The Kardashians Family Pushing Kendal Jenner to Date Justin Bieber for FAME

Kendal Jenner, Kris Jenner and Justin Bieber

Is the Kardashians family forcing Kendal Jenner to date Justin Bieber for fame and popularity?

According to Star Magazine, the Kardashians mom Kris Jenner “desperately wants Kendall to become as famous as her superstar sisters, and she’s pushing for her to date Justin to help make that happen,” a source reveals. And Kris isn’t bothered by Justin not-single status.

“She doesn’t care that he is dating Selena Gomez. They try very hard to keep the Kardashian name in the spotlight” the source adds.

Last month, Kim Kardashian was even trying to set up Kendal and Justin. Kim invited Justin to her wedding without Selena in an attempt to play matchmaker. Unfortunately Justin didn’t attend the wedding and chose to be with girlfriend Selena Gomez in New Jersey’s concert.

“They’re determined to focus the spotlight on the young girls as quickly as possible.” While Kendall is already climbing to stardom as an aspiring model — she’s already had some big gigs, such as being the face of fashion line Marcc — the Kardashian family thinks Justin could take Kendal to the next level.

What do you think beliebers?
Should the Kardashians leave Justin and Kendal?
Do you think Justin and Kendal will make a good couple? JUNDAL?

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