Justin Bieber 18th Birthday Project – Live. Love. Beliebe

Join our Justin Bieber’s Birthday Project – Live.Love.Beliebe. Worldwide Love for Justin Bieber.

Are you a true Belieber who can’t live without Justin & would do anything for him? Then you are perfect for this project!

Beliebe production, endorsed by JB ZONE are making a project about Justin Bieber, and without Beliebers this would be impossible! This is planned to be an official commercial “Worldwide Love for Justin Bieber” video, with Fans from worldwide! So we want you to do the best you can! We want you to send in videos of you answering some questions and also crowds from different countries with the flag of your country.

Check out our previous project: Bieber parade in 11 countries.

If possible answer all questions, because you fans will be the story tellers in the video, telling about how Justin got famous and his career. All answers will be put together like a story and snippets of videos of Justin will be included between the answers (his career, music videos, so on). In the end of the video, a sentence will be put together with fan crowds from different countries holding flags.
The video will show how much we love Justin!

What we want You to do:
When answering questions (you can be from any country in the world), it should be one or two people in the camera. Please answer the questions in the right order (we will mix all answers together).

Stand on the right or the left side in the camera to make it look pro.
1. Who is he? (don’t answer Justin Bieber, for example “an amazing singer” or “wonderful person”)
2. Describe him with 3 words. (for example “talented” or “beautiful”)
3. How did he become famous? (Not too short answer, or else we wont know how he got famous)
4. How did he grow up/childhood? (this could be part of question 3.)
5. How did you become a fan?
6. Why do you like him?
7. What is your JB’s favorite song? Why? (Short answer is good)
8. What is your favorite thing about Justin?
9. What would you do for him?
10. What would you wish him? (For example; “luck”, or “true love”)

Worldwide Belieber crowds:
Your country flag is needed! So we know for sure where you are from! You should be more than 20 people, if not stand so that you look many. The more people, the better! If you have a chance standing in front of something your country is known for, please do! (For example Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, The Eiffel tower, Colosseum, Sydney Opera house, Petronas, Tugu Monas, etc).

You must say this: “We Love you Justin Drew Bieber. Live. Love. Beliebe and ..(pause) never say never!” If you want to do something more, please do! Be creative!

Deadline – February 15th. Yes you have 5 months! The video is to be put out February 29th – March 1st. The perfect present for Justin’s 18th birthday!

Send videos to – worldwideJB@hotmail.com
Write name, country and how many questions you answered.
Write country, location and how many people you are if you are a crowd.

Please spread the word about this project to other beliebers. πŸ˜€

  1. jane enriquez
  2. Kitty Kat Kirby
  3. Camia
    • Beliebe Production
  4. Ms.Bieber
  5. aj_kulitx
  6. nasim
    • Beliebe Production
  7. heather
  8. Rubyb
    • Beliebe Production
  9. Johanna
  10. yasa bieber
  11. Anna
  12. Gabby
    • Beliebe Production
  13. proud belieber
  14. Lisa Bieber
  15. Kristyn Biebs
  16. Neena
    • Beliebe Production
  17. Ali
  18. TianaBelieber
  19. thinie
    • Beliebe Production
  20. Tamara
  21. RubiiRose
  22. ~Rayna~
    • Project Maker
    • yasa bieber
  23. SF Giants Girl
    • Beliebe Production
  24. kaylabieber95
  25. Rebecca Loves JB..
  26. JDBiebsSwaag
    • xBelieber6x
    • Beliebe Production
      • wildcat
    • Jbxxx
  27. victoria
  28. victoria
    • ~ karly ~
  29. Janie Bieber
    • MeLissa
      • JennyDai
      • Tatiana
  30. Jeasebelle
    • bieber's kunali
      • Beliebe Production

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