Jelena “Titanic” Date could cost Bieber $500,000, Most Expensive DATE Ever!

According to MTV news, JELENA’s Titanic date at Staples Center could cost Bieber almost $500,000 that Friday night.

Fortunately Justin Bieber didn’t have to pay for the entry ticket. He reportedly got the keys to the palace for free because he has sold the joint out three times and owner AEG Live figured they’d throw Bieber a bone.

What would it cost to treat Selena to a Bieber-esque night of steak and “Titanic”?

From MTV:

$475,000: That’s how much it would cost you to buy a high-end VIP luxury suite for 14 at the Staples Center, which would get you about 2,500 tickets a year to Lakers, Clippers and Sparks basketball games; L.A. Kings hockey games; concerts; lectures; X Games; and wrestling matches. Given that the venue holds 20,000, we can only imagine a one-night rental would run you well into the six figures.

$200-plus: Bieber ordered steaks and pasta from the exclusive members-only Lexus Club at Staples, a 130-capacity high-end dining area where even the buffet will run you $57.

Priceless: The lucky couple reportedly watched “Titanic” on their date. Now, most men would try to save a few bucks and rent the regular DVD, but given JB’s clear baller tendencies, is it safe to assume he called James Cameron and finagled an early copy of the 3-D anniversary Blu-ray edition that is due out in April?

$299 to $1,199: The price of renting an inflatable, 32- to 40-foot portable movie screen from for a special event. That is, assuming the Biebs did not make Gomez crane her neck and watch the whole movie on the Center’s Jumbotron.

Just wow!

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