Haters want to Kill Justin Bieber in Peru October 17

Justin Bieber is not welcomed by a group of people in Peru. Should Justin stay out of Peru?

Justin is currently receiving death threats that he will be killed if he’s coming to Peru to perform a show that’s scheduled for this month. Justin is scheduled to perform at Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru on October 17, 2011.

A group on Facebook page called “Matar a Justin Bieber el 17 de octubre en el Estadio Nacional” translates to ‘Kill Justin Bieber on 17 October at the National Stadium” is gathering quite the audience and already has over 1600 member likes.

A hash tag on Twitter titled #BieberStayOutOfPeru was trending topic while ago but it is now seems to be removed from the site.

This is so cruel, lets hope Facebook close down the page very soon!
UPDATES: The page has been removed by Facebook!

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