Justin Bieber and Mom Pattie at Fashion Night OUT NYC

Justin Bieber, his mother Pattie Mallette and Anna Wintour hung out at Dolce & Gabbana’s Fashion’s Night Out celebration in New York. Justin goofed around with manager Scooter Braun in front of D&G’s step and repeat before being introduced to Wintour.

Yay.. finally she is back. We miss u Pattie!! <3

Beliebers, do you like Pattie’s dress?

  • WTF

    Yes i do!!

    • WTF

      And 1!!!

    • getoutmygrill

      just seeing tht pic scares me no offense but really

    • belieber66

      patties dress is amazing and haha justin is taller than her now! awww they r so cute <3

  • willemijn

    yeah,pattie is back i misset her

  • carli bieber

    I Love Pattie’s Drees Its So Pretty :D She Is the Same Highet As my Mum And If My Mum and Here Met up They Would Be Great Friends I Know It Hehe And Me And Justin Could Hang out That Would Be A Dream Come True :D I Am So glad to She Justin’s Mum Again After So Long Because Every Picture i See Is of Him And Selena And I Just Hope Pattie Will be With Him More To Keep him Really grounded And Not Get Out Of Control Love You Justin :D xxx

    • EmeyBiebs(EgyptLuvBiebs)

      gr8 to see pattie again,i really missed her..and i <3 her dress

  • foreverbeiber99

    justin looks hot as always and pattie welcome back



  • Bieber’zBabe x

    Pattie is a really nice mum to Justin and I hope he still makes time for her cos she is a lovely person x

    • Fan Of Bieebr

      I agree yoou and she really nice mum and lovely person xxx

  • Janet Borromeo

    I’m glad that Pattie is back and yes I like her dress.

    • u_smile

      yeah, me too i am really happy that pattie is back! :] I really do like pattie’s dress! <3

  • GabbyXJB

    Yes I like Pattie. I don’t like when Selena goes with Justin to awards and stuff like that

  • jenny

    look at Justin’s arm it is so tan omg :/

  • zilly

    This is so cute and sweet :)

  • desireelopez

    i like selena and pattie

  • desireelopez

    i like her dress

  • ♥Beliebers♥

    Missed Pattie! Love her dress! Also, what’s up with Justin and that other lady’s arm? Sun burnt or just lighting prob?

  • proud belieber

    Mrs.Bieber … Woohooo beliebers mother u look soo younge for a mum… Btw it’s been so long sence they were around 2ogether i missed her….

    • hind

      moi hind Mrs.Bieber … Woohooo beliebers mother u look soo younge for a mum… Btw it’s been so long sence they were around 2ogether i missed her…. maroc hind

  • 4everbelieber

    welcome back pattie ,and i love her dress and justin looks hot as always lol!!!= )

  • juz10

    Justin looks MASSIVE.

    it’s such a cute photo though :3

  • Laurasia

    i love her dress

  • Bieber Luver

    Is he really that much taller than her?

    • proud belieber

      Ikr?!!! Lol… She gives me hope cuz ppl say i’m too short for a 16 years old :P

  • chelsea loves JB

    It’s good it’s good to have you back pattie, and girl you got that style with a tick of aprrovl from me!

  • ChandlerBrookeBieber

    LUV HER DRESS!!!! ITS FABULOUS!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) Justin is hot (as always)!!!

  • belieber4eva

    PATTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i missed her so much i haven’t seen her since the AMA’s last year its good to have her back i was getting really worried about her

  • Natalie

    the dress looks good on her :D aah i havent heard about her for so long!!! and jb is looking hot like always ;)

  • Monica

    wow…. she is so small compared to Justinn

  • Sofia and sammy

    me and Sammy live the dress and you Justin you look uhmazing<3

    • Sofia and sammy


  • Monica

    his mom is so tiny lol she makes Justin lookbig next to her lol aww her lil boy growin up hah LUv JB n his momma without her he wouldnt b here

  • ciara

    ya pattie looks awesome in dat dress and im glad to hear bout pattie usually it bout jb and sg they r together like a lot more than beyonce and jay z ……..he needs time with his family

  • rashi negi

    i love u justinnnnnnnnn :)
    u are too cute

  • Araceli Bieber!

    Wow he’s so Hot!! is it just me or do his arms look SUPER tan in this pic??

  • fatiiii

    i lova you justin birber very muchhhhhhhhhh i swear

  • vale chaves

    jjustin bieber te amo mucho mucho mucho mucho mucho y te quiero mucho yo vale chaves

  • maria lokans

    patties dess is really ugly where the hell did she get it
    she shouldnt shop there anymore i mean she always looks ok but now
    not so much