Cobra Starship and Big Time Rush Open Justin Bieber Concert in MEXICO CITY (Video)

Cobra starship and BIG TIME RUSH open Justin Bieber concert in Foro sol Mexico city!

  • belieber4life

    omg thats soo cool and 1st

    • love me the bieber

      soo cool!! i wish he would come to canada again! come back home baby!! lol ! being candien makes me feel so close to him! especially cuz were both from ontario! so awsome! its the best feeling in the world!!! love you jb!! for ever and ever and ever!!!

  • deyanira

    2nd And its just Amazing i love him to death Hope he comes to Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Natalie

      IKR :D

    • auty

      OMG I TOTALLY WISH TOO! im always begging him on twitter lmfao TEXAS JUSTIN TX

  • ana giraldo

    yo solo pregunto y cuando biene a colombia a estado en tantas partes y hasta mexico y q hay de colombia pero bueno lo adoro besitos………

  • Belieber4LifeGetOverItHaters

    4th and gosh pleaseee come to utah!!1


    Is it true that they are evacuating Foro Sol? If you guys don’t know what Foro Sol is.. its where JB is having the concert right now, but people are starting to say that someone called and said that everybody is in danger and mexican beliebers are starting to say that they evacuated JB from the concert and stuff, please, give me answers! ASAP! iM WORRIED TO DEATH :(

  • Mz.Bieber

    I love him :) I wanna go to one of his concerts sooooo bad!! He needs to have a tour in the US and come to Chicago!!

  • SF Giants Girl

    Cool:) Come to Cali again!:)

  • Steph.loves.Bieber

    He’s so amaaazing :)

  • greg

    Cobra starshp!!!

  • reyna

    logan kendall james carlos!!!! big time rush!!!! omg!!!! <3 :D

  • bieber’s doll

    SOOO COOL…love ya

  • BIEBER4Ever

    Mexican Fanns Are soo Much Lucky !! I Wish that He Comme to Canada !

  • Natalie

    wow that looks like so much fun :D aahh they are mega lucky!!!!

  • Melanie

    Lol everyone just freaks out when they see him and the camera was shaking like crazy. Haha. Love you Justin! <3

  • OMG!


  • ♥Shawty♥

    Cool! Love the videos!

  • carlatiba_ carla

    big time rush

  • carlatiba_ carla

    l love big time rush

  • Belieber

    I love BTR! omg:)

  • Melissa Malone

    love me again of the greatest BTR crew I have this feeling that I want to meet with BTR more than ever anything else. I love Big Time Rush the world’s greatest band ever. I love every song of Melissa’s greatest boy band and that her wish is to meet this Americas # 1 favorite band