The Kardashians Family Pushing Kendal Jenner to Date Justin Bieber for FAME

Kendal Jenner, Kris Jenner and Justin Bieber

Is the Kardashians family forcing Kendal Jenner to date Justin Bieber for fame and popularity?

According to Star Magazine, the Kardashians mom Kris Jenner “desperately wants Kendall to become as famous as her superstar sisters, and she’s pushing for her to date Justin to help make that happen,” a source reveals. And Kris isn’t bothered by Justin not-single status.

“She doesn’t care that he is dating Selena Gomez. They try very hard to keep the Kardashian name in the spotlight” the source adds.

Last month, Kim Kardashian was even trying to set up Kendal and Justin. Kim invited Justin to her wedding without Selena in an attempt to play matchmaker. Unfortunately Justin didn’t attend the wedding and chose to be with girlfriend Selena Gomez in New Jersey’s concert.

“They’re determined to focus the spotlight on the young girls as quickly as possible.” While Kendall is already climbing to stardom as an aspiring model — she’s already had some big gigs, such as being the face of fashion line Marcc — the Kardashian family thinks Justin could take Kendal to the next level.

What do you think beliebers?
Should the Kardashians leave Justin and Kendal?
Do you think Justin and Kendal will make a good couple? JUNDAL?

  • deyanira


    • Justin Bieber Fan

      omg even the combination of names sounds awful. i mean Jelena sounds WAY better than Jundal!

      • deyanira


      • Tara

        hahaha junda hahahaha i like that ………..the name seems sooooooo weird….

      • MADDYJB

        u’r right

      • caitlyn

        no cause shes using him for her fame and justin only likes funny girls.jundal sounds like judge annd i agree it jelena sounds WAY better and justin doesnt like users and no ffense shes pretty ugly no offence though

      • Rawan

        Justin and Selena are way better together!!
        nd besides she’s isn’t gonna use justin just for her stupid daughter.

      • i love justin

        i agree

      • natnat

        nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i rest my case

      • belieber forever

        i hate selena she is using him for fame too

    • BieberBieberOHHH

      i like Kendal, but thats just mean.

      • amyyeah

        I think kendall looks like selena a bit. She’s alright, but maybe its rude if she date justin only for fame..

      • Belieber4ever

        If it’s in the magazine then Justin probably saw. I doubt that he would go out with Kendal. That’s just mean that they’re pushing her to dtae Justin. He’s already going out with Selena. The Kardashians need to back off. Go find some other guy

    • LaughinMaButtsOff !!!

      hahahahah JUNDAL????!! leave them alone Kris jenner.. u can never PLAN love.. love just happens. btw funny name! JUNDAL!!!!! haha lol

    • isafjoeaw


  • deyanira


    • Kayden2Bieber

      Err can u spell desperate

  • carolyn

    who cares its her and his life

    • bubble gum


  • iBieberRedBull

    Ergh no. Selena and Justin are together she should go find someone else ._.

  • carolyn

    i think they should go out they r a good couple

    • Jasmin

      Umm no check ur self

  • SG

    This is funny shit.

    • hahaLOL

      yeah agreed.

  • BBO

    it sooo sad…. they love more Kendall then Kyle! I LOVEE Kyle more then Kendall!


    • Laurasia

      erm, whos kyle

      • Shawty

        kendalls sister

    • Janet Borromeo

      You mean Kylie?

    • taffy bieber

      ITS KYLIE SMART 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chaming

    i prefer justin with selena…#support jelena..

    • Justin LOVER

      i agree 100% i <3 selena and justin 2gether there soo cute!

      • emma bieber


      • hahaLOL

        yeah totally #supportjelena

  • cassi101ful

    stupid fame whore!

    • CharlinexoxoJB

      She isnt the fame whore, the family is all about fame, money.

  • proud belieber

    Omg go get a life stupid mama
    He’s is not for sale dayummmm

    • Nirvana

      lol yeah i agree and he and Selena is a wayy better couple

    • hahaLOL

      hahaha @proudbelieber =D

  • Laurasia

    the kardashians never even do anything good. they dont deserve fame. and when ur a celebrity, your popularity shouldnt matter to you. what matters is that you like wat you do (acting, singing, etc.) so yea i have 2 agree shes a fame whore. like selena.

    • Farra

      I agree with you 100% !!

      • Mrs.Bieber21

        I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! I don’t like Selena but i respect her relationship with Justin! :D


      so true. Finally someone agrees that Selena is a fame whore!
      Google famewhore then go down and you will see a Selena picture! lol

  • Farhanah

    I think, they’ll make a good couple. . . #justsaying

    • Justin LOVER

      Justin and Selena are a better couple!

  • Sabrina

    Thats really mean! i mean let Kendall do what she wants i never likes Kris shes so mean to them

    • Justin LOVER


  • Justin LOVER

    NO! Selena and Justin r perfect 2gether! Kendall find som1 else :p

  • iBieberRedBull

    Kendall should find someone else that’s not taken. Justin’s happy with Selena and there cute together and i think Justin doesn’t wanna be in a fake relationship just for friends plus Kendall would probably get a lot of hate and everyone would know it’s a fake relationship.

    • iBieberRedBull

      fame* wtf, friends. lolol

  • ciaswagbiebs


  • tarah

    no, they shouldnt try and matchmake them, justin is with selena and is happy with selena and isnt kendal like13 – 14 .

    • CharlinexoxoJB

      no she is goning to be 16

  • Natashalie

    Kendall & Justin would look great together & she is his age he should go for it & shes beautiful.

    • monica

      no shes not kendall 15 lol n justin 17 when he turns 18 shell barily b turning 16

      • Natashalie

        But they make a cute couple & i think selena is also using him for fame because selena wasn’t that famous until she strated dating justin that’s when people started hearing her musci more. & why would justin want be with a 19 year old for all his life & but he loves her so i quess its watever

  • Nirvana

    no they wont k cause i love jelena together and Justin is very happy with Selena,they r the cutest couple alive and no one is gonna spoit that :) support #jelena

    • Nirvana


    • Alicia

      u go hun.

  • georgina

    What kind of family are they????? They dont have any respect for Justin and Selena!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrs.Bieber21

      Totally agree with you!

  • anita

    will not be happy

  • kaz

    because of selena i hope he goes out with kendal she is sooo pretty

  • biebers girl

    wtf kris is retarded y would she do that she’s such a fame whore even if I’m not happy selenas with justin him and selena our happy togeter and everyone should leave them alone they should have respect towards justin!

  • C Bieber luvr

    They should seriously back off of justin because he is in love with selena! find some other celebrity to manhandle, cuz its not Justin Drew Bieber!
    I <3 Jelena!

    • Fan Of Bieebr

      I agree yooooooooou

  • Tbieber

    Anyone but selena, I support

  • evita xoxo

    definitely Jelena is way better then Jundal …Biebs and Selena are so cute together..

  • Emkay

    Ahahah they can try… But Justin Loves Selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marissa

    Why is their mom such a fame-whore? I mean come on!

  • kittykat

    aww thats so mean! i wouldnt be very happy if i was selena hahaha

  • ICONic Girl

    Go for it!! I hate selena anyways