Justin Bieber September Contest: 9 Belieber Books Giveaway!


September contest is UP!
This is only for those who love FREE stuff!
Otherwise you can buy the Belieber:Fame, Faith and the Heart of Justin Bieber on Amazon! πŸ™‚

How to join? There are 3 ways to win the contest.
1. Upload a video response to Belieber-video on youtube. Click here!
Your video response must answer: Why are you a belieber? or What makes you a belieber?
Be creative! (3 winners)

If you don’t know how to make a video response on youtube, see this screenshot!

2. Leave comments on youtube. (We’ll pick 3 random winners!)
You can say anything! NO HATE COMMENTS! Click here!

3. Don’t have camera or youtube account? Don’t worry!
Post interesting questions or answers on Justin Bieber forum, only questions/answers less than 1 week old counted.Β click here! (3 winners)

TOTAL: 9 winners

– This book talks alot about Justin’s faith and god, also his charities!
– Contest is worldwide!
– You can upload a video response, leave comments, and join the forum, but 1 winner 1 book!
– 9 winners will be announced on Sept 30! Check back this page on Sept 30!

UPDATES Sept 30:

Below are 9 lucky winners:

Youtube Commenters:
1. BieberSunset
2. cristy1217
3. Angelique121922

Youtube video response:
4. tiedyebuddies
5. Ivishable
6. CutieBelieber143

JBZ Forums:
7. jbieberrulez
8. AshleaBerry
9. Fanbieber
Congrats to the winners!

We already sent emails to the winners, if you didn’t get it, please email us CONTACT@JUSTINBIEBERZONE.COM with title/subject: Belieber-Book contest!Β and include your name and home address. thanks

We’ll sent the books on Monday!

Prize Β provided by WORTHYMEDIA, thanks loads! πŸ˜€

  1. ilyJUSTIN
    • justinbiebersupporter
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      • justinismybaby
      • Nirvana
    • Sindus
  2. dizisleslie
  3. alla
  4. lhezlie
  5. lhezlie
  6. belieber4eva
  7. Fefe
  8. chin jalos
  9. Jeff Mellin
  10. Nissa Bieber
  11. β™₯Shawtyβ™₯
  12. daisy
  13. jessie rose johnson
    • belieber4eva
      • belieber4eva
  14. Stella
  15. Belieber_INDO
  16. Belieber_INDO
  17. Marina and Aline Bieber
  18. flavia
  19. qaztinalina
  20. Suellen Erika
  21. cristy1217
  22. ekkabelieber INA
  23. Ashley (twieeber)
  24. Marina and Aline Bieber
  25. NafisaBieber
  26. baby bieber
  27. Ashley (twieeber)
  28. Beccs Bieber
  29. BelieberTillTheEnd
  30. JAYDY