Justin Bieber Collaborates with Boyz II Men on Christmas Album

Justin Bieber collaborates with his idol R&B group Boyz II Men on his upcoming Christmas album.He tweeted:

“2day i woke up and realized that the group that made me want to sing @BoyzIIMen are now on the christmas album singing with me. #DREAMBIG”.

“i used 2 listen to their music and practice the runs. that is how i learned how to sing. now im in the studio with them making music 2gether.”

And Boys II Men replied:

@justinbieber @shawnstockman we got love for u lil bro!! Thank YOU, and Thanx for everything u do for ur fans!! I KNOW they appreciate it.

@justinbieber @shawnstockman it was a pleasure! Remember what we talked about in the studio Lil bro! Let’s do it again sooner than later!!

Justin announced in September he was working on a Christmas album to benefit charity, though he did not disclose which non-profit would be receiving the proceeds.

“We are going to try and raise alot of money this year for charity!” he tweeted last month.

Justin has performed once with Boyz II Men, when they joined him onstage at his Madison Square Garden concert in the summer of 2010.  See pic above!

Are you excited for Justin’s new album?

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