Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Clubbing + Makingout in Brazil

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went clubbing last night when they hit up the the Copa Club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. JELENA walked hand-in-hand while making their way out of the club and into the backseat of the car. //source:Ology.com

Justin and Selena making out in the backseat of the car!

  1. 2 reasons why this is stupid:

    selena’s dress is U G L Y

    you have to be 18 to get into a club and justin is 17

    (im NOT a hater, im just sayin)

  2. they are so cute!!!!! justin could go to a club if he wants to…plus kenny is with him no big deal my God give him a break.

  3. Aww I Wish i Was Selena She Has No Clue How Lucky She IS To Have A Boyfriend Like Justin He Is The Sweetest And Cutest Thing Ever Love You Guys! :D

    • I think she knows. She said once that she will do anything for him.
      And i’m pretty sure she wasnt playing. I hope they will last.

      • ok who the f*** came up with that stuff that they last forever, getting married and having kids ???…. he is 17 and she is 19 they both very very young, and I don’t thing they acttully thinging about statting family rigth now. And how do you know acttuly he will marry selena ??? but what i dont understand is that you like freak out about heaters, that the hating on jelena, but you jelena lovers or what ever you call yourself, you doing exacaly the same thing as the heaters saying they will live happy ever after is just pathic and wired. you know they realy young and i thing they will move on as they mature just be realistic you can love them as a coupel but stop sayin jelena forever cuz thats just wired and stop hating on the heaterz cus exaacly the same as them with sayin jelena forever nohate just my opinion. lol :)

  4. Awww, tear. #Nohate but I really dislike Slena, i’ve always have and her dress is just ugly, and so is she, i didlike her, but if justin loves her i can’t do nothing about it, who wears such a fancy dress with old navys and hoop earings, chonga much ?

    • I agree to u i just eww they r soo nasty when they r together like tht like uf u gonna make out get a better dress pull up ur dress so he cant see ur boobs like naw duh! common sense EWWW sometimes i sit and wonder y he like her then i realize he only like her because she has comepletely fake boobs and a fake ass soooo i gues tht is what he likes

  5. Hi ! :) Immaaaaa girl and i am not a belieber. But i used 2 <3 Beaverr 'till he got his hair cut, change of voice and crap. (P.S) i hate beaver and gomez. but selena is so damn hot! I aint b.i or lezzz.

    • wow ur shawlo he cut his hair and u hate him?!?!? ik somepeople dont like it but its still him hes still the same guy!!!!! and his voice he cant help it its life!!!!

    • If u hate them both then why areu on this JUSTIN BIEBER FAN zone????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? my point taken?

  6. people people focus they practicly on vacay when he’s done in his shows he deserves a rest going clubbing getting his grove on he’s not a damn machine plus he gives his beliebers 100% even if some of you don’t diserve it he give his all to you. plus she dosen’t start touring untill late oct so i think she’s with him i think untill he goes to dangerous peru.

    • seriously you do make a lot of sense he really does give his beliebers 100% and the least they could do is respect ppl tht are a part of his love life or his life period.

  7. What r u wearing selina when you see your boyfriend do something to look better I have seen you when you look nice and do something when your out clubbing

    • i think when she was younger even at 18 she never set foot on a club i think she said one time that some one or some friends invite her and she didin’t want to go thats going to change when justin hits 18 its going to be 24/7 clubing.

  8. wat she is wearing is called a tie and die gown its preety and i have one. how they took the picture made it look ugly but its not honestly u really need to see the dress it is pretty :)

  9. i reckon they look cute together but them making out in the back of the car has gone too far….. i am so jealous of selena right now!! she makes me angry! and arent u suppose to be 18 to go clubbing??? justin is 17??? he has broken the law! maybe it is different over in brazil….. anyways i luv justin and that is the main thing and whatever makes him happy makes me happy!

  10. That shoulD be me!:) I love you justin so much you don’t even understand like I would pay anything. To meet you right now never say never right but I’m Gunna say never right now I’m never gunna meet you! I love you justin

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