What is ‘Dirty Bieber Secrets’ ? And why is it trending on Twitter?

So what is Dirty Bieber Secrets (DBS)?

Dirty Bieber Secrets is a tumblr blog run by an enthusiastic Belieber – dirtybiebersecrets.tumblr.com (Warning: Some posts are very detailed & graphic!)

In DBS, Beliebers can post secrets or fantasies (as graphic as they want) they’ve had that include Justin.

This blog has been made popular after Alfredo Flores, a good friend of Justin tweeted about it. Alfredo tweeted this to Justin:

Seriously, We dont know what to say! We wonder what Justin will say about this? What if Pattie finds out!? :(

What do you think Beliebers?
This is gross. Or did you secretly submit a post yourself?

UPDATES: Bieber Dirty Secrets removed by tumblr. thanks beliebers! :)

  1. 1st… and yea its a trending topic, let me just say im completely discusted :( justin will think this about beliebers, BELIEBER=:(

    • lol it didnt post it all he will think this about beliebers = :( completely discusted at those perves, and like alot of beliebers didnt even know about this, or take part in it Justin has every right to be mad <=(


      • ok iw as just wondering, how do you read these stories anyway? like, how do you find them? i want to find the person who posted some of them and curse them off because if they like bieber(lke me <3 then thats amazing, but if you dont then fuk off

      • y would ppl who love justin even think a want these things gross nasty things and not only girl are doing it but gay boys to ewwwwwwww justin will never have sex with every girl and boy u no u lovr sel and that’s the only girl he will have sex with 4 now ok

      • umm those are weird types of beliebers. that IS if they are beliebers….! i wanna be his best friend too. dating him is another level.

    • wow that person is 100% over and is a nasty disgusting bugger
      justin will b very dissapointed and would not consider them as a good and kind belieberbut, he will consider them as a nasty stuckup perverted negative person. i think its gross eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i mean i didnt know anout the site not until today but i read some stories lmao idk if
    Justin will b grossed out by it or if he will like it idk but really dont post nothing on the internet without knowing the consequences lol cuz this ca happen Justin Bieber himself is going to read what u wrote…. n his mom….. n selena….. lol wow i want jstin to retweet bak something about it lol

    • that is so discusting, i read some of them and i was so shocked, ITS REALLY GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder what his mom thinks of she finds out, let alone justin D:

  3. u guys think that one was gross hmmm the other ones are *throws up* and its not only the owner that writes them its the people that send it to the owner which is very gross i mean beliebers are freakin out and now some think that justin is going to think that all of us beliebers are like that but i doubt he would but we never know but still its really gross like its crazy on twitter code purple and Dirty Bieber Secrets is trending WORLDWIDE which makes it even worse and the owner of the thing is just like yay my blog is trending and all happy and stuff like wtf but anyways i warn u guys if u wanna see the rest go ahead but I’m warning u its very very descriptive and very gross now its like lots of belieber drama on twitter because of that :/ but i mean its pretty funny how some people are freakin out like I’m sitting here eating a blue icee and watching the drama LOL

  4. LOL Justin already knows about dirty bieber secrets. He posted about it on his private tumblr.(contrary to popular belief he does have one, there’s proof) He said he thought it was hilarious. He submitted one himself!

  5. I’m disgusted with this. A lot of people are going to see it, important people. But there is nothing you or anyone can do. It might hurt his career but he didn’t make website.

  6. Disturbing……Why would anyone want to say that kind of stuff on the internet…..and yes i know a lot of people do that but it grosses me out to see and read stuff like that.

  7. Hahahha this is too funny! I love justin but for some reason this is just making me laugh really hard!! Justin posted this on his tumblr his personal one. Only few fans know about it and he doesnt like people giving it out because he might delete it if alot of people find out about it. But its too funny still :)

  8. seriously.! I don’t know what will be Justin’s reaction to this but I hope he will not hate us but i think to other fans it is common to fantasies his or her idol right? but not like this making out it is okay if it is just like a kiss or a hug but not the making out thing.

  9. i mean really this is just beyond crazy, if they think they’ll get Justin’s attention well they get it but the wrong way!!! the psycho who made this must be like……… well this is public so i won’t go on but how would this hurt his career? HE didn’t make it soo yeah! heck i do sure feel bad for him but i mean really! this is just…. yeah wow.

  10. That is discusting!!! The website is full of sick nd perverted dreams i went on it nd eww i just couldnt stand it!! Trust me ull regret it if u go on the website girls under 18 shouldnt see these kind of things unless u think u can handle those sick stories eww!! I dont think jb will b pleased about the website nd not happy wit those belibers! They hav stories that involve justin, ryan, chaz, chris brown, drake, nd selena!!! They even hav lesbo stories!! Eww this is just hella nasty i regret that i went on the webstie! I wonder wat will pattie say about this?! 

  11. Okay guys. You need to think rationally for a second, and stop acting like your opinions are all high and mighty. The world isn’t as innocent as you think. Hormones DO exist. And JUSTIN HAS THEM TOO. Seriously, you guys always say he’s just a regular kid. Well, regular 17-year-old boys would find this hilarious. So can you guys just calm down and leave the blog alone? People are going to be this way and nothing you say will change that, so you need to just drop the #BeliebershateDBS and move on.

  12. WTF? Hate? i’m not gonna post any dirty stories on that site but like are you guy serious? how is that site a “hate”?? you think his fans are all 10 year old girls and iknnocent and shit ? stop bashing everything that you don’t like. That’s life, things like that gonna happen. so what if his mom sees it? he didn’t make that site and know nothing about it so it doesn’t matter.

  13. how can someone even be that nasty?! im about to throw up! those posts are sooooooo freakin nasty! im serious! i can feel it! like i dont even know why im reading them! im gonna have nightmares tonight!!

    • chillax dood lol how old r u?? dont hate on ppl its not nice u dont hav 2 read them and ppl hav sex thts how u wer made lol u will learn later in life little girl
      NO HATE <3

  14. I’m a HUGE fan of Justin but I don’t want to post something about me and him having sex! It’s just sick! What kind of girl would make a website like that? If this person is a JB fan, she’s obviously NOT a true Belieber! Now I’m afriad Justin is gonna quit his career because of this stupid website! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US JUSTIN!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I luv you SO much and I will be so mad and upset if you leave us! I will miss you!

    • chill man.. like duh he wont quit his CAREER 4 a dumb w/site like dis.. i mean c’mon be realistic.. nd firstly he finds such stuff INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS to read! so just take it eazy.. [they're disgusting though..] =|

  15. what will justin say. #respectjustin. this could hurt his career. its not hilarious. its gross and who ever made the website, is a sick bitch who needs to seek help. true beliebers respect justin no matter what. leave just alone. what will his reaction be. he has every reason to be pissed.

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