Justin Bieber to Start a Clothing Line & a Shoe Line

Justin Bieber opened up to WWD about his financially challenging childhood, designer ambitions, Usher’s style advice and more.

From WWD.com:

WWD: What’s more powerful, fashion or music?
Justin Bieber: For me, as a musician, I think music is the universal language. No matter who you are or where you are, you love music, you know, whatever music that may be, whether it’s country or rock music. Music is very complicated. It brings a lot of emotions that you can’t really speak about.

WWD: Do you see fashion in your future?
JB: Definitely, I want to eventually start a clothing line or a shoe line, something like that. But nothing is in the works right now. I’m just focusing on my music now.

WWD: Is there anyone’s style you look up to?
JB: Yeah, Kanye West. Usher’s real cool. He knows way more about fashion than I do. I’m learning from him. He helps me put stuff together and find different designers who I’ve never heard of. I just got a pair of Fendi sunglasses. I’d never heard of them before. I like Louis [as in Vuitton]. I started wearing their belts and stuff, which I really like [lifting his jacket to reveal an “LV” belt buckle].

WWD: How would you describe your style?
JB: I try not to do too much. I try to keep it, I’m not sure what the word is — I don’t get too dressy. I don’t like to dress up. I really like to keep it casual.

WWD: Do you think you’re more influential than Barack Obama or the Dalai Lama, as that British report suggested?
JB: No, I think those people are very influential and popular. I’m just lucky to be in the position I’m in.

Do you really think Justin should start a clothing line or a sHoe Line? or both?

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