Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, JK Rowling on Guiness World Records 2012

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and JK Rowling have something in common. So do Prince William, Willow Smith and Miranda Cosgrove.

They’re all listed in the new 2012 “Guinness Book of World Records,” the book’s publisher announced Tuesday, September 13.

Among them, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” was the “Most Popular Video of Any Kind Online,” with 463,820,000 views as of February 16, 2011 (621,558,000 views as of September 13, 2011).

Lady Gaga, for “Most Followers on Twitter” — 11,259,372 as of June 29. The Mother Monster also set a record for “Most Weeks on U.S. Digital Hot Songs” — “Poker Face” was on there for 83 weeks.

The wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton was crowned “Most Live Streams for a Single Event,” with 72 million streams.

Willow Smith is listed as “Youngest Transatlantic Top 20 Artist.” When she was only 10 years old with her “Whip My Hair”.

J.K. Rowling? Easy. The “Harry Potter” author is listed as “First Billionaire Author.” Her 7th “Harry Potter” books have sold more than 400 million copies worldwide.

Miranda Cosgrove “iCarly” was the “Highest Paid Child Actress,” earning $180,000 per episode, according to Guinness.

17-year-old Angus T. Jones, of “Two and a Half Men,” is listed as “Highest Paid Child Star.” He earned $250,000 per episode.

Source: Guiness/Reuters

Who else do you think should made the list?

  • brianna

    Justin Bieber! :)

  • Bieber fan 1700

    Second yay and yay jb is in the book I’m soooooooooo buying guiness world records now of 2012

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      Yep me to.

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  • Monica

    Wait but Justin has more followers then Lady Gaga now lol

    • Biebette24

      ya he has like 12 million.. but Im a little monster too! :)

    • Baby V

      no lady gaga has 13 mil. Jb has 12 mil

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        my birthday is in 13 september

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        nope he has 13 mill

  • ♥Beliebers♥

    4th and awesome

  • louise

    wait did lady gaga have more than him in june because if not, he should be in there 2x <3 nohate to lady gaga, love herrr (:

  • SF Giants Girl

    Luv ya Justin!:)
    (Go SF Giants!! 18 More games!)

  • proud belieber

    Ooooooh yes thats how we do it bieb’s … And there is sooo much more to come….

  • Michelle Mei

    I was actually hoping that he would be part of the book because of the madison square garden sold out thingy… 22 minutes! :D

  • blieber4ever

    its not 463,820,000 its 621,881,922

  • :P

    I love Harry Potter!

  • Angelina

    I think selena gomez and also JUSTIN BIEBER HAS MORE FOLLOWERS THAN LADY GAGA!!!!

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    Justin Bieber, you dream is finally reached again \m/
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    yea my school is having a book fair so they have tht yea baby see what idid their baby haha

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  • modona

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  • modona

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    Luv ya Justin!
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  • HaRrY

    Lol at you Bieber fans, as of now:

    Lady Gaga total twitter followers: 18,179,414

    Justin Bieber total twitter followers: 16,535,483

    She’s beating him by more than 1.6 million, just saying in case your heads are still up your arses :)
    Oh and Selena Gomez’ total twitter followers: 9,715,452 – uncomparable to gaga or bieber

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