Justin Bieber Custom Made Car, Cadillac CTSV Coupe. READY!

justin bieber cadillac cts V car

Justin Bieber posing with Ryan and his SICK custom made car, Cadillac CTSV Coupe yesterday, September 12.

Just aweek ago, Justin’s Cadillac was RED (see here), and now its silver-ish black and shiny.

Who wanna ride with Bieber? :)

  • belieber2002


    • belieber2002

      awesome car

      • amaya

        i love him so much and i want to go to his consert and his ticket and i want to met him and how is selena gomez is she good to

    • gennesi lopez

      justin te amo eres mloo maximo quisiera konoserte pero no se va a poder xq no voi a tu consieerto lamentablementee
      :( pero soii tu fans numero uno yo me digo never say never a mi sueño ke es konoserte

  • Daniya

    defo me aswell i’m 2nd x

  • some girl named Jessie!

    Oooo I wanna ride with bieber;))
    Lol!! I call first beliebers:))..lol

  • :)

    amazing car :)

  • Daisy Bieber X

    i doooooooo i LOVE Justin Bieber soooooooooooooooo MUCH :D

  • alice,belieber.

    easy bieber getting a custom made car :)

  • ♥Beliebers♥

    Nice car, Biebers. :D

  • ~ kjs ~

    thts really cool!! Justin your awesome! =)

  • Natalie

    woaah nice car :D

  • Monica

    ummm the word for shiny silver and blackish gray car … the color is chrome lol but love his new car Justin is going to look een more hotter riding in that lol

  • lexie lynn(belieber)

    i do i do lol it would be amazing to get to do tht

  • proud belieber

    I dooooo :'( the car is sick and it will look perfect when he drive it….. #swaggg

  • believe

    Of course! I would be so happy

  • Liezl

    I wanna ride with him..! ;)) ♥♥♥

  • autumnNicole

    is justin putting up illumanti signs ?

  • lauren sebanta

    i love the car..very nice =)


    HOLY SHIT tht car is smokin hot jst like justin XP
    JUSTIN take me with u i live in xP!!#


  • Ms.Bieber

    OMB That thing is so sexy like u Justin you were made for that car lolz

    Love ya Justin

  • NicoleLoveBIEBER

    i love his smile . He is very cute. Love Him ! ♥.♥

    • allison

      i like his hair and his smile

  • allison

    i do i do i do you are great bieber

  • suzette298

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand what a 17 year old boy or girl would need with a Cadillac. Only people who drive cadillacs are older white people from 60 and up and those are the old models and thugs like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and pimps. I’m not hating on him but it’s just crazy to me. I don’t understand why these young stars think buying expensive and having multiple cars is great. They need to save money before they end up bankrupt. Half of these stars are bankrupt because they are all caught up in GLAM life and spending spending spending.

  • belieber no 1

    me me me me me me me me me me memememememe i want to ride with him

  • i love justin bieber

    I love justin bieber