Brazilian Playboy girl “Watermelon Woman” wants to Meet Justin Bieber so badly!

26 year old Brazilian Playboy girl Renata Frisson, whos best known as “WATERMELON WOMAN” wants to meet Justin Bieber so badly.

“I like some other artists, but I’m a fan of Justin. I really want to meet him here in Brazil. I would do anything to get face to face. I want to know him personally.” Ms.MELON told local site, EGO.

According to Renata, a love for Justin Bieber began in 2009, when JB released his first album, “My World” in 2009.

“I’m crazy about him since his early career. It is beautiful. I love all his music but my favorite is ‘Love me’. She said.

Watermelon Women also revealed that she would do anything to meet Justin. “I’d do anything to get face to face with him. My idea is to jump from a parachute in the pool of his hotel.”

What do you think Beliebers, should Justin meet this “watermelon woman”?

PS: They call her WATERMELON cos she got big boobs

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