Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Cuddling and Kissing at Hockey Game, Private Press Box

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez  attend a NHL Hockey game between the hometown Jets and the Carolina Hurricanes at MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Source: Justjaredjr

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber checkin out his phone, enjoyed the game from a private suite and wore Winnipeg jerseys to support the cities go-to team.

When they weren’t staring at each other, kissing or checking their phones — Jelena watched the Winnipeg Jets beat the Carolina Hurricanes, 5-3 at the MTS Centre.

Justin and Selena Kissing. Selena will be coming back to the US tonight for her make up Cleveland concert.

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    • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooo adorablexD they make such a perfect and cute couplexD jelena is amazingxD Justin u look soooo hot in does pics and Selena I like ur shirt and u look pretty toxD ily Justin<3333333 ily Selena<3333333 ily jelena<3333333

  1. dear justin bieber zone fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here i know how this web site just do,nt like me here that much , and i do,nt blame this web site at all , but i do think that selena gomez just do,nt care about her career any more , just because i learn about the motion picture off monte carol just got flop in the box office this year and she whats ejoy her hubee boy friend , justin bieber and just if she keep,s this up she will not have her future in motion pictures , love david conway

    • david i love your thinking and yes that might just happen but also if you like selena so much what is better, if shes happy with justin or if she doesn’t have money. Just wanted to tell you my thinking

    • uh david bro no offense but it would help u to use the internet more often i know this is a bieber fan page and i count my self as a fan but selena cares about her career she’s going to do film a movie called 13 reasons why and then other films just because she has free time to hang with her boyfriend doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her job.

      • it,s me david conway i just your comment about me and i just what to thank you for your time , is she never come back to tv , how can they fininsh wizards of waverly place next year the last episode , love david conway

  2. wow they look so good! I just love them! i love that picture of them kissing, how could they be kissing though is there smiling. and i wonder what they are looking at on justin’s phone. Love you guys!

  3. they look cute with the jersey’s. well justin is doing a good job enjoying with his girlfriend his favorites sports thats good in any relation.

  4. I always find it sweet that celeb couples find things to do together that really show their love for each other! I must admit, its not because Justin is a celeb or his hot or his music but I’m generally saying I really hope I find someone as good and sweet as Justin!!!!! Selena is a really lucky girl! P.S I hope she’s not taking advantage of him!! He’s a really good guy!

    • as a fan of both specially hers i hope that he doesn’t take advantage of her you know that he is straight with her and dosen’t do anything stupid to hurt her

  5. They look so cute. But I think it’s very odd that their numbers combined are 69…69 is not a number they should be flaunting around. Just sayin

  6. justin bieber all of the picturs you have on the fan site or so cute and i love them but you are so fine and when i see you on stage i will be so happy
    aysha bigges fan

  7. You rarly see couples at hockey games. Its mosty guys screaming at the top of their lungs, so its nice to see that selena is also having a good time. Love and sports. Cute combinatiom. Go Jelena!!!!!!!

  8. I am jealous. I wish I was her making out with justin most be heaven. She got the best boyfriend ever :’(. He looks so happy. I love when justin is happy. He happy I am happy. But I am still jealous:-(

  9. Fuk selena and jelena!!! Selena is ugly, untalented, and she is user she wants his fame and $!! Selena can go back to texas, fuk herself, eat bullshít, then jump off a cliff!!! Cuz she is useless to this universe!!! U guys r too blind to see wat she really does!! She dated nick jonas when he was popular then dumped him, then when twilight came out and taylor lautner was popular, dated him, then dumped him, and now justin!! I hope justin dumps her before slutena does.

    • if were right, selena will probably go after taylor lautner when breakung dawn comes out!!! the thing is, justin really is in love with her. so if suddenly justin loses all his fame and $, she would be the one to dump him.

    • I don’t wish her bad. But I think you are right. I am younger then justin ( not tht young I am 15 so I am ok for him). But again their million of belieber tht think tht they could be the perfect for him. But either way she is not tht pretty for 3 of the hottest guy in hollywood to go out with her. I am 10 time cuter then her and I know tht their are more belieber tht are 10 time pretty then her. And like justin bc he is a great person and not for the fame and fortune ( I dnt need his money bc I hv a dad who is a lawyer and my mom is a doctor,I dnt hv fame but I dnt need it). But she does needed ( for her album clothing line ect….. I hope she does’nt break his heart.

      • that’s mean. Selena is soo pretty and nicee

        A fun girl named Brenda..Please stop saying mean things about her

      • Sorry I am not a fun girl name Brenda. I don’t agree with her inn wishing. Selena bad thing.but I do think she doesn’t love Justin

    • dont be jealous cuz its not you…if he wasnt popular you wouldnt want him soooo much. You would walk by him and think “oh hes cute”. Selena is a beautiful girl and you know it. All that matters is Justin wants her and he may be the “blind” one but get over and go after someone real.

  10. she doesnt look too happy to be there. i thought that justin likes sporty girls. like remember when she just watched justin play basketball with some dude? if she were sporty she would have been playing with him. im not a hater, but its obvious that justin only likes selena for her looks.

    • Woah. If u were a REAL Bieber fan, would appreciate his decsison. She loves him. And he loves her. They have been dating for amost a year. Why would she HAVE to play with Justin when he was playing for some sporty dude? And plus, Selena never said they she was sporty.

      • what does love have to do any thing pepole , she did it for to get even to her parents , just because off her parents did not what her to have sex just before marriage , love david conway

  11. Aww in the second pic,justin is like selena dont check my mesages.my mom texts me every night reminding me i have to pee before going to bed xD. btw cute pictures

  12. They are so cute.
    Some girls says that Selena only want to be together with Justin because she wants to be more famous.
    I am not one of that girls. Look how cute they are. ♥
    Ofcause I would like to be the girl Justin likes but they are damn cute together.

    -Beliber ♥

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