Imagine walking through the aquarium and seeing that! haha

  • LoVe Da BiEbS!!!!

    ROFL!!!!!! He is sooooo freakin’ gorgeous!!!!!! :)