Funny Video: Justin Bieber with Penguin (Penguieber)

Alfredo Flores went to visit Happy Feet and discovered a whole new species of Penguin: Penguieber.

LOL :)

42 thoughts on “Funny Video: Justin Bieber with Penguin (Penguieber)

  1. Beliebers Rule The World ♥

    OMFG !!!! I CANT STOP WATCHING IT !! ITS HILARIOUS ! ♥♥ Next Time I Go To The Aquarium I Wanna See That Bieber Penguin !!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Nikki Boo xoxo

    I rofl after i see this!! Cant stop watching! The penguins r sooooo cute ! Justin ur funny nd hella sexy!
    Ps: My username used to be Ur mama

  3. carli bieber

    Haha!! So Funny I Could Not Imagine See Justin Bieber At The Zoo!! If I Walked Pass The Penguins And Saw Justin Bieber in there With Them I Would Go Mentaly Crazy! :D Love You Justin xxx

  4. I  Greyson Chance!

    Lol to my surprise it wasn’t a real one lol I thought they just named one but they didn’t lol gotta watch it again!

  5. Natalie


    and ive been to one of those places before where u stick ur head through this container thing and see the animals. pretty cool :D


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