Justin Bieber Book: Belieber: Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber new Book, Belieber: Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber comes out September 27th 2011 and is already gaining critical acclaim. It is the story of the real Justin Bieber, a young man who is not only a superstar in the eyes of fans and teenage girls everywhere in the world but a talented performer who has stuck with his beliefs every step of the way.

How much does it cost? currently the book is sold at $11.43 via Amazon!
Note: This book is not written by Justin!

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Book Description:

Justin Bieber’s rise from “regular kid” to one of the most famous people on the planet has captivated a nation of devoted fans called ‘Beliebers.’ With hit records, 12 million followers on Twitter and the third-largest grossing documentary film of all time, the Canadian pop star dubbed ‘Super Boy’ on Rolling Stone’s recent cover has countless fans who hang on his every word. But is there more to this pop idol’s startling success than his legendary haircut and unusual talent?

‘The success I’ve achieved comes … from God,’ Bieber says “I feel I have an obligation to plant little seeds with my fans. I’m not going to tell them, ‘You need Jesus,’ but I will say at the end of my show, ‘God loves you.” The bold yet humble faith that grounds Bieber’s worldview may just be the key to his extraordinary appeal. Recognizing that music and film are the language of this new generation, author and religion journalist Cathleen Falsani’s hope is that this book will encourage faith leaders as well as parents to engage with popular culture in a different way so they can better talk to their kids about what matters most.

Book trailer:

Buy or Pre-order Belieber: Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber

About the author, CATHLEEN FALSANI:
Cathleen Falsani is an award-winning journalist and author who specialize in the intersection of spirituality and pop culture. Currently a columnist for Religion News Services in Washington D.C., she is best known for her personal interview profiles of President Barack Obama, U2’s Bono, Hugh Hefner, Annie Lennox and many other notables.

What do you think beiebers? will you get this book?

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    Ummm.. How can you say (through your username obvs) that you “love JB 4 Ever” YET you’re here saying how he should write a book when he ACTUALLY does have one & it was the NY TIIMES BEST SELLER BOOK FOR 5 STRAIGHT UP WEEKS. And i’m not Not tryna be mean or anything, but you seem kind of like a fake fan to me. So please don’t call yourself a ‘Belieber’ or say that ‘you love him’ & blah blah blah when the only thing you know about him is the chorus of his song ‘Baby’. Those thigs piss me off. Btw, the book is called ‘First Step 2 Forever: My Story’, you should chek it out! Is pretty much his story & how he likes to connect with his fans & stuff & who knows, maybe you’ll grow a lot of respect for this kid that you don’t even know. He’s a great person just livin out his dream.

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