Justin Bieber Arrives in MEXICO pictures

Justin Bieber step off of his private jet.

Justin Bieber, Alfredo Flores, and Carin (Scooter’s girlfriend)!

  • kris

    1st and COOL!!!

  • some girl named jessie!♥

    that 2nd picture of him is soo cute!!!<3.mexico better be ready!!! bieber just landed!!..
    lol=)) have fun mexico!!:D

  • Natalie

    3rd and i like the pic but who is carin??

    • JBzone

      Carin is Scooter’s girlfriend :)

  • lina

    who is carin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • athirah314

      scooter’s gf

  • lina

    who is carin

    • Chelsea


  • hmm

    Keep those pictures coming, love them.

  • Sweet

    Pretty sure selena was there cause she just has to go everywhere with him, anyway nice pics:)

    • hmm

      No , she is filming her new music video. Probably “we own the night”.
      But i think after she finishes, she will be there with him.

    • rebkah


  • nana

    what is justin doing in Mexico

  • hmm

    Anybody noticed how tall he looks near this girl ? Justin grow up fast.

  • jenny

    i wish i were dere! and im mexican ! . :D TE AMO JUSTIN Good luck

  • jenny

    alfredo must be really happy! cuz hes dere. and bcuz he can relate 2 da ppl dere cuz hes mexican 2 :)

  • Chelsea

    do u guys like selena leave a comment ??

    • rebkah


    • I love justin bieber xox


  • OMG!

    He looks adorable! ;)

  • ♥Shawty♥

    Sweet ;D

  • Jessie

    sooo cute he is mmmmmm………….i love him and i am BELIEBER-GIRL

  • rebkah

    he is so hottttttttttttttttt!!!……
    i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…..
    love you justin or jb or bieber

  • rebkah


  • Yu Lee

    lets get sensational ….. how can it be Justin’s “PRIVATE JET” ?
    Probably its just a “chartered” flight hired for Justin and his team!

  • carla

    Well i use like jb but now blabla i dond relly like i like some of his song
    PS U gays are just westing your time

  • I love justin bieber xox

    I love justin bieber