Justin Bieber Carrying and Swinging Kenny’s Kid

Justin Bieber and Kenny swinging kenny's kid

Footage of Justin leaving a recording studio and hitting a Boston Market with Alfredo Flores, Kenny Hamilton and Kenny’s little boy.

Justin Bieber carrying Kenny's kid

Check out the footage video:

Do you think Justin will make a good dad?

  • chelsea loves JB

    First!! Justin will make an awsome dad.

    • Sarah Gardiner

      I totally agree with @ chelsea loves JB

    • biebs lover for life

      hA HECK YA jutin ill make am awsome dad

      • kelly

        i know right

    • Selena Gomez

      to my babies;D

      • LaniLovJustinHateSel

        ur not da real slutena stupidhead

  • jade taylor

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    • melissa

      hey if ur a h8er than y r u on this fan site?

      • chelsea loves JB

        I know write how stupid.

      • ilyJUSTIN


        just piss of if ur a bloody hater.

    • monique

      Hey don’t be so mean!!! It is because of people like you justin bieber and selen feels hurt??!!!! Go away haters!!

    • Elizabeth

      Okay first off, this is a website for Beliebers ONLY! There isn’t room for you stupid haters and second of all, go learn some proper grammar like seriously!!! kbye!

    • Natalie

      if u hate him get off otherwise u like him cause ur just giving as much attention to him as a fan of him would. so get off and get a life and stop being a hater. its stupid.

  • melissa

    this is just so cute <3

  • jade taylor

    i hav facebook if u want to no it is Jade Taylor

    • Annie

      No one really cares..

      • justinbiebersupporter

        lol iknow write she hated on jb and we are all beliebers and she thinks that we will want her facebook what a dummy

  • Emily Bieber


    • Adam Jensen

      You need to calm down. Don’t break the interface over your fantasy.

  • Tamara Morfoot

    Justin would make a hot, awesome, sexy dad!!!!! I would love to be a daughter of Justin Drew Bieber!!!!! Justin is going to be an amazing dad!!! I just know it!!!:):)<3<3

  • louisa

    Justin would make an amazing dad! <3

  • bekah

    awwww how cute i think justin will make a great dad :)

  • ♥Beliebers♥

    He would make a great one! :)

  • monique

    He will make the best daddy ever wouldn’t mind if he was my dad!!! Lol

  • Olivia belieber

    Justin bieber would make an awesome dad i wish he would be my dad it would be so cool because he is hot and sexy i love him so much <333

  • ale’Jb

    i like he is beutiful……..loved it, but I do not want to be a father very sexy pronto.aunque looks great as a parent

  • gracebieber

    aww thats so sweet, yeah he’ll be a good dad just like hes a great brother, but hes too young for kinds now…..

  • desireelopez

    tht soo sweet he be a good father

  • Mrs.Bieber

    He will be a good dad and i mean that

  • Elizabeth

    I think that is adorableeeee he would be such a great dad :)

  • annicia


  • jamara

    Justin will make a great dad !

  • Hayley

    Justin will make a MARVELLOUS DAD. He really knows how to make children happy. And he learnt that from his family. His Parents and Grandparents taught him how to be a good guy….and how to treat people with love and respect. and we know that’s exactly what he’ll do when he grows up…
    A tip: if you meet justin someday, don’t scream at him and go all crazy. because remember he s claustrophobic…. so make sure you’re calm and friendly…. Oh yeah and be nice to his mom,friends and other mates……he’ll respect you for that….

    • RubiiRose

      ^^^^^^^ so true! ^^^^^^
      @ hayley if you have twitter add me @RubiiRose
      you seem really nice and cool i.e not a pyscho! lol…
      justin is cute with kids he’ll be an awesome parent
      and kenny’s kid is sooo cute and little!!!!
      p.s people who are saying that they would like justin
      to be their dad because he is hot/sexy then no
      you shouldn’t be thinking that your dad is hot…
      that’s just wrong and yes i had to point that out….

  • belieber4eva

    LOL i actually laughed cause it was sooo cute to see alfredo kenny and justin playing with kenny’s child awwwh it was cute and funny but i knew kenny had a child i just really forgot he did lol i was i lke kenny has a child then i was like o wait i remember lol justin would make a great dad i wish i was still a baby so he can swing and carry me like that LOL

  • Polia Mal

    lol i wud rather for him 2 b my kids dad ( no i dont have any i mean like in the future) than 4 him 2 b my dad

  • hayleigh

    Omg imagine if justin had a son!!! It would be like the cutest mini bieber ever <3 xx

  • Natalie

    aww he would make a good dad :D

  • futer mizziz bieber

    justin would make an awesome dad…………………………….luv u justin…………………<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    • Powerful bieliebers

      dont you think that justin bieber is f**kin sexy

  • Powerful bieliebers

    justin bieber is sexy

  • Shannel

    Aaas Justin would b such great daddy!!!!

    • bieber fever

      ikr?he’s pretty cute 2:)