Justin Bieber Comic FAME part2 and Selena Gomez Fame Release this September!


Justin Bieber FAME Part2 and Selena Gomez:FAME comic covers!

Comic description from BLUEWATER Publisher.

FAME: Justine Bieber 2
Author(s): Tara Broeckel Ooten
Artist(s): Claudio Avella
Cover Artist(s): Joe Phillips

The sequel to the sold out FAME series! A brand new tale of Justin Bieber! Many stars have proven that once you reach the top there’s nowhere to go but down, but is that going to be the case with Justin Bieber? Is he going to be another teen icon that “burns out and fades away” or is he a star with some shine left? Fame: Justin Bieber 2 focuses on the trials and triumphs of this young icon as he struggles to solidify his place in an ever changing industry.

FAME: Selena Gomez: The Graphic Novel
Author(s): Marc Shapiro
Artist(s): Alex Lopez
Cover Artist(s): Joe Phillips
Retail Price: $7.99
Format: 40 pages, softcover
Intended Audience: Kids, Teens
Ship Date/Month: September 2011

Selena Gomez is young, talented and she’s dating Justin Bieber!!! It’s been a meteoric rise from girl next door to Queen of the popular music world and Bluewater has the whole story in the upcoming ‘Selena Gomez: Young At Heart’ written by Marc Shapiro with art by Alex Lopez. Selena Gomez: Young At Heart will set young fans hearts a twitter. This special graphic novel edition has a bunch of extras.

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  • Pop Bom

    can’t wait to see JELENA!

  • ChandlerBrookeBieber

    Hahah wait was is this again??

  • Kayden2Bieber

    This is cool but weird

  • Rachel

    Where can you buy the comics?

  • John

    Fame Justin BIEBER comes Out October 11

  • Belieber4evah

    Cant wait till it comes out! :D Where can I find the comics’? I’m definitely gonna buy it!

  • beliebinbelieber

    im a belieber but this is so stupid. im kinda getting sick of him:(

    • proud belieber

      U gotta think twice about ” i am a belieber ” cuz we never get sick of him or any thing that is relative to bieb’s… OK!!!

    • sarah

      Your not really sick of him
      your sick of jelena!!!
      i know how you feel! :)
      and yes, i agree
      this is retarded!

  • biebersnumber1girl

    Justin looks gawjus but selena don’t look tht nice on it TBH :) !!!!!!!

  • *Love me or hate me*

    where do they sell them at I want one lol

  • *Love me or hate me*

    Heu who has fb??

  • desireelopez

    my friend danny like comic book and me i like comic book a little.

  • justinismybaby

    Omb like no offence but Justin looks better then selena cartoon form well acually he always look better and hotter

  • Ana

    i agree with justinismybaby…..justin is way more hotter than selena….shes a …..BBBIIITTTCCCHHH!!!

    • ♥Shawty♥

      Give some respect for the girl. Geez…

  • ♥Shawty♥


  • belieber forever

    selena only has one because of justin i hate her she is dumd im soory jb but i dont like her

  • sarah

    i will not get it!