Justin Bieber Rockin Tour Bus and Concert stage Toy: 2011 hottest holiday toys

JB’s new toy! Justin Bieber’s Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage playset lets fans recreate their favorite concert experience with Justin, from rolling up to the show in the Tour Bus to performing on the Concert Stage.

The bus opens and transforms into a stage complete with lights, a spinning floor and an mp3 dock with speakers, so fans can play their favorite tunes through the sound system. There’s also a special backstage lounge that converts from dressing table to media room.

Justin Bieber’s Rockin Tour Bus and Concert stage price range from $126 to $169 and available on AMAZON! (pricey huh!)

Justin Bieber Rockin tour bus and Concert stage toys only for 6 years and older!

  1. Omb lOl!!!!! Now,, i usually dont like kids toys.. But seriously this is the coollest one evaaaaa…
    :D :D lucky you 4 those who will get it…

  2. Hmm, maybe I’ll buy it, just keep it in the packaging like my other JB toys, I admit I’m a 17-year-old guy who buy’s toys, keeps them in their packaging (It’s not just JB, it’s Super Mario, Pokemon, Lion King and other things too), I don’t wanna open them, I’m not a nerd, I just like collecting stuff when I can, because I like them, I’ve promised myself since June to but some Lion King figures from eBay, Still haven’t got them, been too busy buying food and crap, still paying off DSi’s I wanted them for Pokemon Black! I’m searching for a JB doll that sings Baby, I’ve got 2, one sings “One Time” the other sings “Somebody to Love”, mp3 docking station hey… Sweet JB can sing Lion King songs, or Home and Away! Haha! Me and my baby can finally duet!

  3. uhm well i don’t like dolls the creep me out lol so i wouldn’t get a jb doll cause umm well dolls creep me out lol and umm for $126 HAHAHAHA they must be freakin crazy they should know they are not gonna make lots of profit from that they should make it $30 or 40 a more reasonable price because since the economy is bad i don’t think it would be reasonable for someone to get a toy at a price so high they could just buy tickets to his concert

  4. This toy is purely made for as much profit as possible. Only hardcore fans would buy an overpriced toy. $126 to $169? That’s just too much man. Even the MP3 can’t save this. Nor the figurine.

  5. hmm well as much as I support Justin I dont no what my mom would say about a 16 year old buying a doll, so I think this is one bieber item i will have to forget about haha

    cool though :)

  6. Hi Justin no te digo que soy tu fans numero uno porque millones de chikas lo dicen, pero si soy una de tus mas grandes fans. Wow eren un chiko original y espectacular con un talento que Dios te dio y lo has aprovechado al máximo, siempre ten en cuneta que la fama no lo es todo y no quisiera que cayeras en en un vicio o en algo que arruine tu imagen. Espero que siempre sigas adelante de la mano de Dios y de todos los que te rodean. Pues solo te digo que me gustaria conocerte pero eso seria algo imposible para mi pero espero que sigas adelante. Adiós Justin y buena suerte.

  7. i love justin soo much and would love to buy it but i am 13 and i dont think my mum would let me buy it because i am to old to buy a doll but it sound awesome

  8. okay, this is officially getting sad. they are like turning Justin into a barbie doll. He’s already has like millions of fans, and dollars, he doesn’t need to have like toys, and he doesn’t need to be turned into a male version of Barbie.

  9. OMG! What a waste of money. Why would anyone spend that kind of money on that? I would save the $126 and use it to buy something worth the money!

  10. aww…it is so cute!But JB Is more cute!JB,speaking of a tour…MAY YOU COME TO ATLANTA,GEORGIA!I Missed it whenever you came to Georgia!I`m so sad that I Missed the Justin Tour… :( SAD :(

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