Justin Bieber Quiz:101

Q1. What is the English translation of Justin Bieber’s Hebrew tattoo?
a. Selena
b. Jesus
c. Canada
d. Love

Q2. What is Justin Bieber’s snake name?
a. BieberConda
b. Derek
c. Johnson
d. Dr.Bieber

Q3. When was Never Say Never DVD Director FAN CUT out on sale in the US?
a. August 22, 2011
b. August 23, 2011
c. August 24, 2011
d. August 25, 2011

Q4. Justin Bieber won the 2011 VMA awards, in what category?
a. Best Male Vocal
b. Best New Artist
c. Best Male Video
d. Video Of the Year
e. All of the above!

Q5. Justin Bieber Sings “Trust Issues” with?
a. Chris Brown
b. Drake
c. Sean Kingston
d. Will.i.am

Q6. Justin Bieber did not atend Kim Kardashian’s Wedding. Why?
a. Justin and Kim are no longer friends.
b. Justin was on tour.
c. Justin wanted to spend times together with Selena and support her concert.
d. Justin was sick!

Let’s see how much you know the Biebs.
Don’t say you’re a belieber unless you pass this quiz. lol
Need a Cheatsheet? see below!

1. b. Jesus
2. c. Johnson
3. b. August 23, 2011
4. c. Best Male Video
5. b. Drake
6. c. Justin wanted to spend times together with Selena and support her concert.

Did you pass or fail?

  1. miss charlie bieber
  2. Olivia belieber
  3. Jorraine
  4. Natalie
  5. anjani
  6. fleur
  7. desireelopez
  8. Caryn
  9. bielieber4lyfe
  10. Qilah Bieber
  11. Daryna Gonzalez
  12. maryland amor rojas david
  13. maryland amor rojas david
  14. irene
  15. Steph Bieber
  16. romy d zakharia
  17. Jbieberluvsmeh
  18. Segway Sweat!!
  19. justinbieber4ever123
  20. marina
  21. Amanda
  22. beliber#1
  23. jennifer
  24. bieber girl
  25. jasleen babra
  26. Meghan
  27. jb lover
  28. oxBelieberxo
  29. Nanie
  30. destineybieber