Justin Bieber Wants to get Married by Age 25

Justin Bieber is already thinking about getting married and starting a family.

During Fashion Night Out at D&G, Justin told WWD:

Well by 25 or 26, I want to see myself, like, married or start looking for a family, I want to be a young dad.

I want to be able to have done what I wanted to do — to be successful, to do a movie or whatever. But if the time is right, I definitely want to be married by 25.

One thing — I’m not looking to get married now.

WHat do you think beliebers?
Will it be with Selena or someone else?

  • Minnie Mouse Swag

    First! Finnally! I think that’s a pretty good age.

    • getoutmygrill

      omg i was like tht 2 minnie mouse swag but 1st he said 30 i was like well its better then 30 and i thought the title said age 45 i was like dude make up ure mind haha lol i think im going blind

    • Moesha Bieber

      It will be with me!!!!

      • sarahlurvzjb


  • Marissa


    • Marissa

      i mean second. I didnt see u minnie mouse swag.

  • Karishma

    i’m glad he wants to get married an start a family, but i hope its NOT WITH SELENA!!!

    • Gregory

      yeah let’s hope it’s not with selena because i want to marrie selena

      • biebergurl166

        NOT SELENA MAYBE SOME1 ELSE !!!!!!!!

      • Riona Loveschuu

        haha yesss youu should gett married too selena andd ill takee justin :)

      • Madz


    • BieberLover

      i really hope its not selena. she is not the one for him.

      • BELIBER

        i agree. It’s not becuse i hate her it’s becuse i don’t think that she is the one for him!


        i agreed that too jusitn is not suitable with SELENA!! cause she is 19 and justin is 17 only which is nt suitable be wiht selena…….

      • Madz

        Bieber Cazy: yeah..it seems like it doesn’t fit right…


        Madz: yeah..

      • Felicia

        Yeah, there not meant to be its clearly obvious.

    • Me+bieber

      Ummmmm thats mean if he loves her then they should be together

      • ilyJUSTIN


        Justin LOVES her. He also LOVES his fans. but what is the chances he will want to marry a FAN over SELENA if u get what im trying to say. i know alot of ppl started HATING Selena when she started dating him, to be honest i started liking her and listening to her music.

      • haydn

        yeah if Justin is happy then leave it alone its not your live to decied his life he love her Justinis awesome so shut up

      • rachel


    • jass

      yea right. hopefully he’ll not b marrying SELENA .

    • Moesha Bieber

      It will be with me :D

      • CharlinexoxoJB

        mabye its going to be u after all you never know who he will marry I thing only time will tell :)

  • Ur mama

    25 thats a good age, i wont get married till im 21 so yea 25 is good age nd youll still be young. 

    • BieberLover

      i agree

      • SF Giants Girl

        Ya its a good age:)

  • desireelopez

    i am glad he want married and has a famliy i hope justin and selena has a kid

    • kathy bieber

      Disereelopez ur awsome finnally a justin bieber fan likes selena im obssed with jb and selena gomez there rolemodels for me they havent done anthing bad let them be a couple there cute together and haterz 1 out of a million chances justin is gonna date a fan wake up call get over it he never will and is never gonna marry u anyways selena is a good girl if ur calling her a slut ur thinking of miley cyrus or lyndsy lohan one of those two who would u want justin to date out of those three oh yeah i bet you picked selena leave those to alone how would all yall got death threats because ur dating the hottest guy in school i bet u guys would be crying but selena is tough and if she wanted to say anything she would have all ready donT hate!!!!

      • Jaime

        I definatly agree with you, i was jelous at first but then i thought how i would feel getting death threats and everything and now im a big fan of Selena, i hope they stay together a little while longer. <3

  • Belieber

    I dont think it will be with selena, but that is a good age to be married and to start looking for a potential family…. i wish him the best

    • belieberalltheway

      exactly, i dont think selena and justin bieber are CRAZY in love, i think its just teen love. justin will pick the right girl. and its his choice.
      i dont mind who he marries just aslong as he stays kidrauhl

  • Belieber

    Also, i hope he is successful for a long time and i hope he doesnt get his children involved with everything so they dont grow up like that.

    • Madz


  • emily

    One thing — I’m not looking to get married now. lol hahha he probably said tht so belieber wont be like marry me maryy me!!!

  • Kayla

    I doubt it’s going to be with Selena I bet that’s why he said he wasn’t looking forward to getting married now.

  • silvia

    Really good age to married…He’s right :)

  • shavonne perry

    Justin biebers mine so every1 hands OFF! LoveeYouuJustinn!

  • m lovadya

    Um it doesn’t matter to me anymore cuz justin hates me and im just done but im getting married at 21so hope u have a good life justin i gave u all the best

    • Reallyyyyyyy


  • tehbiebsismiiiloveerr

    i dont think hes gnna get married with selena….hes gnna marry mehh :D jk 25 is a good age 2 get married :) good luck justin love yah

  • Random Fan

    I dont think its Selena. Cuz she once said: “Im not gonna marry the person im with right now”. So that means, shes with Justin right now so no they wont marry. hopefully..

    • Madz

      yeah…I just hope he marrys caitlin but its his decision…everything happens 4 a reason…=D

  • Chele

    I don’t think selena is gonna marry jb. Sorry Justin its just my opinion. I think he should marry whoever he wants. 25 is a great age.

  • BieberLover

    Selena is NOT the ‘one’ for him!

  • proud belieber

    Aawwwww … I wonder who is that lucky wife and kids that will have u … Omg he is growing up i luv how i could watch him while passing a level by another of his life :) i luv i bieb’s and God bless u babe <333

  • Mary

    Justin is only 17 years old, you never know where life takes you, to make plans like that seems stupid to me I’m sorry. Could b that he meets the woman of his life at age 19 or maybe he meets her at age 30.

    • Beibette24

      I dont think it gonna be selena because they ARE A CUTE COUPLE but I dont think they should be married to each other.

      • ilyJUSTIN

        True cuz Selena said she knows she is NOT going to marry the person she is with now.

  • Rachael

    Yeah, 25 works for me. ;) haha jk

  • Kiaira

    I wanna be the one but I never will be

  • Gracie

    Come on people we are all his fans and need to be by his side no matter who he marries. I don’t care if it’s Selena it could be a donut for all I care! All I care about is Justin and that he is happy!

    • Shorty Koala

      Right! I don’t think SELENA is the one. But who knows WHO is the one for JB? It’s his life and he will decide it.

  • chelsea

    I think that is a good age to get married. he should start a family a little after he gets married because if he already has a child or children noone will want to date him as much.Sorry Justin thats my opinion!

  • jbfreak

    Selena said it she wont agree 2 marry him =) its better 4 him not 2 marry her she doesnt love him 4 real , no h8

  • Heaven

    My Mom was 16 & my Dad was 18 when I was born & I went to there wedding. I am 14 now. But honestly, I don’t really think it is going to be Selena, I mean, it might, but I don’t think so. I have nothing against Selena, don’t get me wrong. But there is just soo much rumors going on & so much hate between you two that I think it is just going to end.
    I think 25 is to old. Hahahahaha. I think 20 or 22 is a good age. Lol.
    You should be with someone who appreciates who you are, not for your fame & NO I am not saying that Selena wants you for your fame. But you would want someone who you have a great time with & have a ton of amazing memories & I see that it is kind of hard doing that since you are Famous & all. But then again this is just my opinion.
    I wish you the best Justin. :)

  • chelsea loves JB

    Maybe he is just waiting for the perfect girl or the one. I don’t think it will be Selena because every teen love ends in tradgerty, like nick and miley they couldn’t talk for a long time after there shocking breack up. Love you Justin 25 is the perfect age I would get married at 25.

  • Rubyb

    well..I’m glad of that ‘cuz i will get a very big chance to marry him lol i know i’m crazy but no one knows..And i don’t think it’s Selena not hating but I don’t know..so i wish it could be me

  • Sarah

    BIEBER BABIES!!!!!! <3

  • annicia

    Well im glad hes being Mature and waiting and whoever he marries or has kids with i will always be supportive no matter what!


    i reckon he should get married at 25 its a good age . i dont think he should get married to selena there just not good together . everyone is saying she is using him 4 the fame!!!


  • Amina

    Well, i think that justin should just follow his heart and where it leads him. Im not being rude, but i think no one has to right to predict the future because your not God. Also him and Selena make a great couple, but we never know what’s going to happen. We’re all going to grow and mature and change and we see that happening. I think 25 is a great age to get married at, and i hope that’s where im at in a few years. I just hope justin makes the right desicion and live the life he wants to live! :)


      we no were not god were just saying there not a good couple she is using him

      • Anna

        But didnt she just say shes not trying to be rude read plz! dont take this seriously