Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Adopting a DOG

It’s official. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are now parents! :). Jelena was spotted looking for a dog at the animal shelter in Winnipeg, Canada! October 21, reported Hollywoodlife.com

A volunteer at the animal shelter said: “Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were here this afternoon playing with the dogs and puppies for over an hour. They expressed an interest in adopting one of the dogs. They were both very down to earth and friendly.”

The source adds, “It’s obvious that they are huge animal lovers and I am happy to see that they are both bright enough to come to an animal shelter instead of a pet store to look for a dog. Justin and Selena are wonderful role models!”

Selena Gomez recently told The BellinghamHerald her love for rescue dogs and based on what she said the new dog will get some first class treatment, “I have five dogs and they’re all rescue dogs. We found two in a parking lot and then we found one our neighbor moved away and left him in the backyard. So that was very sad. And then I shot a movie “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie,” as we saw a dog in Puerto Rico, he got hit by a car and we took him to the vet and took him home. So they’re all really nice. They’re very spoiled now.”

What do YOU think Jelena should name their dog?

  1. Ew , I hate dogs .
    Those ugly ass muts , look like chewbaca’s ass .
    Yhu should all kill yhurselfs if yhu like those all ass shit faces .

      • shunt up dog hater,s , i can understeand that we have haters to hate justin bieber and his girl friend selena gomez , but we are talking about living dog,s and we should not be using anmals just for that reason and your plesure to hate dog,s , just because off the haters just hates justin bieber and his girl friend miss selena gomez , why do,nt them the haters of dogs just get a life bitch and get off this fansite , love david b conway

    • I think so 2. I wonder who is going to take care of the new dog if selena and justin are always traveling I know justin granparent take care of sammy. I dnt know who take care of selena dogs. But I knw is not her bc she is never in texas she is always in LA or some place else. I hope they knw tht taking care of a dog is a big job you need to love them give them food take them to de doc and more.

      • So true. When was the last time they were they seeing with their respective dogs? I know that maybe they don’t like to take their dogs out, but they don’t even post photos with them when they are home. Also they don’t talk to much about their dogs. Perhaps Justin have been the one who talk a litlle bit more about his dog. Maybe they think that it is part of their private life, but come on! when you are fond of having a dog, and you truly love animals, you take photos of them and can’t help of talking of them. Also most of the celebrity who loves animals, participates of campaigns pro animals rights (This is an important point that shows me that Selena is not as animal lover. I believe that If you are a celebrity and have 5 rescues dogs you will support at least one cause in their favor). An animal lover would know that having a dog is a big comminment, you need to past some time with him/her, even if when you want to be doing another thing. That’s is called responsabilty. To sum up I think they aren’t animal lovers, they just like dogs.

  2. I love dogs their so cute and nice and and stay next 2 u no matter what and I think its really nice what Justin and Selena are doing and why are u people that dont like justin and dont like dogs even here u stalkers!!

  3. i give thanks that people love animals specially dogs i have a siberian husky but what selena and justin are doing is a good thing giving an animal a second chance maybe is not for them maybe is for justin’s sister or selena’s little cousins but anyway its a nice thing.

  4. wonder wat breed? if justin was a dog hed look like a American Staffordshire Terrier (tan and black little wite)!! :) and Selena an Australian Shepherd (mini) (black and little wite). :)

  5. i think it is cute they both have passions for rescuing dogs but come on do u really think selena is that gullable because i think she just said it because she wanted attention she is like a lawer she can get thru a lie and nobody will ever no it was a lie well i have news for u selena IM NOT STUPID

  6. I lov dogs!! They r wayy better than cats!! Cat care bout themselves but dogs care bout thier owners.. Thats cutee. No offense to cat lovers but i lov dogs better cuz.
    1. They r more smart.
    2. They care about thier owners.
    3. They protect thier owners.
    I <3 dogs nd justin!

    • Ikr that would be sooooo cute since they r the owner of her/himxD so it would make since to name him/her jelena wait no if the dog is a boy then it wouldn’t make since but if a girl justi and Selena should name her jelenaxD ily Justin<3333333333 ily Selena<3333333333 ily jelena<3333333333

    • IT was not him..it cant be him its just fake people who act to be like em …he cant call anyone like that even of his haters…and he is not free to visit this web…

  7. why would they do this.BEING PARENTS TO WHAT!IT’S JUST A DOG!i am really going to get my revenge on SELENA GOMEZ? YES I AM AND NO DUMB BIEBER FANS FROM THESE COMMENTS ARE GOING TO STOP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. I love them spooking much as a couple. I want them to get married and stay together. They should both just come up with a name they both like.

  9. I think they should name them after each other or they should pick we should not pick the name for them they are old enough.

    But it so nice to know that they would take time out of their busy shechdule to adopt a dog.

    Way to go Justin and Selena

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