Justin Bieber isn’t wearing Gold Teeth Grill, Relax!

Lot of Beliebers are getting panic and freaking out when they see picture of Justin posing with a gold teeth grill circulating around the internet.

The pic above was just a joke! Y’all know Justin! he’s a pranksters. He’s getting the grill for Halloween. Besides, the grill is removable, meaning no permanent harm will be done to Justin’s beautiful smile.

Freaked out Fans tweeted:
“SWAG MASTER BIEBER is trending and i heard your getting a grill. DONTTTTT!”
“NOOOOO PLEASE DONT, ur smile is perfect”

Justin replied:
“haha. relax it’s just a joke. no biggie.”

Justin posing with Baller and Sean Kingston.

Justin has indeed gone a little bit gangsta lately — he’s worn baggy pants that expose his underwear; rocked a “FUCk you and FUCK her too!” T-shirt; and tried his hand at rapping as Shawty Mane.

However, Justin Bieber refused to swear for his “Trust Issues” remix (much to Drake’s disappointment), so he’s hasn’t gone completely gangster (we hope never). 🙁

Beliebers, what do you think about Justin wearing a gold teeth grill? Will it turn you off?

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