Simon Cowell Meets Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Backstage at Jay Leno

Justin Bieber supports gf Selena Gomez at Jay Leno and he couldn’t keep his hands off of her backstage!

Checkout the video!

After her interview with Bryan, Selena joins Justin chatting with the X Factor judge, Simon Cowell. Before they say bye to Simon, Justin grabs Selena’s hip and says to Simon, “I’ll look after her.”
Sweetest boyfriend EVER!! :)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Didde


    • proud belieber

      Ikr…. He’s such a hot sweet supportive unique boyfriend :) lucky u sell !!!!

    • someday17

      i know i wish justin did that to me

    • iloveyou

      not gonna lie, i am jealous, i wish i had someone like him :/

  • farra

    2nd , he said that he will look after HER ! grr

    • david b conway

      dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my last comment just for now is that i do feel that selena gomez just do,nt care about her future career any more she whats to be normal kid insteand off having her motion picture just in her career , love david conway

    • belieberalltheway

      i know isnt it so ROMANTIC
      i love jelena!!!!

  • Sarah

    She is a SLUT

    • Janet Borromeo

      That is very rude and disrepectful to Selena. She is pretty.

      • Morgan Likes The Millionaires

        FAIL. she’s a slut.

    • Natalie

      S—- So
      L—- Lovable
      U— Unique
      T— Trustworthy

      so yea she is a slut…

      • Morgan Likes The Millionaires


    • belieberalltheway

      no she isnt. and i f u were a true belieber then u would hate on something/someone justin loves ! just sayin ps i respect selena a lot

      • belieberalltheway

        oops i mean u WOULDNT sorry

      • LoVe Da BiEbS!!!!

        Juz cuz some people don’t like someone he is datin’ doesn’t mean they aren’t a truee beilieber! SO STOP SAYING THAT STUPID S***!!! >_<

    • farra

      i sooooooo agreeeeeeee

  • KJ

    Can’t keep his hands off her? Haha he’s not even touching her in the first picture. But still they are so cute! ^_^

  • sammy

    awww he is so sweet

  • Lizzie Bieber

    Awwwwww that’s soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them together!!!!!!!!!!

    • GBiebz

      Ur sick in the mind. Go 2 a MENTAL HOSPITAL. Freak.

  • tassh


  • rosie Bieber

    oh really? people r still calling selena a slut? one word. JEALOUSY. there both happy so leave them alone. Justin loves her she loves him.

    • GBiebz

      Ur sick in the mind.Go to a mental hospital. Selena is a Slut. Idiot

      • Morgan Likes The Millionaires

        LOL. what a fail, she copy’s other celebrity’s because she can’t think of good things to do, she’s using Justin for fame and she’s just one big fail.

      • LoVe Da BiEbS!!!!

        Yhuu need 2 stop being a rude bitch! They are speaking their minds 4 a reason… THAT IS WHY THEY CALL IT COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duhh!

  • Mel

    aww that was soo cute! i love them together <3

    • GBiebz

      Go.to HELL. Cuz thts where selenas going

      • LoVe Da BiEbS!!!!

        Yhuu First!!! So that way yhuu could meet them both there!

  • Alex

    U know if u watch it closely b4 jb said the words he touch her ass

    • jeasebelle

      yea i saw that too lol :) they are soo cute together

  • Alex

    BTW im NOT hating jelena

  • Random

    who really thinks these 2 r gonna last

    • belieber4eva

      i don’t because she even said it she knows she isn gonna marry him and he wants to be married at 25 so yea its gonna have to end soon

    • CharlinexoxoJB

      no they not gonna last I thing its going to end uo pretty soon you know how the first love is you get butterflys want to see that person every singel second and thing you cant live without that person but this feeling will not stay forever and than one moment to another you don’t feel the same anymore its not what I call love its more like what you call infatuation but I wish justin will find his dream girl someday and will have a happy littel with littel biebers runing around lol :)

      • Charley lincoln

        I agree with u ?

  • TheLover

    OMG!! They r soo CuTe together! Sad its gonna end up soon haha!…. Becuz i can see the future believe it or not he’s gonna marry a grl & her halfname is Ash & my name is erine so …. Not me :(

  • Natalie

    “ill look after her” lol at the 2nd pic when he said that xD

  • I  Greyson Chance!

    “I’ll look after her” I wish Selena and Justin was Greyson Chance ;) <3 LOVE YOU GREYSON CHANCE YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB ON RAISING HOPE!!!! JIMMY FEVER!!!! LOL! 

  • delilah bieber

    there so cute together

  • some one

    i think justin like simple plan .can’t keep my hands off u .

  • blieber4ever

    aaawwwwww soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • johail

    there CUTE and ADORABLE ,u mad?? and i hope they last forever!! u mad?? some ppl here they dont even look like his fans calling selena a whore or a slut…WTF ur the ones that are going to hell for HATING on a person…has she done something to u? i dont think so. its JUSTINS PROBLEM that he is with her, they clearly LOVE each other and if you dont see it then your damm blind. JELENASUPPORTER.

  • Megan

    Awwwww he is such a good boyfriend I would love it is justin grabbed me ont he hips and said he’ll look after me………. I hope Justin and Selena have a great long relationship together.
    <3 Megz

  • vanessa

    i luv that you guys are dating im so happy at first i was mad because justin is my man jk but now im so happy jelena aka justin and selena are so cute toghether no homo justin i want to pet your snake so badly and take a pic with you and selena and finally go to your cocert jb blieber 4eva<3vanessa<3

  • vanessa

    you make such a awesome boyfriend justin luv ya bieberfever no cure<3vanessa<3

  • ♥Shawty♥

    LOL he’s so cute…
    Justin: I’ll look after her…

  • daisy

    i love when justin says “i’ll take care of her”

  • kat

    haha can i take my shoes off there very pretty but..there very uncomftable..Hahaha best part!!!!!

  • Mrsjb99

    That is sooooo cute!!! I hope they stay together and eventually get married! Best of luck to ya both! <3

  • wearebeliebing0

    i don’t get why people are calling selena a slut, you don’t know her. you really shouldn’t jude a book by its cover (:

  • OMG!

    AWWWWWWWWW I luv them!!!! really sweet!
    I wish I had a BF like him! :) (lol)
    luv you!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Steph.loves.Bieber

    awww!! thats sooo sweet!
    Justin: I will look after her :)

    I wish he said that to mee! he is amazing! they are aamazing!

  • kaylabieber

    wht ana amazing boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur lucky selena and all yall hatin on selena need to get ur facts straight if u think tht couple is going down. I disliked Selena too at first but then I realizd if justin wants to b with her and he loves her tht makes me a pretty awful belieber to b hatin on her for no apparent reason so I hope u can all see past ur hatred.
    Jelena Luver <3